Bruno Mars & Model Girlfriend Jessica Caban Keep Things Real!

Singer Bruno Mars,29 and slighter older woman girlfriend, Jessica Caban, 32, keep things real. The two have been a couple for the last 3 years. Caban who grew up in Spanish Harlem in New York, has carved out a career for herself as a fashion model. She also has a quickly expanding acting career. In 2002 singer/actress Jennifer Lopez initiated a nation wide talent search for her successful perfume line. Lopez wanted to find a new face to represent her line. Caban was the runner up, but Lopez was so impressed with Caban’s look, that she was still able to secure some commercials with the Lopez line.BrunoMarsJessicaCaban

Caban went on to compete in a model search reality show for the Si TV network, called ‘Model Latina’, she won that competition and secured a modeling contract with Q Management. She spoke out on her life and relationship with Mars and how her life has changed since working on the Lopez line. She said “Since the JLO model search, I think I have grown as a woman into my own, and as an artist and as an actress. I have found my path, and I feel like I am finally on the right road. I also have a lot more experience since then. I was just a little girl and I have done so much. I mean I have been blessed to continue on in this industry, where it’s like scarce. Where you’re just one in a million. I feel blessed to just keep working and pushing forward. I’m just happy to be here today, after the JLO model search, let me say some of the highlights.”

She went on to talk about some of the highlights. “Let me give you some highlights, I’ve done quite a few things. I won ‘Model Latina’ on Si TV”, Caban is of Puerto Rican decent, which both of her parents are.” I won that competition, and I also won two acting awards, for best film actress. I’ve done magazines and commercials, and background work, and just so much. I mean it’s been up and down.

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s been all glamorous, it’s been hard work. It’s been a challenge at times, It’s my dream and my passion, so I’m ok with the hard work.” She was also on the cover of Latina Magazine several times. She went on talk about her film career. “I just got cast in a film, called ‘The Last Anniversary’. This role is really going to show my acting chops and shows that I’m not just a beautiful face and body, it’s shows there is a lot more to me.” She was very hesitant to talk a lot about her relationship with Mars. Because she said a lot of people get burned in the entertainment business when they talk about their significant others. She said of Mars “He’s an amazing singer, a great person, really funny, you know how it is, Hollywood, rumors, so I will just leave it at that, and not get into too much more.”


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Actor Jim Parsons & Partner Todd Spiewak Live An Authentic Life!

Actor Jim Parsons,41 is living an authentic life with is partner of almost 13 years, Todd Spiewak. Parsons, best known for his work on the hit television show, The Big Bang Theory. Parsons is openly gay, and says his relationship with Spiewak is just a ‘boring kind of love’, meaning it’s just a normal average every day loving relationship. Spiewak, is 38 and works as an art director, the couple make their home in Beverly Hills. Parsons is originally from Houston, Texas while Spiewak is from New York. Parons on an appearance on the ‘Ellen’ show, spoke adoringly of his relationship with Spiewak and talked marriage.jim-parsonsToddSpiewak

Parsons was speaking of marriage, Ellen asked him if he and his boyfriend were going to be getting married. Parsons said “I don’t know, you get so used to your life as it is.” Ellen interrupted him and said basically that marriage gets better for a couple, she stressed that getting married doesn’t make the relationship worse. Parsons said” I know getting married doesn’t make the relationship worse, he’s watching Todd. I’m not saying he’s been discouraging it, I’m not. He’s not discouraging it, I feel like I haven’t been enthusiastic about it. I feel like a loser for the cause.” Ellen joked with Parsons that’s the reason she brought him on the show to make him fell like a loser.

Parsons also talked about the Met Ball, that he and Spiewak attended together as a couple. He said “it was the most interesting eclectic collection  of people I’ve ever seen in my life. I saw, my most impressive as a sports fan,I couldn’t believe Tom Brady and Giselle were there. I was like they go every year. I know they go but I don’t so it was like a real big deal for me to see them there. I know that there was a good chance Roger Federer would be there, I was crushed when he wasn’t there. Crushed, I’m a huge tennis fan, but he had twins the next day, so all is forgiven. So you don’t want risk labor on a red carpet I think. It’s also crazy this was like his third set of twins.”

