Kardashian Clan Fearful For Rob Kardashian’s Welfare!

The first family of reality TV the Kardashians, are in the middle of a health crisis with the only male Kardashian. Robert, the youngest of Kris Jenner’s children with the late Robert Kardashian Sr., just turned 28. He graduated from USC in 2009 with a business degree. His family’s show on E was wildly popular and in it’s second season when he graduated from college in May of 2009. Now all is not well in Rob Kardashian’s life, despite that international fame and adulation from throngs of fans, Rob’s life is now a dangerous course according to many insiders.

Many insiders of the family have said that Kardashian is going through a very tough time. Many credit his current dark days to the family’s less than favorable reputation. Rob had launched an exclusive sock line, called ‘Arthur George’ a few years back, the line is still being sold through it’s website and at some select stores. Circulating reports are that Rob is upset at the public backlash his family now regularly receives. Rob Kardashian took to his public media account ‘Instagram’ to publicly shame his older sister Kim Kardashian, 34. One insider publicly revealed that Rob has a very interesting sense of humor but none of his family members are laughing. Others are saying since Rob is battling depression that is the real reason he posted the hateful comment about his sister Kim, 34. Even though the 28 year old USC grad, hinted that his sister Kim was manipulative and a cause for the families horrible reputation.  A source says that this latest post by Rob, is just his way of being himself, uploading videos and deleting them.


Rob gained a lot of weight in the last few years, so much that he barely appears on the family reality show. A year ago he appeared on a TV show saying he was determined to lose weight and he had a whole new lease on life. He said during that interview that he distanced himself from his famous family and went to Florida.  He said “I’ve just been so not myself, I don’t really want to film. I’ve just been focused on this (losing weight). Even with my businesses, I have so much going on right now, that I want to focus on just being myself and being happy. I wasn’t doing things that I was supposed to do. Like birthdays, and my little sister’s sweet 16. I don’t want to let people see me unhappy, because that’s not who I really am. I’m really happy, so I’m going to lose 60 pounds, because that’s where I should be. I mean I gained 60 pounds in the last year, and that’s like crazy.” The host reminded him that he in the past he said that he could take or leave being on the show that made his family a household name. Rob said” Yeah I’m more like the low key one, I really don’t care, the thing with our show is it brings on a lot of opportunities, and we get to work with our family.” From all appearances from the few recent pictures that have surfaced of Rob, he has yet to lose any weight, and looks as though he may have gained a few more pounds.




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Angelina Jolie Has More Preventative Surgery, Brad Pitt Supportive!

Actress and Director Angelina Jolie, 39 has had some surgery  to prevent cancer, husband Brad Pitt, 50, remains supportive. Jolie shocked fans and onlookers two years ago when it was reported that the star and mother of 6 young children had a double mastectomy. Jolie has explained that she has a simple blood test that revealed she has a predisposition for developing cancer. The test revealed she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Both her mother, grandmother and aunt died of cancer.

She became known as a advocate around the world for spreading the information that women who were high risk had other options for survival. It has been reported that Jolie again has had surgery to reduce the risk of other forms of cancer. Jolie very recently had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed in the hopes that she has much less chance of contracting the deadly disease. Jolie told the New York Times that recent tests revealed she was in the early stages of ovarian cancer. She had the option of waiting to remove her organs or doing it immediately, she chose to immediately remove them.

Before she completely made the decision she called husband, actor Brad Pitt who was in France. He was on a plane immediately to be by his wife’s side as she made the decision to remove her ovaries and Fallopian tubes. The down side of having such a surgery is the onset of early menopause. Jolie said that was a very small trade off when you compare what the other outcome could possibly be. Jolie wanted to make things clear regarding options for preventative cancer. She said some women elect to take birth control pills and that in some cases has been shown to be successful in keeping cancer at bay. However both Eastern and Western doctors have told her to get the most protection possible would be to remove such organs. Doctors also advised her that having the surgery should be ten years before the earliest onset of cancer was in her family members. Her mother French actress Marcheline Bertrand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 49.

