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Alicia Sacramone is Brady Quinn’s Olympic Gymnast Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Alicia Sacramone here! Brayden Tyler, who is widely known as Brady Quinn, is a famous American football quarterback. He has been known dating the Olympic Gymnast since 2007. They have been in love since then, and many people admire their relationship. They met through a mutual friend called Jeremy Bloom who is an Olympian too and was a football player. They both knew him through their respective professions. Jeremy introduced Brady and Alicia at a Charity event in Colorado and so the things started off from there. They first got engaged in 2013 and after dating for like six years they finally tied the knot in March 2014. The wedding took place in an intimate ceremony at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral in the company of reserved family members and friends. They were very excited about their wedding and dressed amazingly. Below is a picture of Alicia posing with her bridesmaids. The football star wore a gray suit for the big day, while the bride opted for a stunning lace gown that fit her like a glove. Alicia Sacramone was born to Fred, who was an Orthodontist and Gail Sacramone who is a salon owner and a hairstylist on December 3, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts[1]. She is of Italian descent. She is 26 years of age and has an older brother named Jonathan.  Now she resides in Winchester, Massachusetts...

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Jill Martin (Jill Adler) is Kevin Martin’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Jill Martin here! Kevin Martin the famous Basketball player recently married Jill Arnold, who belonged to his hometown too. They were together in the high school. If asked from Kevin, he would say that he was rejected by Jill That time but Jill describes themselves as shy teenagers who never remained in contact after the first phone call.  They were in Zanesville High School in Ohio where Kevin took Jill’s number from a mutual friend as they had a class in common too, but it continue any further. Then in college they swapped numbers again but it wasn’t until April 2007 almost a decade later that Kevin told Jill that he was coming hometown for the weekend and from there things started to excel. That was the time Kevin parted from his girlfriend and gathered all the courage to tell Jill how he felt about her. Things got serious fast. After dating for four years, they decided to tie the knot. They got married on the Gulf Lawn at Sand pearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida on July 15, 2011. Jill Adler now known as Jill Martin is a television personality who resides in Manhattan, NY USA. She’s also a sportscaster and has won New York Emmy Award for it four times. She is a Fashion Contributor to the TODAY’s show talking about the entertainment stories of different...

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Susan Schneider is Robin Williams’ Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Susan Schneider Here! Robin Williams has been one of the most well-known and amazing comedians of all times. He will stay in our hearts for what he was. He wasn’t even just a great actor but a great person. After separating from two of his wives namely, Valerie Velardi and Marsha Garces, Robin met the love of his life Susan Schneider. Williams met Susan in 2009 while she was nursing him after his heart surgery. She nursed him through convalescence at his California home. Since then they started seeing each other and after dating for two years the couple tied the knot on October 23, 2011, at the luxurious Meadowood Resort in the Napa Valley town of St. Helena, Calif. Then they went to Paris for their honeymoon. Susan was very thrilled and happy about the wedding and Robin expressed his happiness in the following words: “I’m the luckiest man in the world… Being with a comedian, living with a comedian, is like keeping a chimp for a pet. You know we’re kind of cute but after a little while, (you get thrown out). So if you find someone who goes, ‘OK I like you,’ You go, ‘You like me?’ She’s gorgeous and so sweet. Oh, she’s beautiful.” Susan who was 12 years younger than Robin was not just a nobody but she continued shining in her own...

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Brittney Griner is Glory Johnson’s Girlfriend/Fiancee (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Glory Johnson Here! Brittney Griner is known to be an amazing basketball player for Baylor University and now a starting center for the WNBA’sPhoenix Mercury. She is one of the most open lesbian athletes who recently proposed to the love of her life Glory Johnson by presenting her a diamond ring on one knee. She captured the event through instragram and happily quoted This couple celebrated their two months anniversary a while ago and is appreciated by many. Everyone thinks its cute what they did. And if there was ever a basketball power couple it would be them. They are engaged to be married soon. Griner is a two-time WNBA All-Star for the Phoenix Mercury, former NCAA champion and the 2012 AP Division I Player of the Year. She led a very simple and quiet life, and she was always quiet about her sexuality due to the reputation of her School. Then in April 2013 she finally came out of the box and declared about her choices. And now finally she is at a place where she can openly shout out for her love, and no one will say anything. They both have been talking to the Supreme Court on the ban of Gay marriages. They don’t exactly know when will they be able to be together publically but they continue to make the best out of it. While Glory...

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