Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourney) Youtube Sensation Keeps Raking In The Cash!

Jenna Mourney, 28, better known by her YouTube name, Jenna Marbles, is a self made millionaire. It’s estimated that the New York native takes in more than 2 millions dollars a year from advertisement money generated from her ever so popular YouTube channel. She has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel which makes it the most successful channel owned by a woman. Her videos have been viewed close to two billion times. The name ‘Marbles’ come from her pet dog ‘Mr. Marbles’.

Marbles also owns a successful line of dog toys called, ‘Kermie, Worm & Mr. Marbles.” She also makes television appearances on a variety of shows, like ‘Ricdiculousness’ on MTV. Before she hit it big on YouTube, Marbles worked a string of low paying jobs, including tending bar, a clerk at a tanning salon, and go-go dancing. Marbles recently discussed her unexpected YouTube success. She appeared on the ‘Whats Trending Show’, and talked about her brand. She was asked how she describes what she does to her family. She said “They do get what I do, maybe actually too much. I’m pretty sure my dad has me on Google Alert, and like my mom follows me and texts me. She will text me immediately about a video. I tell her come on mom at least let the video be up for an hour before you text me.”Jenna_Marbles

Marbles says she understands the sometimes inappropriate nature of what does does. She says her parents do understand that, and they are very supportive of what she does. Jenna started her Youtube channel after moving to Los Angeles from Boston. She didn’t relocate until after earning a master’s degree from Boston University. She said when she started her Youtube channel she had no idea that would end up being a career, and she still doesn’t consider it a job. She said what she does basically is sit around at home with hanging out with her dogs uploading videos.

She said it’s all “pretty cool” and she never really anticipated being anything like it is now, that type of success she has achieved now, is just crazy she says. She was asked how things changed for her, as far as the type of life she leads now. She said “One I started doing it consistently, like this is my video, I’m going to do it every week, and told people this is my channel. If you want to subscribe great if not fine whatever.”

She said once she started doing it consistently it turned into a job, an awesome job. She says her channel is “magic pure magic”. She says her videos are ridiculous but they make you laugh.  She said she thinks her videos are awesome and make people “feel really good on the inside”. She claims she has no real recipe for a successful video. She just kind of gets up and makes things up as she goes along, with no real plan employed before she actually makes the videos. Marbles is the soul person behind her video production, she does not have a team employed behind the scenes it is just her, and she likes it that way.

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Christian Bales Wife Sibi Blazic Happy Being Mrs. Bales!

Actor Christian Bales has a rare happy Hollywood marriage to ex-model Sibi Blazic. Bales,41 married Lazic,44, in 2000. The couple have two children a son and a daughter, and live in Los Angeles. Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blazic has an interesting resume. She was a one time assistant to actress Winona Ryder. She was also a stunt car driver and worked on some of her husband’s films as a stunt car driver.baleblazic

Bale credits his wife with many things, he won a best supporting Academy Award for his work in the film ‘The Fighter’. When he got up to the receive his award he proceeded to give a long acceptance speech. He certainly wasn’t one of those that forgot to thank his spouse he said “And of course my wonderful wife, my wonderful wife who is my mask through the storms of life. I hope I’m likewise to you darling. Our little girl whose taught me so much then I ever can teach her.”

Both the Bale’s are very active in community and social service causes. Both have very publicity raised funds for the environmental group Greenpeace, and World Wildlife Fund. However for the most part Blazic has look a big step backwards career-wise to raise her two young children. Christian and Sibi are both on the board of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Bales has a long range of acting roles he has done including that of the caped crusader Batman. Recently he said he feels very fine with actor Ben Affleck reprising the role in the upcoming Batman flick. He talked about how he got ready for his role in the American Hustle.

He said “As it says in the beginning of the film, some of this stuff is on actual events. That was actually me, looking at Lou Wineberg, because this movie is loosely based on him. He would be rolling his eyes, because I had to spend  a few days with him. Because of some of the characterization I put into it. The one thing that come out of that, was when I read the original script and this wasn’t anything I was expecting.”

