Angelina Jolie has Bad Breath! Brad Pitt Reveals!

Angelina has bad breath! Brad Pitt Reveals recently. This is a secret but Brad Pitt knows it very much because he need to smell it everyday! Brad Pitt was rumored to send Angelina Jolie the breath mint as a gift, not the romantic dinner or diamond rings, but the breath mint! Maybe that’s more useful for Angelina and also benefits Pitt! Plus don’t need to spend too much money on it! 


Angelina Jolie: let’s pose to kiss each other

Pitt: Just turn your head aside and smile, don’t open your mouth! You are more beautiful this way…

Angelna: …

That’s a joke gift – insider

You can see the couple always tease each other, but from another point of view, Angelina Jolie did has bad breath, or why Pitt teased her of that?
It’s not surprised to find Angelina Jolie had bad breath because of the too much pressure she has to face every day, and she has to be on strict diet plan which all lead to bad breath. In fact many celebrities needs to face such problems but it seems really hard to find the real bad breath treatment.
Anyhow, Angelina Jolie is beautiful and a good part is, Angelina Jolie’s bad breath dosen’t bother us!

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Taylor Swift Buying $20 Million New House in Rhode Island, into Real Estate Business? (photos)

Check Taylor Swift’s new house located in Rhode Island, according to TMZ,  Taylor Swift’s mansion worths more than $20 million.

Taylor Swift, this 23 year old singer is really good at making money and seems she was into real estate business for a long time! In fact she has bought and sold more than 10 houses previously. No one knows how much money she made from this real estate business?

The photos below shows Taylor looking at the new mansion which is atop a 5.23 acre real estate property in exclusive Rhode Island. Taylor, this mansion is huge! Besides the cat collection, you can even call all of your ex-boyfriends back and have a party!


According to TMZ, Taylor Swift’s new House, 11k-plus-square-foot mansion, in Rhode island is one of the Rhode Island’s most famous properties in– the Harkness House — an 11k-plus-square-foot mansion that sits on 5.23 acres of prime real estate. Which is also very expensive that costs $20 million.

It’s said that ever since Swift split with Coner, she sold her Hyannis Port mansion for a $1 million, maybe this real estate business will bring her much more money than writing songs for her ex-boyfriends?

There’re also rumered that Swift is buying house for her boyfriend in Rhode Island, but she denied it previously.

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Thom Evans is Jessica Lowndes’ New Athlete Boyfriend! (wiki, photos)

Who is Thom Evans? Thom Evans is Jessica Lowndes’ new athlete boyfriend! He was the former rugby player who was a professional athlete. It seems Jessic Lowndes easily to have a crush on olympic players. Jessica Lowndes’ ex-boyfriend is Jeremy Bloom, who is an Olympic skier. After splitting from her ex-boyfriend, Jessica, this 90210 star, moved on with Tom now! It seems her standard for boyfriend is quite simple as “hot athlete” and there’s still a lot of alternatives for her!

Thom Evans wiki: 28 year old athlete, born in Zimbabwe. He was a professional rugby player. But after a badly neck injury about 4 years before his career ended. There’s little resource on what’s Thom Evan’s job is, but maybe he certainly took good advantage of this chance to show off his abs and body and maybe can start a new career as a model or TV star?

Tom Evans and Jessica lowndes were spotted up Coachella spending weekend together and even posted their kissing photos to their Instagram.

 “The two were all over each other” and “couldn’t stop kissing.” -insider at the scene

“Good people, good music, good times,” Lowndes wrote above the photo

jessica lowndes'boyfriend
(Tom Evans and Jessica lowndes couldn’t stop kissing, pic from zimbio)

They were also spotted at a GUESS party playing happily. You can see Jessica really got a hot boyfriend! In fact Tom Evans’ ex-girlfriend was the Kelly Brook, the British actress 2 years ago and they split with each other on Feb, 2013.

See more Jessica Lowndes and Thom Evans pics here:

 Olympic skier boyfriend
(pic from zimbio)

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Verity Chapman is Spencer Matthews’s New Model Girlfriend! (wiki, photos, bio)

Who is Verity Chapman? Verity Chapman is Spencer Matthews’s new model girlfriend! It’s unbelievable because Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson was still together in E4 scripted reality recent series, but now you can see Spencer, 25 years old, with his new model girlfriend Verity Chapman now! Not enough materials on Verity Chapman wiki or bio, but you can see from Verity Chapman’s photos that she certainly has some quality that made Spencer fell in love with her!

“Their relationship was so hard to graft. I think he did have this kind of control over her. I think that it’s the best for everyone that they’re not together anymore.”- insider talking about Spencer and Louise’s relationship.

