Actor Jim Parsons & Partner Todd Spiewak Live An Authentic Life!

Actor Jim Parsons,41 is living an authentic life with is partner of almost 13 years, Todd Spiewak. Parsons, best known for his work on the hit television show, The Big Bang Theory. Parsons is openly gay, and says his relationship with Spiewak is just a ‘boring kind of love’, meaning it’s just a normal average every day loving relationship. Spiewak, is 38 and works as an art director, the couple make their home in Beverly Hills. Parsons is origina[……]

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Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis Still Going Strong After 8 Years Of Dating!

Actor Charile Hunnam, 35 and his jewelry designer girlfriend Morgana McNelis still happy after togetherness for 8 years. McNelis, 34, has a jewelry line that is based in downtown Los Angeles, it’s called Maison de Morgana. The line produces high end  jewelry pieces worn by the rich and famous. Hunnam  was born in Great Britain, and stared acting in regional theater  when he was 8. Hunnam was cast last year in the blockbuster film ’50 Shades of Gr[……]

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Michael Phelps Engaged To Nicole Johnson Miss California 2010!

Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps,29 is engaged to the stunning Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California. Interestingly Phelps and Johnson share a zodiac sign, Cancer, being born only 12 days apart. Phelps was born on June 30th, 1985, and Johnson July 12,1985. Both will be turning the big 30 this summer. As the two face a new chapter in their lives, they will be doing it as the newly engaged couple they now are.Golden Goggles Awards

Johnson is not just another[……]

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Christian Bales Wife Sibi Blazic Happy Being Mrs. Bales!

Actor Christian Bales has a rare happy Hollywood marriage to ex-model Sibi Blazic. Bales,41 married Lazic,44, in 2000. The couple have two children a son and a daughter, and live in Los Angeles. Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blazic has an interesting resume. She was a one time assistant to actress Winona Ryder. She was also a stunt car driver and worked on some of her husband’s films as a stunt car driver.baleblazic

Bale credits his wife with many things, he won a best[……]

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Luke Bryans & Caroline Boyer Put Family First!

Country singing star Luke Bryans, 38, and wife Caroline Boyer, 35 say family comes before stardom. Bryans and Boyers are college sweethearts. They met when Bryans was a senior and Boyer a freshman at Georgia Southern University. After dating on and off for five years the two married in a lavish church cermony in front of friends and family.lukecarolinebryans

Boyer has said that Bryans has always been a gentleman, and that’s what attracted her to him in the firs[……]

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Actor Vin Diesel’s Model Girlfriend Paloma Jimenez Happy To Support Him!

Actor Vin Diesel, 47 is playing happy family man with model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez,30. The actor has remained very guarded about his private life. Diesel has said that he falls along the lines of old world thinking, in that your private life is private. He doesn’t want to be stalked and harassed when he is out with his family.Vin+Diesel+Paloma+Jimenrz

The couple have two children a daughter, Hania 8, and son Vincent 5. Paloma has been a model for the last ten years[……]

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Zachary Pym Williams Son Of Robin Willams Still Healing!

Zachary Pym Williams,31, one of three children of the late actor Robin Williams. It’s been over 6 months since his father the comedian and actor Robin Williams died after he committed suicide at  63, in his Northern California home. The oldest son of Williams who is known as Zak Williams, was the product of Robin’s first marriage to actress Valerie Velardi. When Zak was a young child living in Northern Californian, his parents hired a full time n[……]

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Dany Garcia Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Ex Wife Remarries Body Builder Dave Rienzi!

Dany Garcia, 47, the ex wife of Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ex wife, remarried body builder Dave Rienzi. Garcia is a body builder too, and often graces the pages of various muscle magazines. She is also a very successful producer of documentary films. She also produced many of her former husband’s films. She’s a successful professional woman in her own right, with an international marketing degree from the University of Miami. She is a Florida na[……]

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Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort’s Ex Wife Lands A New Wolf Of Manhattan Beach!

Meet Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s ex wife here. The film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ released in 2013 put a few names into the public forefront. The film directed by Martin Scorsese, was a blockbuster hit. It tells the true story of Jordan Belfort, a man who made a fortune on Wall Street as a stockbroker. He made his fortune by engaging in insider trading, fraud and other nefarious activities. He would go on to spend 22 months in a federal priso[……]

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Jennifer Gates 15, Bill Gates’ Daughter, Super Indulged By Mega Wealthy Dad!

If some people are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, Jennifer Gates (Jennifer Katherine Gates), Bill Gates’ Daughter, 15, probably had a platinum one. Gates only fifteen was just given an 18 million dollar equestrian estate to live in, why she partakes in all things horses. Gates is an avid equestrian aficionado, competing in competitions all around the country. The estate that mega wealthy Microsoft wizard Bill Gates, bought for his daughte[……]

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