Chris Rock And Wife Malaak Compton-Rock Split After 18 Years Of Marriage!

Comedian and actor Chris Rock, 49, filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years, multiple sources are reporting. Malaak Compton-Rock and Chris have two daughters together, Lola 12 and Zahra,10. The couple and their children have lived in the very exclusive area of Alpine, New Jersey for several years. There have been rumblings for the last few years that there was trouble in Rock paradise. There was a report last November that Rock had filed for divorce, but the two worked it out, and Rock dismissed the reports as “lies”. Well perhaps, where there is some smoke there is a lot of fire. Looks like the two for whatever reason could not get past the dark times.rock-compton-jpg

Rock has a new film out called ‘Top Five’ that opened December 12  to stellar reviews and big box office, to the tune of 19 millions dollars. Rock wrote, directed and cast his own personal friends in the film. He shot the film in New York in only 19 days. Mrs. Rock is a philanthropist and has been praised by the African American community for her civic minded endeavors. She founded and remains the executive director of the non-profit foundation, ‘StyleWorks’. It helps women become ready for the work force when they are leaving the welfare system. The foundation provides free services such as hair and make up services, as well as clothes for interviews and every day wear.

Rock has been making people laugh since 1984, he received world wide recognition when he joined the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1990. He instantly become widely popular, and started to command six figures when he did his stand up comedy routines across the country. Many reviews regularly referred to Rock as the “Funniest Man In America”. He left SNL in 1993 and went on to appear regularly on “In Living Color”, but the show was cancelled shortly after Rock joined the cast. After the cancellation Rock concentrated on a film career.

He has had dozens of roles with some of his SNL sidekicks, like in a remake of the Burt Reynolds film ‘The Longest Yard’ in 2005, he played Caretaker to Adam Sandler’s Paul Crewe, The film along with the others he appeared in, like ‘Death at a Funeral’ ‘Grown Ups, Bad Company, Down to Earth and many others were widely popular and generated over the top reviews for Rock’s performances.

Rock appeared on the ABC show ‘Kelly & Michael’ earlier in December to promote his film. He talked about turning 50 next year, he said “Next year I turn 75″ but later said he was turning 50. He said “Money is the best lotion in the world, this is what a rich 50 looks like, it looks like 38.” Kelly Rippa congratulated Rock on being named one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine. He jokingly said he had no idea he was on the list this year. He said they “shouldn’t put you on the list when you’re married. What a waste that is.” Rippa asked if his wife thought he was sexy, Rock: “I hope so but I mean it’s just a waste to be on that list if you’re married.”



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Bruce Jenner Attends Ex Wife’s Christmas Shingding!

The matriarch of the famous Kardashian clan, has been known for her love of entertaining. Her holidays parties are legendary among the masses. Many family acquaintances and fans were quite surprised to learn that Kris Jenner’s ex husband, Olympic great Bruce Jenner made an appearance. The couple had been married for 22 years, separated last year, and become legally divorced in December. They had two children together, Kylie, 17 and fashion model Kendall,19. There were no real custody issues to decide, and the property was quietly divided, the divorce was described as extremely amicable.bruce-kendall-kylie-jenner-christmas

The party was held on Christmas Eve, at Jenner’s Calabasas, CA mansion. Bruce Jenner, 65,  is living at a beach front home in Malibu. What surprised many party goers is the fact that Kris Jenner quickly moved on in the romantic department, with a much younger man. Jenner has been seen out and about in California and Las Vegas with her new supposed boyfriend Corey Gamble, 33.  Guests at Jenner’s blowout Christmas Eve party were surprised Bruce was there, in lieu of the fact that Gamble was also present. Kris Jenner will turn 60 in November of 2015, many close to the mother of 6 say she is spreading her wings for the first time in over two decades, and she is “just loving life”.

Kris Jenner has publicly said she believes that it’s important to provide stability to the children, as far as having a healthy relationship with their father. In October Jenner told US Magazine that she shared holiday traditions with Jenner for 22 years, and she doesn’t want to give that up. Jenner said she didn’t want to deprive Jenner of the over the top holiday celebrations.