Jolie revealed she had the procedure last week, and now has a clear patch that has bio-identical estrogen, to help deal with the menopause effects and maintain a hormonal balance. Interestingly Jolie elected to keep her uterus intact, because her family has no history of cancer of the uterus. Jolie has readily admitted that it’s virtually impossible to remove all the cancer risks, and she is still at risk for cancer, she said she is taking proactive measures in boosting her immune system. She believes doing everything possible in a natural way in addition to the surgeries is the best possible thing she can do. Jolie said she is doing this for her children and her family. She wants to be alive to see her children grown and prosper, she said she wants to be around to meet her grandchildren. Pitt has supported all of her choices in her ongoing fight against Cancer.

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Jason Aldean Marries Other Woman Brittany Kerr!

County singing superstar Jason Aldean, 38, married former American Idol participant Brittany Kerr,27. The couple had been engaged for six months prior to their wedding in Mexico over the weekend. The two were first spotted converting with each other in Hollywood in 2012, when Aldean was still married to his wife of 11 years, Jessica Ussery.

The two were photographed kissing each other. Aldean’s wife Jessica filed for divorce shortly after the kissing pictures surfaced. Although Aldean at the time tried to dismiss the pictures as just the result of too many drinks at a bar. He went so far as to take to his public Facebook page “I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys.” At the time he implied that he was trying to work on his marriage and fix his problems.

Aldean and Ussery were High School sweethearts. They started dating when they were both 17. They would get married on August 4, 2001. The couple had two girls together, Keeley 12, and Kendyl 7. Ussery was very active in managing Aldean’s career. She made all the business calls and arranged his music gigs.

Fans have not been forgiving when it came to Aldean’s cheating. They couldn’t get on social media fast enough to voice their strong disapproval to Aldean’s cheating, and his claims that it only happened once. The new couple Aldean and Kerr kept their relationship and subsequent engagement very quiet, perhaps fearing reprisals from the public.

In a joint statement released Saturday, Aldean said “This is the best day ever. I’ve got my girls here, my friends, my family, this is the best day ever.” His two daughters with Ussery were part of the wedding party. Kerr for her part said “Today has been the best day of my life. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have been able to marry my best friend.”

Lots of friends and family of the couple were present at the Mexican nuptials. One notable guest was A & E star Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Some other notable country singers, Luke Bryan and Eric Church were also present. Aldean has achieved huge success in the Country music industry with five platinum records. He’s had some cross over appeal too, with his Kelly Clarkson duet ‘Don’t you want to stay.” He’s a long list of country chart toppers, like the party anthem ‘1994’.

He’s even had success merging hip hop and country. He collaborated with hip hopper Ludicrous with ‘Dirt Road Anthem’. He started playing the guitar after his father bought him one when he was 13. Of the cheating scandal he told Robin Roberts of ABC, he went out when he wasn’t happy in his marriage. He said he let his guard down a bit, and one thing led to another. He said that sort of thing is hard enough to deal with privately but to have it blown up the way it did was at times unbearable. He said of the infamous night in question, he was photographed, leaving the bar without Kerr but with friends. Time will tell if this second marriage, will be happily ever after.







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Bobbi Kristina Brown Daughter of Singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Moved To An Atlanta Rehab Facility!

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late singer Whitney Houston and Hip hop singer Bobby Brown sadly continues to languish in a coma. Doctors at Emery Hospital in Atlanta have determined that according to hospital protocol the 22 year old can no longer be a patient in the hospital. After being hospitalized for almost 2 months Brown shows no signs of improvement.

Brown was found face down unresponsive in a bathtub in her Georgia home on January 31. Her boyfriend/husband Nick Gordon allegedly found Brown and was seen administering CPR when first responders arrived at the home. There are varying reports as to Brown’s exact medical condition. Reliable sources have indicated that she is now in a coma, after being in a medically induced coma. Doctors have also theorized that Brown’s brain was most likely deprived of oxygen long enough for a recovery to be almost impossible at this point.

