Nora Segura is Tim Howard’s Hot Model Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

Meet Nora Segura here! Nora Segura is Tim Howard’s hot model girlfriend! We all know Tim Howard from the world cup as the goalkeeper who saved 15 shots in the world cup in the game against Belgium. Though the US was ld make eliminated Tim Howard was highly praised with even the president commenting that he would consider him as defence secretary. This might have been a joke but it shows how good he was. He is also the Everton goalkeeper.nora segura

It se[......]

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Ludmilla Emboaba (Ludy Emboaba) is Oscar Emboaba’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Ludmilla Emboaba (Ludy Emboaba), Oscar Emboaba’s hot wife! I still don’t understand why the Oscar of this guy does not go by his second name yet his wife is always referred by his last name. Probably Ludmilla Emboaba, Oscar’s wife still wonders why. So am left wondering and trying to comprehend how these Brazilians get to Prince and Madonna themselves. It maybe that they are too famous in Brazil that they might be pop stars as well. Moreover[......]

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Kendra Shaw is Julius Randle’s Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Kendra Shaw who is Julius Randle’s girlfriend is always happy and proud to be his girlfriend. Kendra a college student is always glad and proud to post and put their relationship pictures all over instagram which we honestly receive. In the 2014 NBA draft, Randle should go early and Kendra is fully expected to be there center and front with Randle in the green room. Shaw who hails from Kentucky seemed to be more than glad to bring Randle who hail[......]

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Alexia Imaz is Giovani Dos Santos’ Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Alexia Imaz, Giovani Dos Santos’ girlfriend! On International-Sounding Couples Daily today, we show you Alexia Imaz, Giovani Dos Santos girlfriend. That combination of names and character can make you vomit. It’s not very cool especially if you are not a Jonny boy since Giovani Dos Santos translates to mean John two saints. Very cool we present to you Giovani Dos Santos’ girlfriend Alexia Imaz. Doesn’t that combination of names just make you[......]

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Nikki Bella is John Cena’s Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Nikki Bella here! Nikki Bella, John Cena’s girlfriend is going to have some much time on her own. Nikki and Brie Bella, both of the Bella twins and members of the WWE women tag team this time things are not going to be the same. Brie quit Nikki’s company according to a recent angle with her hubby Daniel Bryan. Though there are still quite high chances of a reunion sooner or later with Nikki, for now Nikki has no choice but to do it on her ow[......]

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Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley’s Wife (bio, wiki, photos)

Amanda Bradley, Michael Bradley’s wife was a very talented tennis player for Rhode Island University. Amanda Bradley graduated as an ace. Amanda always had good numbers with a dominant win with percentages. You can find about this fairly well documented couple in YouTube. You can find a video interview during the days when they were in Italy. That time Michael was playing for Roma and Chievo.Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley's Wife (bio, wiki, photos)

Basically, that is their story, just travelling aro[......]

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Jordan Walsh is Nerlens Noel’s Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Jordan Walsh, Nerlens Noel’s hot girlfriend! Nerlens McMerlins twirlin’s and unfurlin’s. This guy has a very wacky name. But just trying a twist of fun with the name anyway, let’s start with young Nerlens. Nerlens Noel’s lovebird Jordan Walsh who is not known whether they are still together has greater controversies which can define the word ‘drama’ which to be specific, an old fashioned baby mama drama. In this case the drama involves a gir[......]

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Leighla Schultz is Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend / Fiancée (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Leighla Schultz here! Did Seth Rollins’ girlfriend (now has become Seth Rollin’s Fiancée) Leighla Schultz know anything before committing? Well, need to clear the air here. But let’s start with the wrestling aspect:Leighla Schultz is Seth Rollins' Girlfriend Fiancée (wiki, bio, photos) 1

On the 2nd of June edition of Monday night raw, the shield came to the ring to celebrate the monumental finish at the payback per view evolution which happened the previous night. After the pleasantries when the real battle st[......]

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Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch’ Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki)

Meet Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’ wife here! Abbey Clancy, the extra skinny celebrity champion of dance on the strictly come dancing is married to Peter Crouch. Abbey Clancy, with the feet of ft 9 in (1.75 m), dances on TV. About the title ‘strictly come dancing’ I have no idea what it means but she honestly looks unhealthy. According to her Wikipedia sources, she has been a cat walk model and lingerie before. You really need to be skilled to ex[......]

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