He went on to talk of his love of sports. He said “Summertime is the best, we have the French Open coming. Then we have Wimbledon and the US Open, we should go together.” He said he would like to go to all three, but would be really lucky to even go to one event. He said that he doesn’t play any sport, he just likes to watch, he called himself a “super fan”. He also went on to elaborate that many years ago he actually tried to play tennis. He said he was able to hit the ball back and forth. He said many years later he went with a friend to a court, and his skills diminished to the point that he couldn’t even hit the ball over the net anymore. He said that was the last time he tried. He said he may try to play again and get married.

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Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis Still Going Strong After 8 Years Of Dating!

Actor Charile Hunnam, 35 and his jewelry designer girlfriend Morgana McNelis still happy after togetherness for 8 years. McNelis, 34, has a jewelry line that is based in downtown Los Angeles, it’s called Maison de Morgana. The line produces high end  jewelry pieces worn by the rich and famous. Hunnam  was born in Great Britain, and stared acting in regional theater  when he was 8. Hunnam was cast last year in the blockbuster film ’50 Shades of Grey’ to play the lead role Christian Gray. He backed out of the project before the cameras started rolling.Hunnammorgana

He said at the time the reason for his departures was a schedule conflict. He said he loved the character and was very excited to play it. However he was in a very hard time in his life, and he was just spreading himself too thin, so he dropped out of it after being on board for 2 months. Hunnam was married to actress Kathrine Towne for 3 years from 99 to 2001. She’s the daughter of famed director Robert Towne. Not giving up on love  Hunnam met McNelis at an industry event in 2007 and started dating shortly after that.

Hunnam is seemingly doing well at balancing his fame, female fans, demanding work and his devoted girlfriend. He’s also had to deal with burglar living in Los Angeles. He talked about how he chased the burglar himself.  He addressed the issue recently in a late night talk show, ” Well I get very angry, because you know I work hard and I you know live with my girlfriend. Heavens forbid I would not be there when something like this happened. So I went out and confronted them a couple of times.”

He was asked, What happened the first time he was robbed. He said “the first time I had one of those very cheap garage doors, you know thin very cheap thin pieces of metal. It was 11 o’clock on a Tuesday, and the guy just ripped it up, bent the thing in half. It was just as casual as you can image, this guy walking through my yard. He was looking for ways into my house, he was figuring out how he was going to rob me. I only had one weapon in my house. I only a bat, so I thought ok let’s get the bat,

‘SO I ran though the house grabbing my bat. I have french doors in my bedroom, and was running through the house. So I have french doors in my bedroom, I saw the guy there in the living room, and I ran over to him and so we got business….”He went on “it was so annoying the whole thing, because he was no intimidated at all, not like you would think he should have been.” He went on to explain, “He just turned around and strolled out as casually as he could, like it was all nothing.” He said after that he started arming himself with weapons like a hatchet and sword, and some other choice weapons, I’m now prepared.”

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Michael Phelps Engaged To Nicole Johnson Miss California 2010!

Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps,29 is engaged to the stunning Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California. Interestingly Phelps and Johnson share a zodiac sign, Cancer, being born only 12 days apart. Phelps was born on June 30th, 1985, and Johnson July 12,1985. Both will be turning the big 30 this summer. As the two face a new chapter in their lives, they will be doing it as the newly engaged couple they now are.Golden Goggles Awards

Johnson is not just another pretty face, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007, with a BA in communications. She graduated with honors, from the extremely competitive University. Johnson grew up in tony Westlake Village, California home to many of Hollywood’s ‘rich and famous’. Johnson is not a native of the Golden State, she was born in Pennsylvania, her parents relocated to Southern California when Nicole was 12. She said starting a new school across the country where I didn’t know a soul was definitely challenging, but a good way to ready myself for the rigors of pageant life, and competing with girls from all over the country.