Browns family including her father Bobby Brown have been in the hospital with Brown since she was brought there nearly 2 months ago. They have repeatedly asked the public to pray for Brown’s recovery. Brown’s mother, the late singer Whitney Houston,48, was found face down in a bath tub at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in California on February 11, 2012. An autopsy determined that Houston died of a combination of drowning and heart disease brought on by acute drug abuse. Houston had high levels of cocaine and alcohol in her system at the time of her death. Bobby Kristina was Houston’s only child and only 18 at the time of her mother’s death.

Nick Gordon who was raised during part of his youth by Houston was considered by the family to be Kristina’s half brother. Brown and Gordon have publicly stated that they are married, however Brown’s father Bobby says that the two never legally married. Friends have told news sources, that Bobbi

In happier times!

Kristina has been spiraling out of control in the last few years. She has been basically sleeping all day and doing drugs at night, and blowing through thousands of dollars in short amounts of time.

Nick Gordon is said to currently be in a rehab facility, at the urging of TV’s Dr. Phil. Gordon appeared on the Dr. Phil show last week. The response to Gordon’s appearance on the show gathered mixed responses. The police in Atlanta are currently investigating the sequence of the events that lead to Brown being in the bathtub. The reports are that Bobby Kristina was without Oxygen for 5 to 8 minutes. Gordon has never visited Bobby Kristina at the hospital, he claims it’s because her relatives  have refused to allow him in. Gordon has said publicly that he was never adopted by Houston and he was never Bobby’s blood brother. Gordon appeared on the Dr. Phil show so that his side could be told. He felt that he was being vilified in the press. The doctor said on the air that Gordon deteriorated so badly that he needed to immediately be in rehab. It has been reported that the Browns will remove Kristina’s breathing tube in the next few days to see how she responds. Story developing………….

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Designers Dolce & Gabbana Try To Back Peddle On IVF Comments!

Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana are trying to do serious damage control. As a matter of fact, their about face is shocking to some as their original IVF statements are still causing outrage. The two designers directly behind their luxury brand that has outfitted the rich and famous for decades is reeling from their bombastic comments they made regarding artificial means to create children. Their comments that ignited this firestorm were comments the duo made to an Italian magazine. They said “Babies born from in vitro fertilization are synthetic coming fro wombs for rent.”

The designers are defending their views for the most part, saying That the comments are their personal beliefs based on their own upbringings. Sefano Gabbana said” I think in a different way from Domenico, but not by this, I don’t insert to him. You know the tolerance.” Speaking in broken English the pair sat down with CNN to try to put a positive spin on the remarks. He said ” I believe in in vitro, for example I don’t have anything negative to say about that.” He basically said he supports it, and that Dolce’s viewpoint is different then his, but it’s a personal choice.

Gabbana added “I think today we don’t need to support or not support. You think what you think, I think today there are too many classifications, it’s a personal decision.”  The singer Elton John did not agree, he took to his Instagram account and said” How dare you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic.” He went on “I shall never wear Dolce Gabbana ever again.” John also has called on his fans, friends and family to boycott the desng, and not to allow shoppers in where the line is sold.

The designers have said they have a right to speak without being attacked. They both said “You are born to a mother and a father, and that’s the way it should be.” Now they are singing a different tune, downplaying their original statements they said. Sitting down for an interview Dolce said ” I don’t boycott Elton John I love him it doesn’t matter what he said.” Both men are openly gay as is John as is the designers. Gabana said ” We love gay couples, we love gay adoptions, we love everything to do with gays.’ Domenco expressed his private point of view, his own opinion.” Dolce next said ” I am sitting here talking to you, I’m Sicilian I am part of my company. I believe in the tradition of family, why are those beliefs not good anymore.”

The couple are very prominent in the gay community and had been a couple until 2000. Other celebrities around the world have being speaking out about the commentary. Former American Idol runner up Clay Aiken weighed in on the controversy too. He said, “I was fortunate enough to become a father with a great friend of mine through IVF. We had a wonderful non snythetic child, who is really wonderful and will be turning 7 this month. We are both proud of our child and all the possibilities in the future.”


