Chris Martin Continues To Fall For Jennifer Lawrence!

Multiple sources have been reporting on the blossoming romance between the Academy Award winning actress and rocker Chris Martin. Seems as the summer is winding down, their romance is still very hot! Martin, 37, the British frontman for the band Coldplay, has been romancing Lawrence,24, has been romancing Lawrence since early August. Although it’s a very new relationship, it continues to gather steam. Lawrence sometimes dubbed J-Law by the media[......]

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Janay Rice A Closer Look At The Wife Of Ray Rice!

Ray Rice, 27 is now the new face of domestic violence. Rice only a few short months ago, looked like he had it all. A contract worth millions of dollars with the NFL, a beautiful wife, and healthy  daughter. Everything looked bright and rosy for Mr. Ray Rice. Fast forward to September 2014 and a grainy video surveillance camera footage. In the video viewers see an image of the now disgraced former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, punching h[......]

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Cee Lo Green’s Ex Christina Johnson Making Waves In Atlanta!

Cee Lo Green, singer, songwriter, music producer was once married to Christina Johnson they divorced in 2005. The couple have a son named Kingston who is now 14. Green gained a huge amount of popularity when he was a judge and mentor on the reality show ‘The Voice’. Johnson is drawing rave reviews from even the most seasoned reality TV show watcher. She is now appearing on a new reality show on VH1.Cee Lo Green's Ex Christina Johnson Making Waves In Atlanta!

The title is ‘Atlanta Exes’ it is a spin o[......]

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Alicia Sacramone is Brady Quinn’s Olympic Gymnast Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Alicia Sacramone here! Brayden Tyler, who is widely known as Brady Quinn, is a famous American football quarterback. He has been known dating the Olympic Gymnast since 2007. They have been in love since then, and many people admire their relationship.

They met through a mutual friend called Jeremy Bloom who is an Olympian too and was a football player. They both knew him through their respective professions. Jeremy introduced Brady and Al[......]

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Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon’s Girlfriend? (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Jenna Shea here! If Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon’s girlfriend? The answer is No. Josh Gordon’s recent media exposure was used by his escort or his call girl Jenna Shea as an opportunity to get suspended so as to raise her media profile. As applied to the internet, ‘raise’ is though a relative term. One is not here to say that their morally superior to anyone and sit on a high horse.Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon s Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

They are merely pointing out the facts. Jenna is a high-end[......]

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Jill Martin (Jill Adler) is Kevin Martin’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Jill Martin here! Kevin Martin the famous Basketball player recently married Jill Arnold, who belonged to his hometown too. They were together in the high school. If asked from Kevin, he would say that he was rejected by Jill That time but Jill describes themselves as shy teenagers who never remained in contact after the first phone call.  They were in Zanesville High School in Ohio where Kevin took Jill’s number from a mutual friend as they[......]

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Olivia Plouffe is Trevor Plouffe’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Trevor Olivia Plouffe here! Plouffe’s wife Olivia Plouffe lags just behind Trevor on their hikes, and Trevor documents her hiking progress. I am referring to the funny double entendre that Trevor posted with a picture on Twitter looking down at her and saying “these mountains bring a tear to my eye,” her cleavage visible from above.Olivia Plouffe is Trevor Plouffe's Wife (wiki, bio, photos) 2

Last year, Trevor expressed the disappointment he felt about Ryan Braun testing positive for performance-en[......]

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Danielle Jackson is Fred Jackson’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Danielle Jackson here! Danielle Jackson, who is the wife of Fred Jackson, holds the title uploading the most pictures of children ever. She is one of those ladies who love clicking pictures of her children. She clearly has a strong maternal side and together, she has four children with Fred Jackson. The best part is that she also does not have any baby drama such as child support or anything as such, with Fred.Danielle Jackson is Fred Jackson's Wife (photos, wiki, bio) 2

From the fantasy football w[......]

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Susan Schneider is Robin Williams’ Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Susan Schneider Here! Robin Williams has been one of the most well-known and amazing comedians of all times. He will stay in our hearts for what he was. He wasn’t even just a great actor but a great person. After separating from two of his wives namely, Valerie Velardi and Marsha Garces, Robin met the love of his life Susan Schneider.

Williams met Susan in 2009 while she was nursing him after his heart surgery. She nursed him through conv[......]

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