Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend, Is Her Own Person In Spite Of High Profile Romance!

Vanessa Macias,34, Tim Duncan’s girlfriend, has some pretty impressive accomplishments of her own, in spite of her high profile romance with basket baller Tim Duncan. The Texas native took to entertainment at a very young age, when she would strive to be the center of attention. Macias has a degree in journalism for the University of North Texas. Vanessa has some reporting jobs covering local news when she graduated from high school and during her college years.Tim-Duncan-girlfriend-Vanessa-Macias_thumb

Her first job out of college was a reporting job with a travel show called ‘Show Me Texas’. She also did some morning TV shows, primarily with CBS. She was also the host of Texas based travel show, “Vamos”. She currently is the announcer for the San Antonio Missions Baseball team. She also became more known on a national level when she was a contestant traveling the world on ‘The Amazing Race. Macias has been a longtime fan of the San Antonio Spurs prior to her relationship with Tim Duncan. She seems very passionate about her loyalty to the team. She is equally passionate about calling out bad inappropriate behavior by unruly fans.

During a game where many fans left the stadium in game three. Many fans were seen leaving when the score was 105 to 90 and three minutes left in the game. Vanessa was at the game wasn’t going to let the fans who left early go unnoticed. She posted both a video and a picture of the crowd to put the fans that left on blast. She accompanied the pictures with her brand of sarcasm , “Miami fans so loyal, beat the traffic” she wrote. Tim Duncan easily gets overshadowed by his  popular outgoing girlfriend.

In a post interview Duncan discussed his number 5 win, he said it was unbelievable feeling. He also talked to Dave Letterman after his fifth win. He said he felt the last time around he felt he could at least do one more year and be effective. He said he sees David Robinson quite frequently. Asked what he would like to do if he doesn’t play anymore. He said he wasn’t sure, he’s thinking about coaching, but he’s not sure. He said he loves cars, and may want to be around cars post basketball. Duncan said of the travel, the schedule is a grind, but it’s something you get used to. Duncan and Macias have been an item for almost three years now. She first linked to Duncan when she was spotted sitting court side as several Spurs games. She confirmed shortly after she was asked, that she was indeed dating Duncan. She has been very guarded about the relationship, saying “I respect Tim’s request for privacy.” This isn’t the first time that Macias has found herself in the spotlight due to a romance. When she appeared on the Amazing Race in 2012 she appeared on the sow with her ex boyfriend Ralph Kelly, she finished the show in 4th place, which was a respectable showing. She has been the first girlfriend of Duncan’s since the basketball players bitter divorce from wife Amy Duncan.

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Exclusive: Is Actress Kristen Stewart Finally Ready To Come Out Of The Closet?

Actress Kristen Stewart,24, has been openly converting with a rumored girlfriend. She has been seen over the holidays with 28 year old Alicia Cargile. They spent New Years in Hawaii and were photographed frolicking on the beach, looking very cozy. Again the two were seen on the beach in Malibu, CA on Monday playing ball with a black dog. The two are now living together in Stewart’s Los Feliz mansion. Fandaily.Info can exclusively report that according to a very reliable source, Stewart was involved in a beard relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Patterson, since the two met in 2008. An executive with Summit Entertainment told that “Kristen and Rob just laid on the affection for the cameras. It was good press for the franchise. They never publicly confirmed anything. The pretend relationship catapulted the movies to the crazed levels it attained.”

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Rumors had been circulating for years that the relationship between Steward and Pattinson was fake, and just a method to increase movie dollars.  The source at Summit Entertainment said “You have to keep in mind Kristine was just a kid when she was catapulted to fame, it took all of them by storm. No one could expect the level of fame they were able to get, and at the rate they got it.” The source went on to reveal another shocking bit of news. He said “in some cases stars don’t come out to a studio, especially such young actors,  but in this case all three of the leads in the franchise are gay, so the powers that be set the cover wheels in motion right at the start gate.”