He was asked if he would ever consider a part that requires him to go through a big transformation to change his appearance. He said, “Right now I say No I wouldn’t do it but if I got a script and it called for that, I would have to look at the part and the picture” He was also asked how he shakes off the serious parts, once the film shuts down. Regarding ‘Out of the furnace’. He said “You know what I went from Out of the Furnace and in like two days I was on the set of the next film shooting it. So I really didn’t have time shaking off anything. He also spoke about which is harder to do a heavy film or something more light and less serious. He said they both take passion to play, he said you have to put all your emotions in the film or the end product is not as good.



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Luke Bryans & Caroline Boyer Put Family First!

Country singing star Luke Bryans, 38, and wife Caroline Boyer, 35 say family comes before stardom. Bryans and Boyers are college sweethearts. They met when Bryans was a senior and Boyer a freshman at Georgia Southern University. After dating on and off for five years the two married in a lavish church cermony in front of friends and family.lukecarolinebryans

Boyer has said that Bryans has always been a gentleman, and that’s what attracted her to him in the first place. The couple have also faced tragedy with dignity and grace. Bryans recently discussed some rather weighty issues. He has taken the country music scene by storm, racking up award after award and generating a massive amount of devoted fans.

When asked recently if he had ever imagined the kind of success he has now, he said no. He went on “When the CMA awards were on, it was an event. It was like you got to eat in the living room. It was that special, you got to lay your towel down on the shag carpet.” He says all the attention still makes him nervous “I’ve had panic attacks you know before big moments. It’s kind of fun you know, you want that kind of anxiety before a really big show.”

He’s the youngest son of a peanut farmer from Leesburg, Georgia. He was the protected and beloved little brother of older sister Kelly, and older brother Chris. Luke’s mother LeClaire says he’s a born musician. His mother has said that her son Luke was very sickly when he was little. So she rocked him all the time or bounced him. “he could hum ‘rock of ages’ before he could talk.” Luke would take that natural talent to the stage in high school.

In addition to being in high school musicals he started his own band. Just days before a 19 year old Luke planned to leave home and move to Nashville to follow his dreams, came the true test of faith and family. His older brother Chris was killed in a car accident. He said “What a crazy, I’m kind of hyperventilating even thinking about it. It’s very hard to talk about it, still even after all these years. It was, just not a cool deal. You never truly move beyond it.”

Luke decided to put his Nashville dreams on hold, family came first. So Luke stayed home and went to college. He spent the next few years playing at bars at night and working at his father’s farm during the day. Luke’s sense of duty kept him home. His father Tommy knew the only way to get him to Nashville was to fire him. So he headed to Nashville and found early success as a songwriter. Soon  he was signed to a record label, and released his first successful single,’All my friends say’. He was invited to perform the song at the legendary ‘Grand Ole Opry’. His sister Kelly was there, and died a few days later at her home. He said “Two unthinkable tragedies in one family.” He said he moves on for his wife Caroline and two sons.


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Actor Vin Diesel’s Model Girlfriend Paloma Jimenez Happy To Support Him!

Actor Vin Diesel, 47 is playing happy family man with model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez,30. The actor has remained very guarded about his private life. Diesel has said that he falls along the lines of old world thinking, in that your private life is private. He doesn’t want to be stalked and harassed when he is out with his family.Vin+Diesel+Paloma+Jimenrz

The couple have two children a daughter, Hania 8, and son Vincent 5. Paloma has been a model for the last ten years, and has some profile clients in her portfolio. Including Coca-Cola, Pantene Shampoo and Honda. It’s very important for Diesel to put out the happy family man for his image, inside sources say there have been issues on the home front, not that different from may other high profile relationships.

Diesel appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few years back. The conversation started off simple enough. Diesel talked about the magazine cover he was currently on ‘Mens Fitness’. He claims he’s ever used any steroids, some people called him out on that after the interview, saying that he does. During the interview he said he doesn’t feel that he has to use steroids.