Johnson was first a student at Moorepark College near Simi Valley, which is a community college. She was very financially challenged, and looking for ways to earn money to further her education. She saw an ad in the free newspaper ‘The Acorn’ which had an ad for the Miss California contest. Johnson says she felt that pageants may be a great way to earn much needed funds to further her education, and the rest is proverbial history.

Johnson publicly announced her engagement to Phelps this week by way of social media. She posted “I’m gonna be a Mrs” on her Twitter account. Phelps and Johnson have been in an on again off again relationship since 2007. Phelps and Johnson are both the product of divorced parents, both enduring difficult divorces and being raised primarily by their mothers.

Phelps who is from Baltimore, Maryland has suffered some growing pains in years past. He is the most winning Olympian of all times, with a record 22 medals in various swimming events. He’s earned multi millions of dollars in endorsement dollars since he first won gold in 2004. In the past eleven years, Phelps has two drunk driving convictions, and pictures surfaced of the swimming smoking pot through a bong.

He talked about the controversy on CNN ” I mean I’ve literally made a boatload of mistakes. That’s a part of growing and learning, and becoming an adult. Every mistake that you make, you obviously have to pay for the consequences.” He was asked about finding out that the bong picture would be made public and he felt about that. “I felt like the worst in the world, like the lowest in the low.” On tell his mother about his mistakes. He said “My mom has been how most moms are, you they are very supportive with their children. My mom growing up told us, chose the decisions that you want to, but we would have to live with the consequences that came our way.”




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Tony Stewart’s ex-Girlfriend Jessica Zemken and New Rumored Girlfriend Brandi Schroeder

Who is Tony Stewart’s girlfriend? Race car driver Tony Stewart,43, and car racer Jessica Zemken,28 are no longer an item. They were a couple for about two years, until the relationship went south a midst cheating rumors. Zemken and Stewart had a mutual passion for racing, she came from racing royalty. So it seemed like the couple may have taken the next step to the alter but that was never going to be case. Neither seemed like they wanted the relationship to go in that direction, and it just kind of quietly ended. There are some reports that Zemken was cheating on Stewart with another man, but other reports say her relationship with Stewart ended before she became involved with others.zemken

Jessica was an only child who grew up in upstate New York. Her father Ray Zemken was a veteran racer around tracks all over the country. Jessica started racing in children’s leagues when she was 7. She was gaining a lot of headway and by the time she was 17 and a senior in high school she was able to put together her own racing team. She generated both buzz and success in the sprint car divisions. Zemken not wanting to miss any racing opportunities is studying business and marketing at Troy College in Troy, New York online.

Jessica told Speed Sport Magazine all about her current racing aspirations. A super modified car is something that she has started racing recently. She said it’s been a huge change and adjustment to get used to it. She said it’s been a real adventure learning how to drive it, and being confident with it. She said she’s still learning how to deal with the crew and her car. She talked about her Sprint Car racing, she said she’s still doing those races. She said she loves racing and the adrenalin rush she gets from it.

She said she doesn’t really take a lot of stock in social media, she uses Facebook more, but rarely tweets. She talked about working on her marketing degree, and that she is doing it online. She said it’s a slow process the racing gets in the way sometimes. Zemken says the college work has done some positive things for her. She was asked if she spent some time in the garage with her father. Zemken said she was in the garage a lot with her Dad Ray, she said she was always greasy and dirty.

She said she can do everything she needs to do as far as racing goes, she can help build the car and fix it too. She can do all the motor maintenance, to check the valves, so she didn’t have to depend on anyone else. It’s helped earned her respect and credibility in the pit area as opposed to just being a lady racer that just says she can drive. Zemken “I would like to think so, I gained the respect from my main sponsor, she was seen getting under her car changing the gears and everything. ”

Update by Admin: Tony Stewart’s new rumored girlfriend is Brandi Schroeder but their dating photos are not leaked yet.