The source said that “Let’s be honest here, this isn’t shocking, so many actors are in the closet, for every one that’s out, another 100 are in.” The source was asked why he thought so many are still in the closet, after all it’s 2015. He explained “Well, there are a few reasons, some are not out to anyone, but it’s all about money, a lot of them think they won’t work as much if everyone knew. Maybe they wouldn’t, on either coast it wouldn’t matter, if so and so and were gay, but in the middle of the country, it would be harder to push a gay actor in a straight role. There are a few token actors that are out, and play straight, but the vast majority just stay in the closet their entire careers. They have relationships with other equally famous in the closet actors or high profile people, that way no one talks.”  Of Stewart the source said, “She always seemed so very unhappy to me, maybe she just doesn’t give a **** anymore, and she’s ready to live her life and be her true self.”

The source said that Stewart and Cargile are intimately involved and have been for around five months. Alicia Cargile, 28, is a Visual Effects Producer at Nomad Editing in Santa Monica, Ca. The two have known each other for quite some time according to the source, and now are living together and seemingly happy and “taking it to the next level.”



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Khloe Kardashian Still Legally Married To Lamar Odom 2 Years After Filing For Divorce!

Reality star Khloe Kardashian,30, is still legally wed to her husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, 35. She filed for divorce from the 6 foot 10 Odom in December of 2013. Supposedly Odom has not signed off on the paper work and that is the reason being sited for the legally married status the two still have. However in California Kardashian could have easily filed a ‘Divorce in Absentia’, meaning the other spouse is not cooperating or not taking an active part in the divorce proceedings. Reports are circulating now that Odom is actively trying to gain favor from his estranged wife.Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Leave Dinner In NYC

There are also reports that Kardashian’s on again off again boyfriend little known rapper French Montana, 30, is also actively pursuing Kardashian. Sources connected to the situation have told OK Magazine that once Montana found out that Odom is trying to get his wife’s attention, French  is now actively pursuing Kardashian again. Some naysayers  have speculated that the Montana/Kardashian relationship was purely manufactured for a reality show story line. A lonesome Khole is not as interesting as a paired up one.

The relationship between Montana and Kardashian has been playing out over on the E Network on the spin off reality show ‘Khole and Kourtney Take The Hamptons’. Khole reportedly is basking in all the attention she is now getting. Both Odom and Montana are both going through exorbitant measures to win her favor say reports. One insider has gone so far as to say that Khole is now going through many dinner requests and receives flowers hourly from the two. Sounds like it could be some made up melodrama, or it could be true. However the fact that Khole and Lamar Odom are still legally married over two marafter the initial divorce filing, has raised eyebrows in many quarters.

Many in the know have speculated that the Khole is still secretly hoping that she and Lamar Odom can reconcile and be reunited. The divorce filing was in answer to a long estrangement during which Odom was plagued  with substance abuse issues, and publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his wife on numerous occasions. Odom started playing basketball professional in 1999 with the Los Angeles Clippers, he had a solid career for several years. When he met Kardashian in 2009 he was with the prestigious LA Lakers in California. He and the reality star married in a lavish Beverly Hills wedding in September of 2009. The wedding was a televised special on Khole’s reality show. The two were given a spin off show, ‘ ‘Khole & Lamar’ which debuted on April 10, 2011. The show was cancelled after two seasons for dismal ratings.

Many have speculated that Odom’s involvement with the high profile reality show family was the beginning to the end of Odom’s basketball career. While the E television cameras followed Odom around and on the court, the Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks. he never was able to recapture the initial basketball steam he once had after that. It will be interesting to see what he future holds for this now unemployed former basketball star and Kardashian, who some speculate will also be without a show soon.

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Scott Disick Partying Hard Again Without Kourtney In Aspen!