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Rapper Dr. Dre Happily Married To Nicole Threatt For Almost 20 Years!

Rapper Dr. Dre,50, has been happily married to his wife Nicole Threatt Young, 45, for almost two decades. Dre whose real name is Andrew Young has been married to his wife Nicole since 1996. This wasn’t always the case with Dre, he has had a very troubled past, especially when it comes to violence and women. Nicole is no stranger to high profile marriages. She was formerly married to NBA star Sedale Threatt. Dre a California native, grew up in violence plagued Compton, CA. He has said he came from a very poor family, and “they made do with what they had.” Dre has also said in his mind the ghetto builds character. Dre said he was very aware of the dangers of his surroundings, namely the gang. He said people die in the wgangs, so he had to be aware of where he was at all times.Dr.DreandWifeNicoleThreatt

When he was 15 his mother bought him a music mixer.  He started spinning records at home and family celebrations and events for his friends and neighbors. He started out professionally as a D.J. wearing a surgeons mask, which was how his moniker ‘Dr. Dre’ started. He eventually grew tired of having no control over his music and art, and ventured out to create his own record label, ‘Ruthless Records’. He also recorded as part of group he founded ‘ N.W.A.’. Dre, very quickly rose the ranks in rap royalty, establishing him as a certified rap star selling millions of records the world over. He would eventually team up with troubled Suge Knight to form ‘Death Row Records’, a label that some of the most well known rappers recorded at.

Dr. Dre said he enjoyed an air of notoriety that came with being involved with the record label. He was developing a dangerous reputation of his own. The once calm and collected Andrew Young, was turning into a ruthless character, one his family didn’t recognize anymore. He had money and a new mega mansions deep in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. After a series of events he got into a series altercation with MTV DJ Dee Barnes, shoving and pushing her. According to her she feared for her life. Dre was arrested in January of 1991 as a result and charged with assault, he plead guilty to the charges, and settled a multi million dollar lawsuit with Barnes out of court. He would continue to have violent outbursts that resulted in many arrests throughout the coming years.

In August of 1992 Dre and his entourage were arriving an at LA hotel when shots ran out, and Dre was hit multiple times in his legs. He survived but suffered serious wounds to his life, that would take countless hours in physical therapy and ongoing pain. His close friend rapper ‘Eazy E’ died of AIDS in 1995 at 31 was enough of a jolt to clean up his act. His future wife Nicole was in his life at this point, and it is her that he credits his ability to completely change his life around.



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Actor Andrew Lincoln Has A Happy Life With Wife Gael Anderson!

Actor Andrew Lincoln,41, has been married to Gael Anderson,39 since 2006. She is the daughter of rock musician Ian Anderson,67, who is a member of the rock band, Jethro Tull. The couple were married and had many of the world’s rich and famous in attendance at their wedding. Their flower girl Apple Moses who is now 11 but at the time was 2. She is the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and British Cold Play rocker, Chris Martin. The couple live in England with their two young children.

Lincoln is the star of the American TV show on AMC ‘Walking Dead’. He plays Rick Grimes on the show. The show just wrapped up it’s fifth season. Lincoln attended a fan event and discussed his character. He was specifically asked how he was able to get the Rick voice for the show that he uses. He said ” It came early, when I got the gig, I heard my brother’s voice in my head saying don’t screw it up. I thought I would arrive early and get the accent in place. I want to thank an amazing dialect coach called Jesse Drake who also works with others in the cast who come on teh show. She’s amazing she writes it phonetically. It looks like gibberish. It’s funny when I go to dinner parties and see that they are drunk, I had them the lines from her and say read this.”


He also added, “I just wanted to get that done, before I even saw a zombie. Because I felt that I had a lot more to worry about on my plate. I wreck my voice sometimes, if there are any zombies here that worked on the show, they can tell you they have seen me do quite weird things.” When the show premiered it’s 5th season in October, it was the most watched show in Cable in history.  More than 17 million people tuned in. It follows a group of people surviving a zombie a Apocalypse.