This was the third divorce for Bruce Jenner, and the second for Kris. Her late ex-husband was Robert Kardashian Sr. who died of cancer in 2003. Kardashian Sr. is the father of Jenner’s older children, Kourtney, Kim, Khole and Rob. The couple’s children, Kylie and Kendall have stated publicly they are still very close to both their parents, and although they are now divorced and they find it sad, not a lot has changed. They have both been very busy pursing projects outside of the family reality show empire. With the being divorced, Kendall said last month, “That it’s really sad and it sucks, but not a lot has changed. My dad just lives at the beach, but other than that, not too much has changed.”

Kylie and Kendall took to their social media accounts from the party house to post pictures of them partying with their father Bruce Jenner. This was the first holiday that the famous couple was seen enjoying together as a divorced couple. Some were afraid the evening would be tense and awkward, due to Gamble being in attendance. But guests at the party reported the two were not really socializing with each other, but there did not appear to really be tension. Jenner arrived at the party without an escort, and left the party about 90 minutes after arriving. All in all it appears as though the Jenner have their family drama under control for now!


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Angelina Jolie Calls Pitt Marriage Very Hard Work!

Mega Star Angelina Jolie,39, famous around the world, admits that her recent marriage to movie star Brad Pitt,51, takes a lot of work. The couple have been together for ten years, but just made it official at their home in France in August. They married primarily for their children. Jolie said it was very important to their kids, they would constantly ask their parents when they were getting married, so they tied the knot in a small private ceremony. Jolie recently gave an interview to Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. The star said she and Pitt work very hard, to make sure all their children feel loved and feel connected to the family. The pair have three biological children together, and three adopted children.Angelina_Jolie_2_June_2014_(cropped)

This is the third marriage for Jolie, she was first married to actor Johnny Lee Miller in the 90’s That union lasted on three years. She was next married to actor Billy Bob Thornton for three years from 2000 to 2003. The pair famously wore each other’s blood in vials that hung around their necks. Jolie met Pitt in 2004, on the set of their film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. In the film they play a married couple, that are not aware of the fact that each are CIA agents that have been hired to kill the other.

Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston when he met Jolie on the set. There has been wild speculation about whether Pitt and Jolie consummated their relationship while Pitt was still married and together with Aniston. He says no, that they did not become involved until Aniston filed for divorce. Although the actor admits that he fell in love with Jolie instantly when he met her. Jolie told the magazine that making sure you spend enough time with your spouce is very important. She also said work can’t be the central focus of any relationship, it has to be second. She admitted that high profile career sometimes eclipse relationships, but she and Pitt are really making sure that is not the case.

When Jolie met Pitt in 2004 she was already a mother to Maddox now 13, a boy she adopted in Cambodia. After she and Pitt got together they had a child together a girl Shiloh now 9. The adopted another child together shortly after Shiloh’s birth, Zahara also 9. They also adopted Pax 11, and had twins Knox and Vivienne now 6. She and Pitt find their 6 children the most entertaining people in the world, and they love being home with them whenever they can. She also said aside from not letting work get in the of family time, you also need time for just you and your spouse. She said “alone time for the two of you is so important”. She said a lot of people don’t realize how important that alone time is, until it’s too late. Jolie says their partnership is much more now than just the two of them, they do whatever they have to do, to keep their family of 8 solid and together.

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Actor Stephen Collins Admits On Camera That He’s A Pedophile!

Disgraced ‘Seventh Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins, told Katie Couric on camera that the sexual assault against minors claims are in fact true. Collins,67, was publicly exposed as a serial pedophile, when an audio recording was released by TMZ in October. Fans and colleagues of Collins were shocked by the allegations. Stephen_CollinsThe audio was made in 2012, and was of Collins his estranged wife Faye Grant and a therapist. Collins says he did not know the therapy session was being taped, and he did not give his consent to the tape being made and or released. He said he had been dealing with sexual predilection towards children for years and very aggressively in private. Collins says he was prepared to deal with his ‘condition’ publicly’ and that he was violated by the sessions being taped. Collins told Couric that there was an incident in 1973, that he exposed him self to a young girl. He said it happened again when the girl came for a visit to him and his first wife, Marjorie Weinman. Collins said he knew that “something terribly wrong had happened, but I couldn’t take it back.”

