Ayahna Cornish-Lowry is Kyle Lowry’s Wife (photos, pic, wiki, bio)

Meet Ayahna Cornish-Lowry! Kyle Lowry loves his better half Ayahna Cornish-Lowry a lot. Maybe because she has amazing basketball skills – she has even defeated Kyle at his own craft when she played with him. Embarrassing though it is, it shows how much the two love each other. During her earlier days, she was a great player herself. She was formerly known as Ayahna Cornish. They first started dating when they were still in their childhood.Ayahna Cornish-Lowry is Kyle Lowry's Wife (photos, pic, wiki, bio) kid child wedding


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Erin Darke, Daniel Radcliffe’s Girlfriend, 7 Things You Don’t Know! (wiki, bio, photos, pic)

Meet Erin Darke here! Erin Darke is Daniel Radcliffe’s girlfriend! After Daniel Radcliffe splited from production assistant Rosie Coker in 2012, he soon moved on to date 24 year old actress Erin Darke in 2012 after they met at “Kill Your Darlings”, and since then they lived in Daniel’s Manhattan apartment. They started dating in Octomber 2012.Erin Darke, Daniel Radcliffe's Girlfriend, 7 Thing You Don't Know! (wiki, bio, photos, pic) 13

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Before we move on to talk about the top 7[......]

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Deen Kharbouch is French Montana Ex Wife (photos, pic, wiki, bio)

Meet Deen Kharbouch, Deen Kharbouch is 29 year old French Montana’s ex-wife. After they got married in 2007 she gave birth to their child Kruz in 2009. Their married lasted for 5 years then they divorced.  According to the reports, Deen Kharbouch is a 35 year old business women, born in Nadeen M Palmer. Worked for Dreamgirl International and Newmark Advisory Group Inc, now Deen is creator and CEO of KruzieK Enterprise, also a designer herself, cu[......]

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Annie Verret is Jordan Spieth’s Girlfriend (photos, pic, wiki, bio, facebook)

Meet Annie Verret, Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth have been together since they were in high school. They went to Jesuit College Prep in Dallas, Texas. Now Annie is about to graduate from Texas tech with a degree in business. She is also an ambassador at Rawls College of business in Texas. The life was passing for Annie and her Boyfriend Jordan was not even allowed to drink because of his age. However, his age was just an illusion. Spieth is shoo[......]

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Fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon is Tom Cruise’s New Girlfriend! (photos, net worth)

Meet Laura Prepon, Laura Prepon, this fellow scientologist with a net worth to be $12 million, is rumored to be Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend! Laura Prepon, born on March 7, 1980, in Watchung, New Jersey has 1 big brother and 3 big sisters. After graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School continued her study in Total Theater Lab in New York and managed to get many theatrical presentations. She was best known for her role as Hannah Daniels o[......]

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Lindsay Davis is Omer Asik’s Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio, facebook)

Meet Lindsay Davis! Lindsay Davis is Omer Asik’s girlfriend who is so damn pretty. Omer was a big-man belongs to Turkey and was actually part of the Silver-mdeal Turkish National Team, having a respectable 2nd in last Olympics, to the United States.Lindsay Davis Omer Asik's Girlfriend (photos, wiki, bio, facebook) 10

Before signing a three-year deal of worth $25.1 million in Houston approximately as heard, Asik was transferred to Chicago where he gained experience after being drafted 36th in 2008 by Portland.[......]

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Stephanie McMahon is Triple H’s Wife (net worth, photos, pic, wiki, bio)

Stephanie McMahon (Stephanie McMahon Levesque) who is Triple H’s wife is a beautiful women on the screen as well as behind the screen. Triple H, who is been known by various names and his wife Stephanie McMahon on WWE broadcasts, represents the authority. Stephanie McMahon’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million.Stephanie McMaho is Triple H's Wife (photos, pic, wiki, bio) 9

Over the wrestling roster, they both always make sure their authority to promote agenda`s plus storylines, according to the direc[......]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella Music Festival (Strong Proof, Videos, Gif)

Check the following Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella video below! Leonardo DiCaprio certainly didn’t want to be noticed like the other celebrities. But now it seems he has another reason wearing disguise, that’s because he didn’t want his awkward Coachella dancing caught by fans! If you don’t believe it, fandaily.info offers the strong proof that the man dancing awkward is 100% Leonardo DiCaprio!Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing at Coachella Music Festival (Strong Proof, Videos, Photos)

Take a closer look at him!

Leonardo Di[......]

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Dana Hellwig is Ultimate Warrior Jim Hellwig’s Wife and Widow (photos, wiki, bio, facebook)

Meet Dana Hellwig here! The ultimate warrior, Jim Hellwig`s wife Dana Hellwig was his great support in WWE Hall of Fame induction, during Wrestelmania XXX weekend in New Orleans. This proudy and sentimental woman remained at his side at the time of her husband`s professional life`s such big achievement. After the night in Hall of Fame and induction, afterwards watched at Wrestlemania, on Monday Night Raw brought into light the sacrifice the Warri[......]

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