The show really is about how the group of people survive the unthinkable. Lincoln said “The thing that really keyed me into the show, is that it really does show how people show their true colors when the face a life or death situation. I think the themes within the season will be whether or not the rest of the family is willing to go with with Rick into this very dark and brutal place.” Lincoln told David Letterman that his real last name is Clutterbuck and that his first agent convinced him to change his last name to Lincoln professionally. He said his real name made him sound like a Hobbit.  He said he had no idea who his wife’s father was when he first him. He said he seemed like a very normal average father in law. He only realized who he was, when Anderson invited him to one of his Jethro Tull shows, ahe saw him playing the flute and wearing tights.

Gael Anderson leads a relatively low key  life in England, she is a general assistant for a grocery store in England called ‘Sainsbury’s. She took the job well after she married Lincoln in 2013.

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Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese Live A Quiet Life In Texas!

Actor Jared Padalecki and his actress wife Genevieve Cortese happily raise their two sons in Austin, Texas. Both have said they prefer to live a normal happy life away from Hollywood. The couple have just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Padalecki,32, is the star of the ultra popular TV show, ‘Supernatural’. Padalecki was driven to life as a performer early in life. In high school he was an accomplished member of his high school’s Forensic team, winning many awards and was a candidate for the prestigious Presidential Scholars Program.  He was slated to attend the University of Texas, but he elected to use his excellent orator skills in Hollywood.

He found success quickly in Hollywood by winning the talent competition show ‘Claim to Fame’ in 1999. He was able to procure an agent early on, and started a journey of success shortly after that. He had several roles in TV shows and films. He was cast in the starring role as Sam Winchester on the CW show ‘Supernatural’ in 2005. The show is wildly popular with a huge fan base, and is in it’s tenth season.

He met his wife Genevieve Cortese, 34, when she guest stared on the show in the 4th season. The two married in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 2010 after a whirlwind courtship. For all intents and purposes the two seem like regular down to earth people, just raising their two young sons, one 3 and one  a year and half.


Padalecki talked about the journey his character Sam has been on for the last ten years. He was asked about Sam having a brother that is demon, and how that compares to the other drama Sam has dealt with in the last 10 seasons. He said ” Well Sam doesn’t know, at first Sam was in the dungeon trying to summon Crowley when Crowley was actually there with Dean. So Sam got back to Dean’s room and Dean was gone. So starting out with the next show, Sam looks for his brother, because he does know he gone, but doesn’t know where he is gone to.

When Sam does find out what happens to his brother, he’s not pissed at Dean, but he just wants to fix the situation. He made a promise to Dean to try to repair things, so he going to do whatever he has to do, to fix things.” Padalecki, was also asked about playing different characters on the show, which he has to do from time to time. He said “It’s very challenging, just when I’m comfortable with a character there is a new one to develop and play, so it keeps me on my toes. It’s very challenging as an actor, You don’t just want to do another voice or something silly like that, because often times that’s not enough. Whenever Sam has to go through some alteration, I pretend I’m auditioning for another show and another character. It’s a lot of fun but at the same time, it’s extremely challenging. It can be nerve racking at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourney) Youtube Sensation Keeps Raking In The Cash!

Jenna Mourney, 28, better known by her YouTube name, Jenna Marbles, is a self made millionaire. It’s estimated that the New York native takes in more than 2 millions dollars a year from advertisement money generated from her ever so popular YouTube channel. She has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel which makes it the most successful channel owned by a woman. Her videos have been viewed close to two billion times. The name ‘Marbles’ come from her pet dog ‘Mr. Marbles’.