He went on to say he was a “flawed” person, and that he’s made some serious mistakes, He asserts that the incidents in question all took place from around 1971 to 1994, and that therapy and Christian counseling have completely eliminated any urges he has had to assault minors. He claims he is completely “cured” of this predilection towards children that he has. When Collins and Weinman divorced in 1978 after an eight year marriage, he met fellow actor Grant on a movie set. They dated for 6 years, and married in 1985 and have an adult daughter Kate. Collins filed for divorce in 2012 after 27 years of marriage. The two are still dueling in the courts regarding property and asset distribution. They have yet to finalize their divorce. Further divorce hearings between the two have been delayed until 2015 due to all the publicity the allegations against Collins have generated.

Many leading psychologists are expressing doubts regarding Collins claims that he is now “cured” of his pedophile tendencies. Many are weighing in now, saying  that it’s a disorder that is almost  impossible to cure. Collins has had an acting career that started in the 60’s. When this story first broke the allegations were so dark and disturbing they were hard to believe, but when people heard the actor’s voice, the allegations were presumed to be true. Not that Collins is admitting to the allegations on camera, there leaves no doubt at all. He played the virtuous father and pastor on the TV show Seventh Heaven for 11 years in the 90’s. However the shocking allegations of sexual allegations against minors, he is now known as box office poison that no one wants to be involved with.  Following the October release of the tape, Collins lost acting jobs, and the show that made him the most famous, has been pulled from syndication. After remaining silent since the news broke he is speaking out, in the hopes perhaps of repair his reputation and career.






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Musician Dave Navarro Recalls His Very Painful Past!

Jane’s Addiction front-man, Dave Navarro got real this week with the Huffington Post, recalling a very painful past. Navarro,47 was also a part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The musician grew up in Southern California, and would be the product of a divorced household when he was only 7. His mother Constance Hopkins a fashion and TV model regularly appeared on the TV show, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Dave_Navarro_adjustedWhen young David was only 16, his mother was murdered he and still in High School. She was murdered by her ex boyfriend John Riccardi. He also killed the sister of Constance, which was David’s aunt. Riccardi remained on the run, until a tip was called in to the TV show ‘America’s Most Wanted’. He was arrested 8 years after the murder, he would eventually be found guilty of the murders of both women. Navarro said the murder of both his mother and aunt was a clear example of the seriousness of domestic violence.

Navarro has been lending a lot of time and resources to various domestic violence causes, he believes education is key in fighting it, and fostering healthier relationships. His current project may surprise many of his fans. He’s working on a documentary about his late mother, her life and death. He want’s to let everyone know, change is going to happen. Navarro was famously married to Carmen Electra for a total of 3 years. Navarro blames the media attention on the marriage failure.

He also spoke about overcoming fear and being fearless. He says the murder of his mother and aunt changed on his life. He said it also brought on a lot of fear. At that young age he had to realize that anything could and do happen all the time. He said he spent a lot of years being really nervous about the world, and what could go wrong with the world, instead of looking at what is good about life. He said losing his mother at that young age was devastating, He said he got really involved with music as a result of his mother’s death. The musician also said that he got heavily involved with drugs and spent several years just floundering around.

He said ” I got very close to death, I had to really examine myself and change my behavior.I actually had to change my behavior 100% in order to have what I have now, I really had to change my life. The last before I finally put the drugs down forever, he said he was actually waiting for his dealer to show up with drugs so I could buy more drugs and I passed out. My dealer broke the door down and saved my life. The ironic thing is that when I came to, I wanted to buy more drugs from him. It was that moment when I had the reality check. I was like this is just crazy. But I got off, and sometimes it just takes what it takes. He says he’s been straight for 8 years now, and he liked it much better on this side.



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Supermodel Beverly Johnson Is The Latest Bill Cosby Accuser!