Brandi Schroeder


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Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Back On The Slopes Is Making Gains!

Skiing powerhouse Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, just took 3rd place at the World Championship in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Looking on from the sidelines was golf great Tiger Woods, her boyfriend of almost two years. Vonn, 30, has been plagued by injuries over the years, but with a third place finish, that cements Vonn’s comeback to the sport that put her on the map. This finish netted Vonze a bronze medal in the super G race. Austrian skier Anna Fenninger, won the event and captured the Gold. After the race Vonn met the pool of reporters at the bottom of the run and said, “I’m happy with the outcome of the race, I just wish the weather would have been better.”LindseyVonnApr10-3

Vonn grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and started skiing when she was just two years old. Her father a former ski champion took his daughter to the slopes on a regular basis. Vonn met former ski champion Picabo Street when she was ten. The two would become close friends as they competitive on the same slopes and in the same competitions. Vonn married fellow Olympic skier Thomas Vonn in 2007. The couple split in 2011 and formerly were divorced in 2013. Vonn has said of the divorce it was one of the darkest points of her life. Vonn and Woods began dating in 2013 after having a friendship for several years.

Lindsey has suffered many almost career ending injuries during her competitive years. She spoke of Tiger’s help with her various recoveries. She said “Tiger and I kind of went through rehab because we both had injuries at the same time. We are both in the gym together, pushing each other and motivating each other. Both frustrated, but you know I think we both helped each other a lot during that time. I draw a lot of inspiration from him and I think he does the same from me.”

She went on, “I think we just continue to push each other. It’s a really positive relationship in that way. For us we’re just two athletes who  try to do the best we can in our sports. There is other stuff that goes along with it. There’s media stuff like that. But that’s all a part of sports and a part of being a successful athlete and we both understand that, we just take it in stride. She was asked if her skiing or his golf is better. She said “It’s tricky, I have a hole in one, let’s be real here. But he’s a pretty good skier. We’re highly competitive so you know we’re competing at every single thing that we can. Unfortunately he holds the record for Ping Pong. I only hold a victory in one to I don’t know how many hundreds he’s beaten me in. He’s pretty much better at me than everything except skiing, so unfortunately he’s the winner between the two of us. Vonn has won one two Olympic medals, one gold one bronze at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.


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10 Facts About Peyton Manning’s Wife, Ashley Manning (Ashley Thompson)

Meet Ashley Manning (Ashley Thompson) here! A lady who gives off a lot of charm like a true Southern Belle, an epitome of a modern woman. The bright. Fun – loving and attractive Ashley Manning is full of energy. There are certain facts you need to know about Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning.6 Facts About Peyton Manning Wife, Ashley Manning

1. Ashley Manning’s father is a notable commercial real estate developer and investment banker.
2. Ashley Manning born and raised in Memphis, Tenn., was the second child and she had 3 siblings. Her older sister’s name is Allison while her younger brother and sister are Will and Leigh.
3. Manning took part in the Service Over Self program where students go out for a whole week and work with needy homeowners in their home renovations in the heart of Memphis, Tenn. Although just one week was given for this exercise, Ashley did hers for 4 weeks.
4. In her high school days, Ashley was given an honor by being inducted into the Ascensus Society, an honor society for individuals noted for outstanding charity involvement.
5. Ashley Manning went to the University of Virginia and graduated in the year 1997
6. How she got to know Peyton? Well, she was introduced to Peyton Manning by parent’s next door name before Peyton went to college.
7. Peyton and Ashley got married on St Patrick’s day in 2001. Peyton Manning got married to Ashley Simpson in Memphis on March 17, 2011 which turned out to be St Patrick’s Day. The date, March 17, found its way into Manning’s career 11 years later, when he put off a major decision. The decision was thus, for him and Ashley to have a good time and celebrate their 11th anniversary in Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains, he, Peyton, had to sign with a free agent.
8. Peyton and Ashley welcomed Twins named Marshall and Mosley in 2011
The Manning family welcomed twins- a son named Marshall and a daughter named Mosley – in 2011.
9. Ashley became a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012
Ashley along with Penny Hardaway, Justin Timberlake and former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Ashley paid a whooping sum of $5 million, giving her a 2.84 percent stake. It was reported at that time by The Denver Post that Ashley went for an ownership stake to ensure the grizzlies stayed in Memphis
10. Ashley Manning, unlike other sport celebrity wives tries her best to keep her life and family life as private as possible. She does everything possible to stay away from the spotlight.