Still remember the happy times of Spencer Matthews with Louise Thompson? Seems Spencer not so happy! Louise is indeed a nice girl as she even forgave Spencer when he slept with ex-girlfriend Funda Onal in 2012. Maybe now Spencer has truly forgot Funda, as well as Louise. And maybe Funda and Louise will become good friends?

verity chapman 2

(Spencer Matthews with Louise Thompson, Wenn)

Verity Chapman and Spencer were spotted when attending a party of Hugo Taylor and his girlfriend Natalie Joel in Lonton. Seems the couple was very cautious of the public, but their hands closely holding together!

And Louise, the 22 year old student, didn’t lag behind! As it’s said she has moved on to date the co-star Andy Jordan now! They are both so efficient!

Spencer-Matthews-girlfriend 1
(Verity Chapman photos, wenn)

Verity Chapman’s model shape and curves and healthy skin color! Seems just from the holidays?

Spencer-Matthews-girlfriend photo 3

They are in public. If you compare this photo with the first one, you will see the difference. Spencer Matthew has the smile of confidence and Verity seems so sweet.

verity chapman pic 4

According to, Spencer Matthews is the Ian Beale of West London. This is official.

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Pilar Sanders is Hip Hop mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams Girlfriend! (photo, wiki)

Pilar Sanders is Hip Hop mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams Girlfriend now!

Even Pilar Sander and her ex-husband currently in the divorce battle, it didn’t stop Pilar moving on to date the hip pop mogul Bryan Birdman Williams. According to the insider, their relationship has been almost one year! Before their dating, they were friends for years. And now it seems Brian Birdman has fully taken advantage of the chance!

pilar birdman dating

Pilar and birdman (from rumerfix)

Just several months ago, Pilar Sanders posted a picture to her instagram showing her with birdman together, which aroused rumers to guess if Pilar dating Birdman. Now the insider said they are officially dating each other! It seems birdman is very satisfied with his new girlfriend and giving her the best he can, including birdman’s private yacht, private plane.

He (birdman) is very generous with his wealth too, and is providing Pilar with everything she needs, wants and desires.

What do you think of Pilar Sanders and Bryan “Birdman” Williams’s relationship?

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Julianne Hough is Tom Cruise’s New Girlfriend?! (Photos, wiki, bio)

Julianne Hough is trying hard to be Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend. For Tom Cruise’s potential new girlfriend, some said its ridiculous, while the other said it quite norml in hollywood, when people dating each other in that small place. Julianne believed there were major chemistry between her and Tom, now it’s a good chance as she just splitted with Ryan Seacrest and Tom is still single! Just see how hard Julianne to achieve her big picture.

“Julianne has been combing through scripts for movie projects that would reunite her with Tom because there was major chemistry between the two on ‘Rock of Ages.”- insider

julianne hough no makeup(yes this is Julianne Hough no makeup)

Julianne Hough was said to always have a cruch on Tom, maybe she also had crush on Tom’s fame and money? It’s certainly that if her plan succeeded, Tom will help her A LOT in her career when any stories includes Tom, maybe we can imagine the news titles will go on like these:

 “Julianne Hough is Tom Gruise’s girlfriend”, then “Tom refused Julianne Hough his girlfriend”, then “Julianne insisted her as Tom’s girlfriend” and finally “Tom breaks the rumer and dated a new boyfriend!”

Julianne Hough certainly very confident of her quality and believed she and Tom are “destined coupe”

julianne hough tom cruise

She believes that she and Tom are destined to be the ultimate Hollywood power couple. Don’t be surprised if they are spotted out together in the very near future.” – Insider

Julianne Hough once said she always wants to do “other things”, maybe the “other things” also includes Tom Cruise?

 julianne hough want to do other things

Tom didn’t response yet, or he didn’t notice it.


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Warren Lahoud- Reeva Steenkamp’s Ex-Boyfriend

Warren Lahoud was Reenkamp’s boyfriend for quite a long while, according to a close friend of Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp dated Warren Lahoud for five years before she became romantically involved with Oscar who has been accused of premeditated murder of Reeva who was shot by the double amputee on Valentine’s Day in his home in Pretoria, South Africa.

warren lahoud reeva steenkamp pictures

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Kristine Donahue Tim McGraw Baby Mamma!

Do they look familiar to you?? Well I have to admit the picture below was taken a few years back believe it or not that is country singer Tim McGraw and his ex-fiancé Kristine Donahue with whom they have a kid together??

tkristine donahue nad tim mcgraw

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Is Jaden Smith Kylie Jenner’ New Boyfriend?


Well what have we got here!! Real puppy love or perhaps another of momager Kris Jenner’s tactics to make her children shine under the tabloid’s spotlight??

Kylie Jenner Jaden Smith dating photo

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Is Ella Paige Roberts-Clarke Justin Bieber’s New Rumored Girlfriend?

Justin Bieber celebrated his 19th birthday shirtless until early hours in the morning and with a stunning new girl by his side, her name is Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, who media said is the rumored girlfriend of the Canadian singer.

Justin Bieber girlfriend 2013 Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke pics

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