He said ” The reason I’m saying this is because I have friends that are bouncers, that would do steroids and then have to have their private parts drained. So I am lucky that I’ve never felt the urge or felt like I had to do steroids. Now as an actor I’m not even thinking about being a body builder.”

He talked about Facebook as well. “When Facebook started and you saw the movie, they were promoting it like people were following it to find out people’s martial status. That was kind of like Myspace, what they weren’t taking into consideration was that a star could have a relationship with you, and how profound that would be.”

He went on to say, that he was one of the first celebrities on Facebook interacting with his fans, so Facebook owes him billions of dollars. He was of course saying that in jest, but the it got a lot of laughs from the audience. Diesel told Leno, “I’ve been coming on this show millions of times. You have always been, you were the first. I remember when I came for ‘Fast and the Furious’. My daughter was just born and I talked to you about the red Chevelle I just gave her. You would always say are you married yet, are you married yet, now you have two kids.

I thought maybe you might want to meet my kids.” Diesel asked the audience if they wanted to meet his kids. The audience reacted with a lot of applause and hooting and jeers. With that his two kids came out, and he introduced them to Jay and the audience. His girlfriend came out with his son, and he introduced her as well, by saying “This is Paloma”. He then went on to explain a clip from the ‘Fast and Furious’, as his son sat on his lap.

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Zachary Pym Williams Son Of Robin Willams Still Healing!

Zachary Pym Williams,31, one of three children of the late actor Robin Williams. It’s been over 6 months since his father the comedian and actor Robin Williams died after he committed suicide at  63, in his Northern California home. The oldest son of Williams who is known as Zak Williams, was the product of Robin’s first marriage to actress Valerie Velardi. When Zak was a young child living in Northern Californian, his parents hired a full time nanny, Marsha Garces. In 1987 Marsha became pregnant with Robin’s child, and what followed was a national scandal. By the time of Williams’ summer 2014 passing, the toxic fumes from the scandal had quieted down quite a bit.

Robin and Zak Williams

Robin and Zak Williams

Nevertheless when it first erupted in the late 80’s, it was front and center of every celebrity talk show and tabloid nationwide. Williams and Zak’s mother divorced in 1988 after 11 years of marriage. Robin went on to have 2 children with Marsha after marrying her in 1989. He had Zelda and Cody, and would divorce Garces in 2010. Zak Williams has spoken out on his father’s passing in the months following his passing, he publicly thanks fans and supporters world wide for their outpouring of well wishes for the Williams family.

In-spite of Garces indiscretions with Williams, while he was still married to Zak’s mother, there appears to be no bad blood between the two. He threw out the first pitch at the World Series game in October, as his step mother and siblings looked on. However all is not well between Zak, his siblings and the 3rd wife of Williams, Susan Schneider. Williams and Schneider were only married three years when the actor passed away. According to the Williams children the actor left specific instructions in his will regarding personal effects. The children claimed in legal documents that the actor left everything to the three of them. Schneider says he left many  items to her, and has barred the children from entering the home she shared with their father.

There are legal dates forthcoming when the two parties will battle it out before a probate judge, however in the mean time, the parties are not speaking to each other. Zak has said the situation is very unfortunate, but he knows that his father wanted his children to have cherished keepsakes. One of Robin Williams closest friends the late Superman actor Chris Reeves, left behind a legacy with his Christoper Reeves Foundation. Zak recently paid tribute to his father at the foundation. He said “I love those two people so much, Robin was my father, Chris was my godfather. There friendship beginning as college roommates at Julliard was nothing short of amazing. The Chris I spent the most time with after the accident, and I honestly think that after that the friendship from best friends to something deeper. They always found time to give their all to those in need. I miss them dearly but I know that they are in all of our hearts forever.  In my eyes they are my superheros.”

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Dany Garcia Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Ex Wife Remarries Body Builder Dave Rienzi!