An incredible woman she is. Ashley Manning is indeed a woman you will always want to know more about.

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11 Facts about Allie Laforce’s boyfriend Joe Smith!

Here are 11 facts you should know about Allie Laforce’s boyfriend Joe Smith! A tall handsome man, top baseball player with recorded amounts of great moves in the game of Baseball, 30 years old and Allie Laforce’s husband. Its Joe Smith. Asides this little introduction, Joe Smith is really an interesting man to know as there are a few things you will be glad to know about Allie LaForce’s husband.

allie laforce's boyfriend Joe Smith

1. Joe Smith was born on March 22, 1984 in Batavia, Ohio. Joe attended Amelia High school and then went ahead to study in Wright State University in Dayton. He lives in Newport Beach California.

2. Joe Smith won the 2005 WSY MVP. Then in 2006, Joe was awarded WSU most Valuable Male Athlete, Horizon League Pitcher of the Year, S???nd team All-Mideast Region and First team Horizon League.

3. Joe Smith started his career with Brooklyn (A) of the New York Penn League. He was further named one of the top 20 prospects in the New York Penn league by Baseball America.

4. April 1, 2007, Joe Smith made his debut appearance in the major league and his first major league winning on April 24, 2007 after coming in in the 12th inning.

5. Joe Smith was with the Mets all throughout 2008 season.

6. Smith was traded by the Mets to the Cleveland Indians as part of a 12 player, 3-man deal.

7. On January 18, 2013, the Cleveland Indians made it known that they had avoided arbitration with Joe Smith, and signed him to a contract deal worth $3.15 million which was to last for a year.

8. Smith was named the Los Angeles Angels closer on April 25, 2014 after Smith agreed to a 3 year contract deal of $15 million.

9. On 18th July, 2014, Joe Smith was moved to an 8th inning setup role after the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim traded for San Diego Padres’ All Star Closer Houston Street.

10. Joe Smith was once involved in a bar fight when he tried waling into a bar in Put – in – Bay without showing his ID card. Joe Smith told the employee at the bar that he is a Cleveland player. The police report that the bar employee did not accept that as a “proper identification’.

11. During the bar fight in Put- in – Bay, Joe Smith was not alone as Allie LaForce was reported to have been with him.

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Exclusive: Is Actress Kristen Stewart Finally Ready To Come Out Of The Closet?

Actress Kristen Stewart,24, has been openly converting with a rumored girlfriend. She has been seen over the holidays with 28 year old Alicia Cargile. They spent New Years in Hawaii and were photographed frolicking on the beach, looking very cozy. Again the two were seen on the beach in Malibu, CA on Monday playing ball with a black dog. The two are now living together in Stewart’s Los Feliz mansion. Fandaily.Info can exclusively report that according to a very reliable source, Stewart was involved in a beard relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Patterson, since the two met in 2008. An executive with Summit Entertainment told Fandaily.info that “Kristen and Rob just laid on the affection for the cameras. It was good press for the franchise. They never publicly confirmed anything. The pretend relationship catapulted the movies to the crazed levels it attained.”

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Rumors had been circulating for years that the relationship between Steward and Pattinson was fake, and just a method to increase movie dollars.  The source at Summit Entertainment said “You have to keep in mind Kristine was just a kid when she was catapulted to fame, it took all of them by storm. No one could expect the level of fame they were able to get, and at the rate they got it.” The source went on to reveal another shocking bit of news. He said “in some cases stars don’t come out to a studio, especially such young actors,  but in this case all three of the leads in the franchise are gay, so the powers that be set the cover wheels in motion right at the start gate.”