Party Boy Scott Disick, 31, father of 3 one of which is just a few weeks old is out and about again. This time he’s in the winter wonderland of Aspen, CO. Multiple sources are reporting on Disick’s escapades with a group of friends. The group spent the weekend in at the ultra luxury Hotel Jerome in downtown Aspen. A long time  haunt for the rich and famous, Disick’s antics did not disappoint. Other guests at the five star hotel, reportedly were not happy with the self proclaimed royal reality star and his friends. They were supposedly very noisy, smoked pot and cigarettes in rooms that were designated as ‘non smoking’. They also reportedly drank like famished water buffalo through the weekend. Racking up a bar tab of over 1500 dollars.scott-disick-lg

The group kicked off the weekend by one of Disick’s friends making off with a 400 dollar bottle of wine. Disick reportedly made nice with the hotel manager, but their stay was not looked at with any type of affection by the staff or other guests. No word on if Disick was spotted on the famous Rocky Mountain slopes, it appears he may have been to ‘sick’ to ski’.

Meanwhile Disick’s long-time girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, 35, was home in Calabasas, CA with the couples three children. The pair just welcomed a son on December 18th, Reign who joined big brother Mason,5 who now shares a birthday with his younger brother. There is also a daughter Penelope, 2 years old. The two have been a couple for almost ten years, without the benefit of marriage. Disick has been a part of the reality show family since it made it’s debut in 2007. His personal battles and demons have been prominently showcased for the show’s duration.

Disick who doesn’t appear to have any type of career path or passion, seems to just exist,. His parents both passed away weeks apart in 2014. His mother Bonnie died first in February after a long illness. Her only child, Scott and her husband Jefferey were at her side in the hospital when she passed away. Six weeks later his father Jefferey died suddenly at the family home on Long Island, NY. He was said to be devastated by the losses, and was extremely close to both of his parents.

He seemed to be making progress as far as his quest for sobriety only to be challenged again after the deaths of both of his parents. Last June he was seen on his reality show being rushed to the hospital as a result of alcohol poisoning. He was admitted into rehab shortly after his hospitalization. He was making strides, but fell of the wagon not long after he left rehab, for a reported 7th stay. Friends and family have been voicing their concerns about Disick’s well being and overall health. The matter has not been addressed publicly for several months. Nothing seems to be slowing Disick’s hard partying ways down, not even even a newborn at home. Time will tell what becomes of this troubled ‘reality star’, his fans are rooting for him!

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Another Schwarzenegger Cyrus Relationship Brewing Says Report!

Pop singer Miley Cyrus, 22 is still going strong with her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger,21. The two started appearing publicly together in late October. Now it appears there is another Cyrus in the mix. Miley’s younger brother Braison Cyrus, 20 is said to be dating Patrick’s older sister Christina Schwarzenegger,23. Reports are circulating that Miley approves of the relationship between her younger brother, and her boyfriend’s older sister. The two started dating around the same time that Miley and Patrick did.schwarzenegger-miley-braison-cyrus-vf

No word yet on how the parents of Christina and Patrick feel about the relationship. The parents now divorced, Kennedy cousin Maria Shriver, 59, and actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger,67. The couple met as a result of the Miley/Patrick courtship. Christina was said to be a huge Miley Cyrus fan, so she asked her brother if she could tag along to some events. That is when she met Miley’s younger brother Braison. The older Schwarzenegger and younger Cyrus have been a couple since November and celebrated New Years Eve together, even posting a picture of the two on their social media accounts.

Miley’s younger brother will turn 21 on May 9th, in the mean time he can’t legally drink in California where he and his new girlfriend live. Braison is an actor who started to appear on big sister’s Disney TV show Hannah Montana when he was only 7. Braison is currently working on the film “Heels” for the USA Network which will be released sometime in 2015. Meanwhile there is little information about what Christina does in the way of earning a living. She went to Georgetown University, and was said to be devastated at the revelations of her father Arnold’s exploits with the family maid Mildred in 2011. Mildred Baena. Mildred had been in the Schwarzenegger household as a maid for 20 years. She became pregnant with Arnold’s son, the same time that Maria Shriver was pregnant with her youngest child Christopher. Mildred’s son Joesph and Christoper will both turn 18 in 2015.

