James Middleton is Kate Middleton’s Brother (wiki, photos, networth)

James Middleton, the low profile baby brother of Duchess Kate Middleton is reportedly in the red in his latest venture that makes cakes. The cub brother who was till recently seen getting clicked wearing his sister’s dresses and coming out of nightclubs in inebriated condition has reportedly made a financial loss of nearly Pound 17000 and turned to his family members for help. According to the insiders, the little brother got an overdraft from a bank to cover for his dues to his creditors to the tune of pounds 32,575. This is was possible only with the help of his sister Kate Middleton.James Middleton

Internet is abuzz with speculations about James Middleton’s networth following reports that he could not pay back his creditors a paltry sum of pounds 30000. People are making frantic searches on the internet to know the reality behind this report that little James had to ask for help from family to pay back his debts in a recently started cake business called Nice Group.  As far as Kate Middleton networth is concerned, it is estimated to be around $50 million that is the actual networth of the entire Middleton family that is based upon a party business run by her parents Carol and Michael.

james middleton

Sexy James Middleton

James’ company makes home baking kits that cost pound 16.99 and contain not just the ingredients but also step by step instructions to allow even a newbie bake a cake at home without any help. James Middleton suffers from dyslexia and makes no bones about his poor academic credentials. He is intent upon taking forward his cake business and is not unduly perturbed by the financial loss saying it is not uncommon for startups to make losses in the beginning.

James Middleton

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(pic from barbwire, James Middleton and his partner)

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Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton are Kate Middleton’s Parents (wiki, photos)

Most Britons are waiting with excitement for the arrival of the first baby of the royal couple Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Kate does not have a royal ancestry and she is a commoner. She is the eldest child of Michael and Carol Middleton who run their own small business. Carol Elizabeth married Michael Francis Middleton in 1980. The time of their marriage, Carol was an air hostess and Michael worked as a flight dispatcher. However, the couple set up their own business in 1987 by the name of Party Pieces. The business revolves around party supplies that the company provides to customers ordering online.

Prince William would love to have royal grandparents for his baby       

There are reports that Carol and Michael Middleton could soon get royal titles, even before the arrival of the new baby inCarole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton the royal family. It may look strange, but the fact is that not before in the 1000 year history has there been a future monarch without a royal grandfather. The grandfathers of all monarchs and queens of Britain have so far been kings, dukes, princes, and so on. However, some help from the palace can change the situation pretty quickly and this help can come from none other than Prince William.  It is the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth who is believed to have a say in all these matters. Prince William would love to get a royal title for his father in law and mother in law and he sure knows how to bend the aging Queen to his will.

Granting peerage is in the hands of the Queen

New peerage is customarily recommended by the PM to the Queen. So all it will take is a recommendation by the PrimeCarole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton Minister to the Queen that Michael Middleton be elevated to the rank of a Lord. The most amusing part of all this is the fact that it is none other but the Queen herself who tells the Prime Minister who should get an elevation in the social order. An earldom for the Middletons would mean that Michael Middleton becomes a Lord and Carol Elizabeth Middleton becomes a Countess.

It would indeed be a perfect example of social mobility in modern Britain if Middletons could rise to the ranks in the Royalty even though Michael Middleton may not ever get a chance to sit in the House of Lords or vote on legislation.

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Nico Jackson is Pippa Middleton’s Boyfriend


The younger of the Middleton’s taken folks! It seems she even has the approval of her family! Let’s meet the guy in question! Hunky Mr. Jackson.

nico jackson

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Adam Hock Involved in a Bar Fight with Prince Pierre Casiraghi

Prince Pierre Casiraghi was sent to the hospital after he was involved is a nasty bar fight with Adam Hock at Manhattan club’s Double Seven. Want to know more?

Adam Hock, pierre casighi brawl at Double seven club



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Harry Wentworth-Stanley- Cressida Bonas’s Ex- Boyfriend

Meet the handsome Harry Wentworth-Stanley, he used to date Cressida Bonas who as we all know is currently dating Prince Harry, who is currently in Afghanistan fighting a long distance battle for Cressida’s heart against her former flame young Wentworth Stanley, who will win?

Harry WentWorth Stanley Cressida Bonas  ex boyfriend pictures

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Kate Middleton’s Fake, Photoshopped Pregnant Pictures in Star Magazine

It seems that media can’t stop from attacking Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, now it was Star magazine who allegedly published fake pictures of Kate with a baby bump, the preggy photo was actually photoshopped taken from the Duchess’ trip to Singapore

Kate Middleton pregnant pic

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Carrie Reichert is Prince Harry’s Las Vegas Naked Party Girl (PHOTOS)

According to this girl Carrie Reichert she spend some naked time with Prince Harry at his hotel suite in Las Vegas, want to know more about Carry and Harry wild night in Las Vegas?

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Alejandra Welsh Pena Is Kate Middleton’s Brother James Middleton’s Girlfriend (wiki, photos, bio)

Who is Alejandra Welsh Pena? Alejandra Welsh Pena is Kate Middleton’s brother, James Middleton’s girlfriend. So great to hear nothing scandalous or containing nudity about the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton, who today we heard has fallen for a  stunning girl named Alejandra Welsh Pena.. Want to hear more?

James Middleton girlfriend Ally Welsh Peña

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Is Cressida Bonas Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend or is It Cara Delevingne?

So Prince Harry of Wales has been seen with two stunning models, both blonde, both very attractive and media has been referring to both girls as Harry’s new girlfriend, but who is he dating, model Cara Delevingne or Cressida Bonas? who dumped him after his naked scandal in Las Vegas?? Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas Read more…

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Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is The Saudi Princess Barbie (PHOTOS)

Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the beautiful niece of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud fears for her safety according to the stunning princes member of her family had threated to hurt her, because of that she seeks asylum in the UK.

Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud photos

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