The source said that “Let’s be honest here, this isn’t shocking, so many actors are in the closet, for every one that’s out, another 100 are in.” The source was asked why he thought so many are still in the closet, after all it’s 2015. He explained “Well, there are a few reasons, some are not out to anyone, but it’s all about money, a lot of them think they won’t work as much if everyone knew. Maybe they wouldn’t, on either coast it wouldn’t matter, if so and so and were gay, but in the middle of the country, it would be harder to push a gay actor in a straight role. There are a few token actors that are out, and play straight, but the vast majority just stay in the closet their entire careers. They have relationships with other equally famous in the closet actors or high profile people, that way no one talks.”  Of Stewart the source said, “She always seemed so very unhappy to me, maybe she just doesn’t give a **** anymore, and she’s ready to live her life and be her true self.”

The source said that Stewart and Cargile are intimately involved and have been for around five months. Alicia Cargile, 28, is a Visual Effects Producer at Nomad Editing in Santa Monica, Ca. The two have known each other for quite some time according to the source, and now are living together and seemingly happy and “taking it to the next level.”



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Khloe Kardashian Still Legally Married To Lamar Odom 2 Years After Filing For Divorce!

Reality star Khloe Kardashian,30, is still legally wed to her husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, 35. She filed for divorce from the 6 foot 10 Odom in December of 2013. Supposedly Odom has not signed off on the paper work and that is the reason being sited for the legally married status the two still have. However in California Kardashian could have easily filed a ‘Divorce in Absentia’, meaning the other spouse is not cooperating or not taking an active part in the divorce proceedings. Reports are circulating now that Odom is actively trying to gain favor from his estranged wife.Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Leave Dinner In NYC

There are also reports that Kardashian’s on again off again boyfriend little known rapper French Montana, 30, is also actively pursuing Kardashian. Sources connected to the situation have told OK Magazine that once Montana found out that Odom is trying to get his wife’s attention, French  is now actively pursuing Kardashian again. Some naysayers  have speculated that the Montana/Kardashian relationship was purely manufactured for a reality show story line. A lonesome Khole is not as interesting as a paired up one.

The relationship between Montana and Kardashian has been playing out over on the E Network on the spin off reality show ‘Khole and Kourtney Take The Hamptons’. Khole reportedly is basking in all the attention she is now getting. Both Odom and Montana are both going through exorbitant measures to win her favor say reports. One insider has gone so far as to say that Khole is now going through many dinner requests and receives flowers hourly from the two. Sounds like it could be some made up melodrama, or it could be true. However the fact that Khole and Lamar Odom are still legally married over two marafter the initial divorce filing, has raised eyebrows in many quarters.

Many in the know have speculated that the Khole is still secretly hoping that she and Lamar Odom can reconcile and be reunited. The divorce filing was in answer to a long estrangement during which Odom was plagued  with substance abuse issues, and publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his wife on numerous occasions. Odom started playing basketball professional in 1999 with the Los Angeles Clippers, he had a solid career for several years. When he met Kardashian in 2009 he was with the prestigious LA Lakers in California. He and the reality star married in a lavish Beverly Hills wedding in September of 2009. The wedding was a televised special on Khole’s reality show. The two were given a spin off show, ‘ ‘Khole & Lamar’ which debuted on April 10, 2011. The show was cancelled after two seasons for dismal ratings.

Many have speculated that Odom’s involvement with the high profile reality show family was the beginning to the end of Odom’s basketball career. While the E television cameras followed Odom around and on the court, the Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks. he never was able to recapture the initial basketball steam he once had after that. It will be interesting to see what he future holds for this now unemployed former basketball star and Kardashian, who some speculate will also be without a show soon.

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