Miley Cyrus an international pop star since she exploded onto the national stage in 2006 at the age of 11. Cyrus was cast as Hannah Montana, a normal average school girl who led a double life as a pop star. The show was an immediate sucess, and made Miley a star. Her stardom easily eclipsed that of her father’s Billy Ray Cyrus a country singing super star in his own right.

Miley had a squeaky clean image as a Disney Channel Star for the show’s run from 2006 to 2011. She made four very successful albums in concert with the TV show, and toured the world as a breakout star, to throngs of young mostly female fans. Miley very publicly suffered some growing pains when she was photographed smoking pot at get togethers with her friends. Many said it was the singer’s way of distancing herself from her girl next door image. Maria Shriver has said to be very uncomfortable with her son’s relationship with Miley. Many insiders say she is “concerned”. Now with the revelation of a second Schwarzenegger/Cyrus couple, she is said to be very unhappy.

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Sean Penn To Adopt Son Of Charlize Theron Says Report!

Reports currently circulating indicate that actor Sean Penn is about to legally adopt the adopted son, Jackson of his girlfriend. Charlize Theron, 39, originally from South Africa, adopted Jackson, 3, in Arkansas in January in 2012. Penn, 54 and Theron have been a couple for a little over a year. Sources close to the academy award winning actors have said that Penn is going to adopt Jackson in order to move the family closer together. The duo may adopt another child in the not too distant future as well. Penn is said to be very close to Jackson, picking him up from his nursery school, and being a very active hands on parent. Jackson supposedly calls Penn “daddy”.StephenCollins&FayeGrant

Penn was previously married to pop star Madonna in the 1980’s and to actress Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010. Penn and Wright have two children a daughter Dylan,24 and a son Hooper, 22. Penn won two Academy Awards, a best supporting actor award for his role in ‘Mystic River’, and one for Best Actor for his role as politician Harvey Milk in ‘Milk’. Friends of the pair are saying that Theron has moved forward with Penn because he has been such a strong father figure to her son Jackson. Theron has told friends that she was ok with being a single mother to Jackson, she accepted herself in that role. However she was presently surprised when she found Penn, and a romance developed.


Theron grew up in Benoni, South Africa as an only child. In 1991 her father an alcoholic had a violent outburst against Theron’s mother when the mother defended herself by shooting her husband to death. The courts in South Africa ruled the shooting was a case of self defense and Theron’s mother Gerda was not charged with any crime. Theron and her mother immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager so should could pursue a career as a model.

She would eventually move to Los Angeles to purse a career as an actress. She has several small and medium sized roles in films from 2000 to 2003. Her big break came when she was cast as serial killer Alieen Wuornos. She won an academy award for best actress for her performance in February of 2004. Theron now reportedly earns over 10 million dollars per film. Theron because a citizen of the United States in 2007, she currently holds duel citizenship. Theron was romantically involved with Irish actor Stuart Townsend for over 9 years.

Although there have rumors swirling around Townsend and Theron for several years, neither one has publicly addressed the rumors. Now it appears as though Theron and Penn are moving forward with their relationship, which includes Jackson as a central priority. Theron and Penn are both very politically active for different issues and causes. She tries to support African youth and speak out about HIV and AIDS. She is an AIDS educator and philanthropist in AIDS related cause. Penn has been very active. Penn has been active in relief efforts with the country of Haiti. Penn regularly travels there to help with rebuilding efforts.


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Phylica Rashad Faces Backlash Over Her Defense Of Bill Cosby!