Marbles also owns a successful line of dog toys called, ‘Kermie, Worm & Mr. Marbles.” She also makes television appearances on a variety of shows, like ‘Ricdiculousness’ on MTV. Before she hit it big on YouTube, Marbles worked a string of low paying jobs, including tending bar, a clerk at a tanning salon, and go-go dancing. Marbles recently discussed her unexpected YouTube success. She appeared on the ‘Whats Trending Show’, and talked about her brand. She was asked how she describes what she does to her family. She said “They do get what I do, maybe actually too much. I’m pretty sure my dad has me on Google Alert, and like my mom follows me and texts me. She will text me immediately about a video. I tell her come on mom at least let the video be up for an hour before you text me.”Jenna_Marbles

Marbles says she understands the sometimes inappropriate nature of what does does. She says her parents do understand that, and they are very supportive of what she does. Jenna started her Youtube channel after moving to Los Angeles from Boston. She didn’t relocate until after earning a master’s degree from Boston University. She said when she started her Youtube channel she had no idea that would end up being a career, and she still doesn’t consider it a job. She said what she does basically is sit around at home with hanging out with her dogs uploading videos.

She said it’s all “pretty cool” and she never really anticipated being anything like it is now, that type of success she has achieved now, is just crazy she says. She was asked how things changed for her, as far as the type of life she leads now. She said “One I started doing it consistently, like this is my video, I’m going to do it every week, and told people this is my channel. If you want to subscribe great if not fine whatever.”

She said once she started doing it consistently it turned into a job, an awesome job. She says her channel is “magic pure magic”. She says her videos are ridiculous but they make you laugh.  She said she thinks her videos are awesome and make people “feel really good on the inside”. She claims she has no real recipe for a successful video. She just kind of gets up and makes things up as she goes along, with no real plan employed before she actually makes the videos. Marbles is the soul person behind her video production, she does not have a team employed behind the scenes it is just her, and she likes it that way.

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Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCartney Married Happily Ever After?

Singer Donnie Wahlberg, 45,  married former Playboy playmate Jenny McCartney,42, on August 31, 2014. They married in a very lavish affair, in front of friends, family and a lot of notable people. Everything  was meticulously  planned, down to the napkins and seating arrangements. Some insiders in the know are speculating that the marriage may be a little too perfect. Some have been wondering out loud if the relationship has been orchestrated so the couple could snag a reality show. Stranger things in Hollywood certainly have happened many times.

Wahlberg, mostly known as a member of the boy band, ‘New Kids On The Block’, had a reality show on A & E  called ‘Wahlburgers’. He stars along side his brothers Paul and Mark Wahlburg. The show chronicles the family business venture, a string of family dinning establishments, mostly in the Eastern part of the United States. The show premiered in January 2014. A year later there was a spin off ‘Donnie loves Jenny’. The first episode chronicled the couple’s wedding and preparations for it. An A & E camera crew was at the wedding filming for the upcoming show that they already signed on to. Many have speculated that the whole relationship was cultivated  for television.

Watch What Happens Live - Season 10

McCartney and Wahlberg both have been married before. McCartney was married to actor, director John Mallory Asher from 1999 to 2005, the pair have a son named Evan,12. The boy was diagnosed with Autism. McCartney has drawn a lot of criticism for her anti vaccine stance. She has stated she believes some vaccines cause autism and other diseases. She was also the live in girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey from 2005 until 2010. Wahlberg was married Kim Fey when their son Xavier was 6 years old in August of 1999. The pair had a second son, Elijah on August 20th, 2001, the couple’s 2nd wedding anniversary. The pair eventually divorced in 2008, after being married for 9 years.

McCartney discussed her wedding for a second time, she said” the good thing about something being the second time around, there was a good rehearsal. I knew what to expect, I also knew how to enjoy the moment. I also knew how to prep, which meant hire someone else to do all the work. I just concentrated on my self. She also said “I wrote the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything the officiator said, I wrote. It was perfect, and I wrote a moment in there where I have him say, to ask for a moment and take in everybody. It was good, all of his groomsmen were new kids. Growing in my wildest dreams I never thought they would be my groomsmen. The only snag was the weather, we had to have it inside.

My son Evan gave me away.” She said she had no idea it would be that wonderful, she said her son said he has the best step dad. She said of Whalberg being her son’s stepfather, ” It’s just been me and him for all these years, to have someone come in and love us, and to have  a shoulder. Everything I wanted for Evan and everything I wanted for me is all materializing now.”

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