Musician Dave Navarro Recalls His Very Painful Past!

Jane’s Addiction front-man, Dave Navarro got real this week with the Huffington Post, recalling a very painful past. Navarro,47 was also a part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The musician grew up in Southern California, and would be the product of a divorced household when he was only 7. His mother Constance Hopkins a fashion and TV model regularly appeared on the TV show, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Dave_Navarro_adjustedWhen young David was only 16, his mother was murdered he and still in High School. She was murdered by her ex boyfriend John Riccardi. He also killed the sister of Constance, which was David’s aunt. Riccardi remained on the run, until a tip was called in to the TV show ‘America’s Most Wanted’. He was arrested 8 years after the murder, he would eventually be found guilty of the murders of both women. Navarro said the murder of both his mother and aunt was a clear example of the seriousness of domestic violence.

Navarro has been lending a lot of time and resources to various domestic violence causes, he believes education is key in fighting it, and fostering healthier relationships. His current project may surprise many of his fans. He’s working on a documentary about his late mother, her life and death. He want’s to let everyone know, change is going to happen. Navarro was famously married to Carmen Electra for a total of 3 years. Navarro blames the media attention on the marriage failure.

He also spoke about overcoming fear and being fearless. He says the murder of his mother and aunt changed on his life. He said it also brought on a lot of fear. At that young age he had to realize that anything could and do happen all the time. He said he spent a lot of years being really nervous about the world, and what could go wrong with the world, instead of looking at what is good about life. He said losing his mother at that young age was devastating, He said he got really involved with music as a result of his mother’s death. The musician also said that he got heavily involved with drugs and spent several years just floundering around.

He said ” I got very close to death, I had to really examine myself and change my behavior.I actually had to change my behavior 100% in order to have what I have now, I really had to change my life. The last before I finally put the drugs down forever, he said he was actually waiting for his dealer to show up with drugs so I could buy more drugs and I passed out. My dealer broke the door down and saved my life. The ironic thing is that when I came to, I wanted to buy more drugs from him. It was that moment when I had the reality check. I was like this is just crazy. But I got off, and sometimes it just takes what it takes. He says he’s been straight for 8 years now, and he liked it much better on this side.



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American Idol Alum Randy Jackson & Erika Riker Call It Quits!

Randy Jackson, 58,  former judge on American Idol and his ex ballerina wife Erika Riker Jackson,44, are divorcing after 19 years of marriage. Riker is the one that filed for divorce from Jackson siting the standard irreconcilable differences. The couple met each other on the set of a music video they were both involved with in 1995. After only dating for a few months the pair were married in a small understated ceremony.American Idol Alum Randy Jackson & Erika Riker Call It Quit bio wiki photos

It was the second marriage for Jackson and a first for Erika. She has requested alimony and child support and that her name be restored to Riker. Jackson’s first marriage to Elizabeth ended in 1990, he has a daughter named Taylor from that marriage. In 2004 Randy Jackson was the subject of some very unpleasant media attention, when his first wife Elizabeth sued him for more child support. She told the court she and her daughter Taylor were living in a run down apartment, while Taylor’s father was living in the lap of luxury. A judge ordered Jackson to starting paying up to the tune of $3,750 a month in child support. His second wife Erika stood by him during that time of public scrutiny. Erika and Randy have two children they youngest Jordan 17. Erika is requesting spousal support, child support and wants Randy to pay all of her legal fees.

American Idol Alum Randy Jackson & Erika Riker Call It Quit bio wiki photos 2

Erika was seen with Randy at red carpet events in LA and New York and other places for the last almost two decades. She put her career on hold to be a full time wife and mother. Much of her identity is wrapped up in her marriage to her husband Randy. The two along with their children were living in a multi million dollar mansion in Encino which is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. It was home to the Jackson clan for many years, Randy and the Jacksons as in Micheal are not related. Randy Jackson has been on the American Idol as an in house mentor to the aspiring singer contestants. No word on whether there is infidelity on either part. Jackson is reportedly worth more then 40 million in part to several different business ventures that developed over his 13 seasons on American Idol. He gathered a lot of attention on a world wide stage and was able to cultivate a lot of business ventures. Randy Jackson starting in the music industry in the 1980’s, working as a studio musician and producer. He started working the band Journey as a backup musician, he did some of musical tracks for the band’s 1986 album ‘Raised on Radio’. However because he was very much behind the scenes in the music business, he was relatively unknown when he first took center state with ‘American Idol’ in 2002. When the show first premiered Jackson was joined by pop star and choreographer Paula Abdul and music executive Simon Cowell. However after only one season on the show as a judge, it elevated his star power substantially, and he became most sought after for a variety of endeavors.