Actress Phylicia Rashad,66, Cosby’s TV wife for 12 years on the Cosby Show, is in damage control mode now. Rashad took to the air on ABC’s Nightline on Wednesday night to clarify some earlier statements she made in an interview. She said on the show she never said “Forget these women”, she said she actually did say it, but she didn’t mean it in the same context it was reported. Phylicia RashadRashad says she was talking about Cosby’s legacy and that was the focus, not the allegations. She she did not feel as though she had the right to speak about any of the allegations against the comic. Rashad is most closely associated  with her role on the Cosby Show, when she played an upper middle class attorney, Clair Huxtable from 1984 to 1992.  Her character was married to Cosby’s character Cliff Huxtable an obstetrician. At the time of the show’s premier in 1982, it was highly lauded as being ground breaking television. It was the first prime time TV show that featured an affluent African American family, with two highly educated professional parents at the forefront.

Bill Cosby came back to television in 1996 with a new show called ‘Cosby’, he again called on Rashad to star in the weekly comedy show as his wife. That show ran for four years with Rashad playing the character of Ruth Lucas. Rashad was ‘married’ on TV longer to Cosby that she was in real life to two of her three husbands. Her first husband Dr. William Bowles, a dentist lasted for three years from 1972 to 1975 and produced one child William Jr. She then married a singer Victor Willis of ‘The Village People’, which lasted just 3 years. She then married former NFL wide receiver Ahmad Rashad in 1985. She started to use her husband’s name professionally. The couple divorced in 2001, they have one daughter Condola, 28.

The number of accusers that have come forward against Bill Cosby grows weekly, the current count is 37. The accusations consists of similar accounts of being drugged and rapped by Cosby. Some of the allegations state that the alleged incidents took place in the 1970’s and some occurred as recently as 2004. Cosby has not addressed the allegations directly, but through his legal team has steadfastly denied all of the allegations. Rashad appeared on ‘Nightline’ and was asked, “What do you say to all these women that painstakingly told these stories of

abuse they were being drugged, they were being rapped.” Rashad responded “What can I say to these women, whom I don’t know. What can I say to things that I am hearing. When I’m telling you what I’ve seen. I’m telling you what I’ve experienced. What can I say?” She was asked what she thought when she first heard the allegations against Cosby. She responded ” I had never heard that before, so that was the first time I was hearing any of that. So I can’t even speak to those things and don’t want to. Regarding her saying ‘Forget those Women’, she said “That was misquote, that is not what I said. I said this is not about the women it’s about that, this about something else. This about the obliteration of legacy.”


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Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered? EXCLUSIVE!

Opinion Editorial By: Donna Thomas, Author/Writer of True crime!

Follow Donna on twitter @msdonnathomas


On November 20, 1987 one Susan Gammill Zaharias, 23 years old and unemployed, packed up her two young children, got in her car, drove off, never to be heard from again. That was the allegation made by Susan’s husband, and the father of those children, Lisa 15 months and Christopher Zaharias,3. The father Louis Zaharias now 60, was 33 in 1987. Zaharias claimed at the time that Susan his wife of 6 years,was a drug addict, and she owed a small fortune to various drug dealers and others. When this case started to unfold in 1987 in Orange County, CA, a full fledged internet was several years away still.christopher-and-lisa-zaharias-3-copy

Mr. Zaharias claims today that he is grief stricken at not being able to have any contact with his two children. Zaharias asserts that Susan along with her family the Gammill’s helped her abduct the couple’s children. He said he has spent a fortune looking for his children over the years. There is a Facebook page, ‘Help Find The Zaharias Children’, where there are many pictures of the children and their mother posted. There are age progression photos as well, telling viewers what the children may look like now. The page claims in the ‘About’ section that all of her family went into hiding, because Susan illegally  took the children and there are warrants out for her arrest in Orange County. When this case was brought to my attention by an intern of mine, I never heard of any of these people. Granted this was 27 years ago in California. So I thought back to where I was in 1987. I was in Colorado, but I have been back and forth between Colorado and California since 1988, and I never heard of this case. This is what I do, and I never heard of the case, so that told me that the case has had no national exposure. So I felt it needed national exposure, how awful for a father to be unlawfully separated from his own children for almost three decades.Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered EXCLUSIVE 2