Dany Garcia, 47, the ex wife of Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s ex wife, remarried body builder Dave Rienzi. Garcia is a body builder too, and often graces the pages of various muscle magazines. She is also a very successful producer of documentary films. She also produced many of her former husband’s films. She’s a successful professional woman in her own right, with an international marketing degree from the University of Miami. She is a Florida native, she was married to Johnson from 1997 to 2007. The couple have a 13 year old daughter named Simone. Garcia now makes her home in South Florida with her husband Rienzi and daughter. She flies around in private jets, attending body building events that both she and her husband compete in.DanyGarcia

She has been collaborating with Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine about her quest for more competition honors.  She recently gave a blow by blow description of what an average day is like ” this is such an important time for me, my life like yours is hectic, full of so many things. I’m producing ten television shows. I’ve got five feature films, as an executive producer, I’m also producing. I have my family, my talent that I’m managing. Trying to make that happen and still staying poised, still say focused, still stay balanced, it’s been quite a journey. But I think it’s going to be great.

She went on to describe what a day is like for her ” Let’s talk about how my day is going to start, it’s going to start here in the kitchen.” It starts here in the kitchen, it starts with nutrition which is going to be the anchor. Not just so much because of what it does to our bodies, or because of the muscles and the energy that we’re going to use, but because it helps to keep me balanced. I can’t go into this program, and get so depleted or get so out of balance that I’m not thinking straight.”

As she gleefully describes her training and eating schedule for getting a well defined muscular body, she doesn’t mention taking steroids. A source said “It’s pretty much common knowledge that all of them, her, her ex and new hubby take the juice.”  Her new husband Dave Rienzi is not as famous as her ex Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, but he’s just as or more muscular. The source went on to explain,” Even if you lift weights 24/7 you can’t get like that naturally. They do it, have been doing it, it’s not the big deal it once was. There are still really bad side effects, don’t get me wrong. You would think since they had a kid, one would lay off the stuff, but no such luck in this case. It’s all about ego with these people, having the best body, being the best, little else matters, when you’re all wrapped up with that stuff.” In an interesting little twist,  Dany Garcia’s current husband Dave Rienzi was the personal trainer of her former husband.

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Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort’s Ex Wife Lands A New Wolf Of Manhattan Beach!

Meet Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s ex wife here. The film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ released in 2013 put a few names into the public forefront. The film directed by Martin Scorsese, was a blockbuster hit. It tells the true story of Jordan Belfort, a man who made a fortune on Wall Street as a stockbroker. He made his fortune by engaging in insider trading, fraud and other nefarious activities. He would go on to spend 22 months in a federal prison for the various crimes he committed. The film based on Belfort’s memoir shows his glamorous and beautiful second wife Nadine Caridi. She was a model and sometime actress, she was widely seen in Miller Lite Beer commercials when Belfort met her. The two eventually  divorced, and now co-parent their two children together in Southern California.NadineCaridi

Caridi sill beautiful is living the high life once again in Manhattan Beach, CA. She has a different life now in many ways, and some may be very surprised by the new and improved Nadine. This former Miller Lite girl and model, changed her life around and reinvented herself. She is now 47 and her name is Nadine Maraluso. She is married to CEO of ‘Wizard World’ John Maraluso, 69. He is a former entrepreneur from New York and some 22 years older than his pretty wife Nadine.

Wizard World is the biggest digital entertainment and events companies in North America, and Maraluso is at the helm of it all. However Nadine is not just sitting back being a trophy wife, no she is literally unrecognizable in her new career. After splitting from Belfort, Nadine went to college and has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is now a marriage and family therapist with an ocean front office in Manhattan Beach. She has only been in the field since 2011, since she was around 43. She has obviously transformed herself into this now denizen of academia, while still delving into a lifestyle that she once knew so well.