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Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Sad news in the sports world coming out of the Nashville area. Rob Bironas, billed as one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL lost his life in a car accident, he was 36. He died less than a mile from the home he shared with his wife Rachel Bradshaw, daughter of football great Terry Bradshaw.Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Bironas was said to be driving at excessive speeds when his 2009 GMC truck he was driving took a curve too fast and crashed. Authorities are saying Bironas died instantly of his injuries. Bironas a newlywed having only married Bradshaw in June, did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system. His father in law Terry, was not at his commenting gig on Fox NFL Sunday, so he could by his daughter’s side. Rachel Bradshaw,25, is an aspiring country music singer, who has struggled to step away from the shadow of her very famous father, Terry. Bradshaw has been a performer since the age of nine where she grew up in Dallas, Texas. Bradshaw performed as a singer at various trade shows, country fairs, and rodeos throughout Texas for several years, always with the support and watchful eye of her mother. Her mother Charla Hopkins is an attorney and the 3rd wife of Terry Bradshaw, she has a sister Erin. Bradshaw and Rachel’s mother Charla divorced after 16 years of marriage. She credits her father Terry, for introducing her to country music, and says it was playing in her house growing up.

Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas 2

Bradshaw graduated from Belmont University in Memphis only three years ago. She was writing songs while a student there, she collaborated on a best selling country western song, “What Do You Want.” It was recorded by singer, Jerrod Niemann, Bradshaw sang backup vocals on the song. She had her first major singing tour this past January while she was still dating Bironas, who was then a kicker for the Tennessee Titans Football team. She signed a record deal with ‘Nashville’s Bigger Picture Group’ in 2012, however her debut album was released this past April. Career wise Bradshaw was on the fast track for success. Her personal life seemed rosy as well, with a new marriage to Bironas less then three months ago. She embarked on a musical tour with country singer Josh Turner this past winter, to rave reviews. Her father former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, and her then fiance Bironas were seen at many appearances on her tour, lending their support. Back in January when Bradshaw was interviewed about her upcoming tour and wedding, she said she never thought she would marry an athlete, but you can’t predict who you’re going to love she said. She also said that Bironas and her father got along very well and had become good friends. In November she sang the National Anthem before a Steelers game in Heinz Field, her then fiance and father were both in the stands rooting her on. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. Handlers who managed by Bradshaw and Bironas’ business affairs, are asking for privacy.


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Fia Litton- One Direction’s security guard Preston Mahon’s Niece

Well it seems this just might be the effect One Direction has! How about that! Another girl is being bashed for being lucky enough to have met the members of the band and hanging out with them??? Lucky girl Fia Litton had access to some one one time with the famous band and now she might be regretting it.

fia litton

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Lane Hirsch is Chris Isaak Ex-Tech Guy

Talk about wrongful termination…what do you think of this?? 56 year old American musician Chris Isaak is being sued by his former technician, read about this “unfair” case.

chris isaak

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Jesseca White: Ne- Yo’s Baby Mama (PHOTOS)

Actually this woman Jesseca White is not Ne-Yo-‘s baby mama’s but nobody was suppose to find out except that we all did when the singer spilled the beans during an interview last year, by doing that he failed to the hush-hush legal agreement both Jesseca and Ne- Yo signed.

Jesseca White Ne Yo baby mama pictures

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Evi Lee is Ten Years After guritarist Alvin Lee’s Wife

English rock guitarist and rock singer Alvin Lee from the band Ten Years After has played his last song it seems. The Woodstock famed artist passed away at 68 years old.

alvin lee

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Kristine Donahue Tim McGraw Baby Mamma!

Do they look familiar to you?? Well I have to admit the picture below was taken a few years back believe it or not that is country singer Tim McGraw and his ex-fiancé Kristine Donahue with whom they have a kid together??

tkristine donahue nad tim mcgraw

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Chris Stark BBC reporter interviews Mila Kunis!!


British radio personality has turned into one viral sensation after interviewing one of  Hollywood’s hottest actresses Mila Kunis.


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Amanda Setton is Marron Five Adam Levine’s Secret Girlfriend!

Adam Levine strikes again! The front man and lead singer and also judge at the hit TV show The Voice has put his loving eyes on 27 year old actress Amanda Setton!

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