I contacted the page several times asking for an interview with Louis Zaharias. I got put off, a lot of “we have to ask Louis”, I believe it is Louis himself who runs the page, but he pretends that it’s a team of volunteers. The final message I received from ‘the page’ was “back off”. Louis is sick, Louis is going to school full time, Louis is going to work. I offered the option of a phone interview. Absolutely not I was told, he has no time for a phone interview. He is “going to school from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. I found out where he is working, at a law firm in Huntington Beach, CA. I talked to him on the morning of January 5th at 9 a.m. at his job, where he is a senior law clerk. He said “I can’t talk at work about this, I just got back to work after being off for a year. This is personal, I can’t talk at work, I can call you later.” I informed him that someone from the page said they asked him for an interview and he absolutely will not do an interview. He said ” I know nothing about that, I am very willing to do an interview, I will call you back tonight after I get home from work.”

Shortly after that call ended, a post on the ‘Help Find the Zaharias Children’ page appeared, this was posted 6 minutes after I spoke with Louis Zaharias.

Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered EXCLUSIVE 3

We have been contacted by a journalist and her researcher. Their offer to do a piece on our case was discussed at length and we declined the offer as we felt this outlet was not one we could work with as they did not come across as sympathetic to our cause and made some fairly negative comments about the children’s father on our main page. We felt that their article would do our cause more harm than good. We politely asked them not to go ahead with the article and received a hostile response back saying they planned to go ahead anyway as they believe there is ‘freedom in the press’ and they had a right to do any story they like

We have had no alternative but to block them from the page as we have learned that despite our request they have tried to contact the children’s father and by doing this showed disrespect for our campaign. ”

Of course I called the father, it’s his children that he clams are missing. He was the last one that saw them alive. Why is he so afraid to talk? What could possibly be said about him that is negative, if what he says happened really happened? This was a good thing that Louis is running scared and posted that, he posted it, but he pretends that someone else is posting it. He couldn’t have told someone that quickly that I called him, if it were someone else doing the posting, so it was him. He filed for a divorce 3 days after he claims that his wife left him. He claims that the day before she left, they got into a huge fight, and because of the fight she left. I have been trying to locate Susan’s family, Louis claims that they are all using other names and went underground, that is simply preposterous. There are traces of them all over the place, Susan’s parents Jay and Norma Jean Gammill, owned an oil company many years after “the abduction”. in Oklahoma, odd?  Making contact with them thus far has been unsuccessful. Why at this point I do not know!

Louis Zaharias has done no media at all before cameras still or moving in 27 years. He did a few interviews right when he claims she disappeared, but none recently or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 26 years ago. Who knows how many other people have tried to interview him? Were told no and just moved on?? This is starting to remind me of another case I was involved with. Scott Peterson did some media right when Laci Peterson disappeared on December 24th, 2002, but as soon as he felt the tides turning on him he stopped cold. Louis moved to Arizona shortly after this incident, he became a teacher in the Phoenix area, he already had a law degree that he earned in 1981, Louis knows the law. Other missing person advocates that have seen this case or are now looking at it, feel that it’s a suspicious case. There is some mention on the Zaharias page, that Louis has been thoroughly checked out in order to be a teacher, he had a clearance by the FBI. Well Scott Peterson didn’t even have a parking ticket, when he strangled his very pregnant wife Laci with his bare hands. He “didn’t want to be in it anymore, so he killed her.” He said to me, in a cell in San Quentin on Death Row, while he was eating a turkey sandwich mind you. Bill Cosby currently has no criminal record either, neither did Ted Bundy, or the BTK killer or countless others.

