Susan Schneider is Robin Williams’ Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Susan Schneider Here! Robin Williams has been one of the most well-known and amazing comedians of all times. He will stay in our hearts for what he was. He wasn’t even just a great actor but a great person. After separating from two of his wives namely, Valerie Velardi and Marsha Garces, Robin met the love of his life Susan Schneider.

Williams met Susan in 2009 while she was nursing him after his heart surgery. She nursed him through conv[......]

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Brittney Griner is Glory Johnson’s Girlfriend/Fiancee (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Glory Johnson Here! Brittney Griner is known to be an amazing basketball player for Baylor University and now a starting center for the WNBA’sPhoenix Mercury. She is one of the most open lesbian athletes who recently proposed to the love of her life Glory Johnson by presenting her a diamond ring on one knee. She captured the event through instragram and happily quoted

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson's GirlfriendFiancee (wiki, bio, photos)1

This couple celebrated their two months anniversary a while ago and[......]

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Desiree Rodriguez is Tony Allen’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Desiree Rodriguez Here! Desiree Rodriguez is Tony Allen’s Wife. Tony Allen the famous basket ball player was in a relationship with Desiree Rodriguez for 7.4 months and then they finally got married in front of his family and close relatives on July 13th, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. They are now happily married. To add extra topping to the couples wedding cake Allen officially signed a four-year, $20 million contract extension. This was a[......]

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Chloe Grace Moretz (Chloe Moretz) is Brooklyn Beckham’s new Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Chloe Grace Moretz here! Chloe Grace Moretz is Brooklyn Beckham’s new Girlfriend. Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, has his looks from his handsome father and personality from his gorgeous mom so it’s no wonder that at the age of 15 he’s being crushed by many girls around.

Ignoring everyone Brooklyn chose his 17-year-old crush Chloe Grace Moretz to be his new Girlfriend. Is that a start of a new spicy[......]

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Mari Holden is Barry Bonds’ Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Mari Holden here! On a bicycle, Mari Holden, who is Barry Bonds’ well-known girlfriend, is a force to be reckoned with. A prominent fixture at the major US tours, she is an Olympic cycling medalist and also was formerly the world time trial champion.Mari Holden is Barry Bonds' Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio)

Due to Barry Bonds’ new love for cycling, the couple finally came to meet and Mari Holden has been exceptionally connected to the former MLB player ever since. As the couple met at first, she[......]

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Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams’ Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Charissa Thompson, Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams’ hot girlfriend. Giving titles to posts such as these is always complex. Whether it is about Jay Williams’s girlfriend Charissa Thompson, or is it regarding her boyfriend Jay Williams? In both cases, the tremendous couple is always competing together in broadcasting arts of sports at all times and where Charissa Thompson’s career seems to be heading into the right direction, Mr. Williams h[......]

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Natalia Garibotto is DeSean Jackson’s Hot Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

Meet Natalia Garibotto! Natalia Garibotto is a student in Miami university. She is also a Brazilian model living in Miami. She was also Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend who is a Nba point guard which means she is not new in dating  players. The relationship with the NBA star came to a halt after he posted his picture with some models in a club, but this might some good news for Natalia for she is now an NFL woman.Natalia Garibotto is DeSean Jackson’s Hot Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

DeSean Jackson’s is a talented playe[......]

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Nora Segura is Tim Howard’s Hot Model Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

Meet Nora Segura here! Nora Segura is Tim Howard’s hot model girlfriend! We all know Tim Howard from the world cup as the goalkeeper who saved 15 shots in the world cup in the game against Belgium. Though the US was ld make eliminated Tim Howard was highly praised with even the president commenting that he would consider him as defence secretary. This might have been a joke but it shows how good he was. He is also the Everton goalkeeper.nora segura

It se[......]

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