Fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon is Tom Cruise’s New Girlfriend! (photos, net worth)

Meet Laura Prepon, Laura Prepon, this fellow scientologist with a net worth to be $12 million, is rumored to be Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend! Laura Prepon, born on March 7, 1980, in Watchung, New Jersey has 1 big brother and 3 big sisters. After graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School continued her study in Total Theater Lab in New York and managed to get many theatrical presentations. She was best known for her role as Hannah Daniels o[......]

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Lindsay Davis is Omer Asik’s Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio, facebook)

Meet Lindsay Davis! Lindsay Davis is Omer Asik’s girlfriend who is so damn pretty. Omer was a big-man belongs to Turkey and was actually part of the Silver-mdeal Turkish National Team, having a respectable 2nd in last Olympics, to the United States.Lindsay Davis Omer Asik's Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio, facebook) 10

Before signing a three-year deal of worth $25.1 million in Houston approximately as heard, Asik was transferred to Chicago where he gained experience after being drafted 36th in 2008 by Portland.[......]

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Stephanie McMahon is Triple H’s Wife (net worth, photos, pic, wiki, bio)

Stephanie McMahon (Stephanie McMahon Levesque) who is Triple H’s wife is a beautiful women on the screen as well as behind the screen. Triple H, who is been known by various names and his wife Stephanie McMahon on WWE broadcasts, represents the authority. Stephanie McMahon’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million.Stephanie McMaho is Triple H's Wife (photos, pic, wiki, bio) 9

Over the wrestling roster, they both always make sure their authority to promote agenda`s plus storylines, according to the direc[......]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella Music Festival (Strong Proof, Videos, Gif)

Check the following Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella video below! Leonardo DiCaprio certainly didn’t want to be noticed like the other celebrities. But now it seems he has another reason wearing disguise, that’s because he didn’t want his awkward Coachella dancing caught by fans! If you don’t believe it, fandaily.info offers the strong proof that the man dancing awkward is 100% Leonardo DiCaprio!Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella Music Festival (Strong Proof, Videos, Photos)

Take a closer look at him!

Leonardo Di[......]

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Dana Hellwig is Ultimate Warrior Jim Hellwig’s Wife and Widow (photos, wiki, bio, facebook)

Meet Dana Hellwig here! The ultimate warrior, Jim Hellwig`s wife Dana Hellwig was his great support in WWE Hall of Fame induction, during Wrestelmania XXX weekend in New Orleans. This proudy and sentimental woman remained at his side at the time of her husband`s professional life`s such big achievement. After the night in Hall of Fame and induction, afterwards watched at Wrestlemania, on Monday Night Raw brought into light the sacrifice the Warri[......]

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Tahnee Kirk is Chris Kirk’s Hot Wife (photos, pic, bio, wiki)

Meet Tahnee Kirk, Tahnee Kirk is Chris Kirk’s hot wife and Chris surely loves to mention about his sexy wife Tahnee on twitter. Last year on 22nd of February, Chris tweeted about his wife`s hotness and for sure it was not the 1st time when he show off about it. It is considered to be a big compliment and shows great attachment when even after two children, a husband talks about his wife in such a way.Tahnee Kirk is Chris Kirk's Hot Wife (photos, pic, bio, wiki)

Right after marrying on August 29 2009, Th[......]

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Ashley Pendley is Pat Perez’s Girlfriend (photos, pic, wiki, bio, engagemement ring)

Meet Ashley Pendley, Pat Perez’s pretty girlfriend and they just got engaged! One of golf’s most popular player has tried his luck in love. Pat Perez proposed his girlfriend Ashley Pendley on the New Years Eve and Ashley Pendley is now going to be Mrs Pat Perez. Just check Ashley Pendley’s engagement ring photos!

Ashley Pendley is Pat Perez's Girlfriend (photos, pic, wiki, bio, engagemement ring)Ashley Pendley is Pat Perez's Girlfriend (photos, pic, wiki, bio, engagemement ring) 2

The new couple had their New Year celebrations at the MGM’s party which was featured by an exclusive 70 minute performance by Fl[......]

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Mickey Rooney’s 8 Ex Wives (wiki, bio, photos, murdered)

Mickey Rooney, the legendary actor diet on Sunday in California at the age of 93. He was reported wept last week: ‘Please tell Jan I love her’. Jan is Mickey’s most recent ex-wife.In fact Mickey Rooney has 8 ex-wives in his life including the most famous marriage with Ava Gardner and Mickey’s 5th wife was murderedin 1966. Read below to find Mickey Rooney’s eight ex-wives stories!Mickey Rooney 8 Ex Wives wiki, bio, photos, murdered

“My partners,”  “weren’t what we call in horse racing parlance r[......]

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Stephanie Ollie is Kevin Ollie’s Wife (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Stephanie Ollie, Stephanie Ollie is Kevin Ollie’s wife. The UConn Men’s basketball has crushed the hopes of all other teams and now is the right time to look into the relationship of Kevin Ollie and his wife Stephanie Ollie.
Kevin Ollie took over in behalf of Jim Calhoun in his college town, Conneticut,after travelling for almost 10 years in his NBA life. Luckily, the travelling to Conneticut was not a big deal for the family.

Stephanie Ollie is Kevin Ollie's Wife (photos, wiki, bio) 6


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Tina Wiseman is Chris Andersen’s Fiancee (photos, pic, age, wiki, bio)

Find Tina Wiseman’s hot photos below! Tina Wiseman is not Chris Andersen’s girlfriend, but his Fiancee now! The life of Chris “Birdman” Andersen had been having a low life due to his break-up but he has made a huge comeback. The comeback is due to Chris Andersen’s fiancé Tina Wiseman.Tina Wiseman is Chris Andersen's Fiance (photos, pic, age, wiki, bio) 14

Chris Andersen, who is the power of Miami Heat, has had bad beginnings to his life. His mom had abandoned him while his dad started travelling in order to sell h[......]

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