I only have a few questions to ask him; What was the fight about? There were custody issues, they were both living in the home, why is that? How come you never offered a reward for information leading to a reunion? What are some of the names of the private investigators you hired to help find your family as you assert?  You got a law degree in 1981, but never worked in the legal field until 2010, why? There are no warrants open for your now ex- wife’s arrest, can you explain that? Isn’t it true Louis that there is not a statute of limitations on murder? So it would be prudent for people to believe that she’s alive and the children are alive right, and you’re naturally looking for them?  Life insurance was there any?

There are 3 possible scenarios in this case. The first one being the version that Louis puts out. That Susan Gammill Zaharias, was a drug addict, a horrible despicable person, who only cared about herself, took the two children on a dime and left 27 years ago, took them away, they probably don’t know their real names, and have been “kept” from their father, and they haven’t been seen or heard from ever since. Louis was a great husband and wonderful father who did nothing wrong. I don’t know who else has asked him for an interview, but if this scenario is the real one, Louis and I would be speaking about it right now. He’s never called me back all night, I’ve been sitting all night waiting for Louis to call, he didn’t, imagine that?  Like Ed Smart or Mark Klass and many others spoke out non stop, Louis would also be speaking not hiding. Klass and Smart  and the others that can’t speak out enough are 100% innocent.  I do not believe this version of events.

The second scenario is that Louis was sexually and or physically abusing one, two or all three of them, and Susan went into hiding to get herself and her children away from the abuse. There is a statute of limitations on that type of crime, it’s been 27 years, Louis at this point would not be facing any criminal charges now in 2015 if this were the real version. He would have quietly went away, he wouldn’t be hiding behind

Facebook pages, putting up age progression photos,  he wouldn’t want them found if he was sexually abusing them prior to them leaving, he would just be quiet, not have pages up. If they are alive, he can never be brought up on charges if they are now alive. I do not believe this is the scenario either.

The third one is, Louis and Susan got into a fight, and he snapped and killed her, and killed the children. In this scenario there may or may not be others that were harmed as well.  There is no statute of limitation on murder,  he would be arrested and prosecuted if it is believed that they are dead. He is putting up age progression photos on Facebook and some other missing person sites. Well if they are dead, no one will be seeing them walking around. No one has seen them, not in 27 years, his Facebook pages has been shared thousands of times. Because in my opinion they are not alive and haven’t been for almost 30 years. Louis wants people to believe he still desperately wants to find his children, people must think he’s the victim here. Louis knows all of this, he knows the law, and he is very savvy that way. Ted Bundy knew the law too, he was in law school when he was arrested.

This is an open invitation to anyone in the Gammill family to just verify that Susan and the children are alive or were alive well after Louis claims he last saw them. It’s also an invitation for Louis Zaharias to sit down in person, SKYPE, or have a phone interview with me regarding the whereabouts of his now adult children. I can be contacted via twitter @msdonnathomas, Louis Zaharias has my number……story developing……….





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Stuart Scott ESPN Anchor Loses Battle With Cancer Dead At 49!

Sad news in the sports world today, legendary sportscaster Stuart Scott,49, died of complications from cancer. ESPN made the official announcement Sunday morning. Scott spoke out about his cancer publicly in July. He said just because you die of cancer doesn’t mean you lost to cancer. It’s how you live your life while you have cancer that matters. The high profile sportscaster got his start in radio in college at the University of North Carolina. He was a student there are worked on the college radio station. After he graduated he landed a job at WPDE -TV in Florence, South Carolina for two years.Stuart_Scott_2008

He worked a series of radio positions and went on to WESH TV an affiliate of NBC in Orlando, Florida. Scott was hired on at ESPN2 in 1993 as a host of a new show, that was developed for him, Sportsnight. He worked as a host of several sports related shows, outside of ESPN as well. He was the host of NFL Match Up, NFL Live, NFL PrimeTime and NFL Countdown. He had two daughters Taelor and Sydni Scott. He has also hosted a number of reality shows. Some of them, Stump the Schwab, Teammates and Dream Job. Scott suffered a very serious eye injury while covering a football camp in 2002. He was at the New York Jets mini camp in April, and was hit in the face with a football, while he stood on the sidelines. The ball his eye, he underwent eye surgery, which kept him off of ESPN for over 2 months while he recovered.