Her social media accounts are full of all of her Hollywood social activities she engages in with her new Wolf of Manhatten Beach. She and her husband John Maraluso just attended the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Although her websites boasts of the fact that she is a “PHD Candidate”. She is obviously able to fit her ‘studies’ in with her hobnobbing that she does with the rich and famous. No where on her bios is it indicated that she was the wife of “The Wolf of Wall Street”. There is no mention of her former job title of Miller Lite Beer Girl either. She has reinvented herself extremely well, That could be another new avocation for Mrs. Maraluso, she can teach people how to reinvent themselves with no traces of their former selves. She claims she has dedicated her life, the last 4 years anyway, to helping people with dependency issues and other mental health disorders find their way back. Since she is mixing with the rich and famous, she should have no trouble building her client base. Here is to reinventing one’s self, and doing it large!

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Jennifer Gates 15, Bill Gates’ Daughter, Super Indulged By Mega Wealthy Dad!

If some people are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, Jennifer Gates (Jennifer Katherine Gates), Bill Gates’ Daughter, 15, probably had a platinum one. Gates only fifteen was just given an 18 million dollar equestrian estate to live in, why she partakes in all things horses. Gates is an avid equestrian aficionado, competing in competitions all around the country. The estate that mega wealthy Microsoft wizard Bill Gates, bought for his daughter is nothing to sneeze at. Some of the trappings available on the estate are a 3 mile race track, an olive garden, a luxurious guest house, five barns. The estate is just north of San Diego, and should be big enough for Jennifer, a few horses and a friend or two.

Jennifer Katherine GatesJennifer Gates 15, Bill Gates' Daughter, Super Indulged By Mega Wealthy Dad!

It is the former estate of weight loss guru Jenny Craig. Before Gates took possession of the property Craig had owned the property for over 20 years, to indulge her love of thoroughbred horses, and used the property as a training facility. Craig stipulated the property was to be used as an equestrian facility, well lucky for her the Gates family stumbled by. The Gates family had been coming to the San Diego area for years to visit, and Jennifer had also been participating in horse events in the area. Gates, 59, and his wife Melinda and the couples three children live in the exclusive Medina, Washington. Craig released a statement after the sale was finalized saying she was happy someone who both appreciates the equestrian lifestyle and can really afford the property, bought the property.


Gates who is worth 81 billion dollars, said he plans to turn the property into one of the most exclusive properties for equestrian events, including racing and jumping. Gates in the past bought Jennifer another property in Florida for close to 9 million dollars. That property was located close to the Wellington Equestrian festival, where Jennifer competed.

Jennifer recently talked to a news outlet about her love of horse jumping and competing at the LGCT Chantilly. She was asked how it was competing there, she said “It’s amazing, I mean I’ve never competed somewhere so beautiful. I’m so lucky to be here. The arena is great, the place for the horses is great so it just wonderful.” She was asked, about competing and going to school. She said” I’m trying to do a balance right now. School is very important to me, but it’s wonderful that I was able to come over here and make time for it, it’s wonderful. Because it’s worth it for sure.”

At 15 she has already graduated from high school. She is set to study biology at Stanford in the fall. She said she wasn’t sure long term where her life would go, but she is set to focus on school for the next four years. She also talked about her racing team. She trains with Harden and Jack Tal a father and son team. A bar manager Chris Howard is also on her team, and all of them travel with her a lot for competitions. She said she travels with her entire family to all of her competitions.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Still Fighting For Her Life With No Sign Of Improvement

It’s day six since Bobbi Kristina Brown,21 was found face down in her bathtub. Brown was found unconscious by her estranged common law husband Nick Gordon and another friend Max Lomas. Brown’s father hip hop singer Bobby Brown is now in charge of her medical care. The only child of the late Whitney Houston was moved to Emory Hospital in Atlanta at the direction and insistence of Brown. The reason for the transfer in part was due to Brown’s faith in Emory’s reputation for work with brain injuries.bobbi-kristina-600

Sources are reporting that Brown is brain dead, and any type of recovery is not expected at this time. Brown is being kept alive by being hooked to a respirator. Brown’s 81 year old grandmother, Cissy Houston arrived from New Jersey to be at Kristina’s bedside. Her family have been camped out at the hospital and the Atlanta area, doing prayer vigils.