He continued to have residual side affects from the accident for years afterward. Scott continued you suffer from ill health in the yeas after the accident. In 2007 he had to undergo emergency appendectomy surgery. Cancer was discovered during that surgery. He had to continue receiving chemo therapy for the cancerous cells that were discovered. His ESPN colleagues and athletes publicly expressed their support for Scott. Again in 2011, Scott was informed that cancer had returned, and he again had to go through a chemotherapy regimen. Several months into treatment, Scott was declared to be in remission. Scott was diagnosed again with cancer in January 2013. What followed was ongoing radiation and chemotherapy and surgery.

He was honored in 2014 by ESPYS with a Jimmy V award for Perseverance for his battle against cancer, he said” You know tomorrow all my boys are going to be like, I saw you at the ESPYS with Peton Manning. Everyday I’m reminded that life’s journey is really about the people who touch us. When I first heard that I was going to be honored with this reward, the first thing I did, I was speechless briefly. I presented this reward before, I watched in awe as people like Eric Legrand and Kyle Dake, and all these other great people graced this stage. Although intellectually I get it, I’m a public figure, I’m battling cancer, hopefully I’m inspiring, at my gut level, I really don’t think I belong with those great people.”


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Actor Joseph-Gordon-Levitt Now A Married Man!

Super private actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt,33, secretly married his long time girlfriend, Tasha McCauley also 33. The actor’s representative confirmed that Gordon-Levitt did marry McCauley at his California home on December 20th. It is believed that the couple started dating in the summer of 2013. The actor told Howard Stern about his relationship in September 2013, saying that his girl friend was not in show business. McCauley is an accomplished scientist. She is the founder and CEO of Fellow Robots, which is a NASA based company dealing with robots. Gordon-Levitt appeared on the George Stroumboulopoulos, in 2013 when he war promoting his movie Don Jon, and he had a lot to say.joseph-gordon-levitt-marries-tasha-mccauley_1

Gordon-Levitt has been in show business for more than 20 years, closer to thirty. His career really took off when he starred in the  TV ’30 Rock from the Sun. In the movie Don Jon, it was Gordon-Levitt’s first movie that he directed and wrote. He plays a Don Juan like character, that regularly goes to church the gym, and is also addicted to porn.

On the show he said ‘Five Hundred Days Of Summer was one of his performances and one of his favorite projects. Gordon-Levitt was asked how and why he picked the Don John project. “Well I think it’s a story about how people sometimes treat each other like things instead like people. The media contributes to that, I play a character and Scarlet Johannson plays a character where the young man watches too much pornography. The woman watches too many romantic Hollywood movies, which also can be a very bad thing.”

The actor went on” My mom and dad are very much people were were active in the 60’s and 70’s., feminist movements as well as civil rights movements, and I think they raised my brother and me to have those kinds of ideas and values, and to not just think of women not just as sex objects. Even though lots of images in the media are constantly saying that.” George asked him if those were the same kinds of conversations that formed those types of thoughts. Levitt said “Absolutely like I remember as a family we always watched basketball. Whenever the cheerleaders would come on, my mom would, even when I was a kid, when I was 4 or 5 my mom would kind of roll her eyes at the cheerleaders, but not out of any disrespect for the individual or the women that were being the cheerleaders but just for the overall concept of it.

She would always say, so this is what women can do, see what men can do, there are these great skilled athletes and the women get to do this. I showed her the first draft if the script, and she was proud and amused that this is what the film is about the concepts we discussed as a kid growing up.” There is no word yet on whether Levitt and his new bride will be going anywhere on their honeymoon, this is the first marriage for both of them.


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