Meanwhile there are several reports of severe strife within the Brown and Houston families, as both families wait for any updates. Kristina’s father Bobby celebrated his 46th birthday at W Hotel in Atlanta. Family and friends gathered at the hotel to help Brown celebrate as his daughter continued to fight for her life at nearby Emory Hospital. The party was not without it’s share of high drama.

Shortly after the gathering broke up, Bobbi Kristina’s second cousin Shayne Brown and her great aunt Tina Brown broke into a fist fight. The brawl started as a result of a valet parking ticket. A hotel employee called 911 requesting police on the scene. The employee told a 911 operator that several people were fighting in the bar of the hotel. He said he saw no visible weapons, but noticed one of the males in the room had deep cuts on his face. Shayne Brown was the injured party, but he would not press charges against his mother Tina Brown. According to reports eight members of the Brown family took part in the fight, but no charges were pressed.

According to new reports, Bobbi was very upset that she was not cast in a recently aired bio pic about her late mother Whitney Houston. The movie directed by Houston friend, Angela Bassett, passed on Bobbi to play the leading role. The three year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death in an LA hotel is approaching fast. Whitney Houston was found death in the bathtub of her hotel room on February 11, 2012 in Los Angeles. The singer died the night before the Grammy awards. It was ruled by the coroner that Whitney died as a result of chronic heart disease and drug abuse. Bobbi Kristina was 18 years old at the time of her mother’s death. Family friends and relatives have said that Brown has struggled with her mother’s death for the last three years. Many have said Brown, did not seem to have any type of drive or ambition to pursue anything. Brown stared dating Nick Gordon after Houston’s death. Gordon was someone that Whitney helped raise, and Kristina always referred to Nick as “my brother”.



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10 Facts You Should Know about Robin William’s Son Cody Alan Williams (Cody Williams)

Cody Williams, top assistant movie director, young in age and at heart, good looking young man with a lot of movies to his credit. Cody Williams is indeed a young man who has achieved a lot in his life and does not look like he is stopping anytime soon despite the challenges that he might have faced, facing or yet to face. There are a few facts to know about this young man and you can find them below.

Robin William's Son Cody Alan Williams

Facts You Should Know about Cody Alan Williams

1. Cody Alan Williams was born in November, 1991. His parents are Robin William (father) and Marsha Garces Williams (Mother).

2. Robin Williams divorced Cody’s mother, Marsha Garces in 2008 after 19 years of marriage. He cited his abuse of alcohol as the reason for the split.

3. His father, Robin Williams, was a comedian and starred in a lot of movies.

4. Cody’s father, Robin Williams, the Oscar winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead at his home in California ?ft?r apparently killing him??lf at the age of 63.

5. Cody Williams was the apple of his father’s eye. Cody was well loved by his father. They spoke about each other a lot and what they spoke about seemed like just good and wonderful times shared by them. Not all Hollywood kids have the opportunity to be really close to their parents but Cody was clearly lucky.

6. Cody Alan Williams, just like his father, joined the movie industry. However, Cody spent most of his time in the movie industry behind the camera unlike his dad. Cody Alan Williams worked as a production assistant while he studied music production.
7. Some of Cody Alan Williams works as a production assistant include; Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001), The Glass House (2001), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007).Some of Cody Alan William works as second assistant director include; Pairie Fever (2008), Mostly Ghostly (2008), Lawless (2012), Trouble with the Curve (2012), etc.

8.Cody has a sister whose name is Zelda Rae Williams while they both have a half – brother, Zachary Pym “Zak” Williams, born in 1983.

9.Cody is the youngest of Robin William’s children. Of all the 3 children fathered by Robin, Cody is the youngest child at just the age of twenty two. Despite his dad’s suicide, Cody appears to have a bright future in his career.

10.Cody has a brother, Zachary Williams born to Robin’s first wife Valerie Velardi. Zachary Pym Williams is Robin’s oldest son and prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding the spotlight and public radar, with a private Instagram, Facebook account with very few recent pictures and a twitter account with just a few tweets.

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