The first African American woman to play  a prominent role in the world of super models, Beverly Johnson,62, is disgraced actor Bill Cosby’s,77, latest nightmare. Johnson has come forward to join a throng of women, who said Cosby drugged and or sexually assaulted them. There are over 30 women that have now come forward with their allegations against the famed funny man and revered actor. Cosby  who was thought of for decades as a leading African American humanitarian. He has been married for 50 years to his wife Camille. The couple have five adult children, their only son Ennis was killed on a Los Angeles highway in 1997. His murderer Mikhail Markhasev then 18, was convicted of the murder and is on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California.beverlyjohnson

Cosby has remained silent for the most part through the latest round of accusations. However his attorney Marty Singer, has publicly said the women are lying and fabricating events for money and or attention. Some of the incidents reportedly took place decades ago. In some cases more then 40 years ago. Another well known high profile supermodel Janice Dickinson, has also accused Cosby of drugging and raping her in the 80’s in a Reno, Nevada hotel room. Cosby’s lawyers have called Dickinson’s accusations “purely fabricated”, they have also said there is documented proof that Dickinson is lying. Johnson said, because of the way Dickinson has been treated by Cosby and his lawyers, was one of the reasons she came forward. She said she has known Dickinson for more than 30 years, and that she knows her to be a very honest person.

Johnson wrote a piece for Vanity Fair Magazine which chronicles her ordeal with Cosby. She has also been going on the airwaves with her allegations against Cosby. She told ABC news that the incident happened back in 1986 “I get a call from my agency, my modeling agency, stating that, Bill Cosby wants to come in for a part on his show, the Cosby Show. I headed down to the studio and then Bill Cosby asked me to go to his brownstone to go over the role.” She says there was nothing out of the ordinary on the first visit. She says she was invited back a second time, and that Cosby wanted to rehearse the role of a pregnant woman she would be playing on an upcoming episode of the Cosby Show. Johnson explained “part of the exercise he wanted to do was to act as like you were drunk.” She says while at his house he insisted on making what he said was going to be the best cup of cappuccino she had ever had. “I took a couple of sips from the coffee, and from the first sip and the second sip I knew I had been drugged. I was woozy, my speech was slurred, I knew that I was in danger. He called me over as if to do the scene, he put his hands around my waist. I called him every name I could think of, every name I could think of, and broke free from him.”




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Model Kendall Jenner Fires Mother Kris As Her Manager!

In what would be considered a brazen move for anyone, Kendall Jenner has fired her mother Kris Jenner. The mother of the famous Kardashian siblings, has managed the careers of all of her famous children, the last 8 years, when she catapulted the entire clan into mega fame. Jenner also manages the career of her estranged husband Bruce Jenner. Bruce won a gold medal in the decathlon in Montreal in 1976. Kris and Bruce married in 1991, and in edition to Kendall, 19, had another daughter Kylie,17. Kris started to manage Bruce’s career shortly after their 1991 marriage. He became a much sought after pitchman and public speaker under Kris’ direction.

pictures of Kendall currently stirring some controversy!

pictures of Kendall currently stirring some controversy!

She pitched the idea of a reality show around her colorful family to the big wigs at E Entertainment, and they took the bait, and gave the family their own show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The show premiered on the E network in 2007. It was widely successful right out of the gate. It resulted in many spin off shows, and a ‘Kardashian Empire’. It made the entire clan millionaires in their own right. Kendall’s older half sister Kim Kardashian, 34, is the most googled person in the world. Now comes word that despite the mega success the family has enjoyed, many believe because of the management of mother Kris, Kendall wants to sprout her own wings, and fly solo.

Kendall has moved out of her mother’s home several months ago, and has made it clear to her mother that she is no longer her manager. Kendall has established herself as a successful fashion model. With her long lanky slim frame, it made her an ideal candidate for the fashion pages of the leading magazines around the globe. She was quickly signed at the age of 14 to Wilhelmina Models, and was quickly working on various modeling assignments. She continued to appear on the successful Kardashian reality shows, and her career on the shows and the modeling industry was managed by her mother Kris.

There is no word yet on who her new agent or manager is, but sources are reporting the names will be released before the end of the year. A source close to the model says that Kendall is concerned with the path that her older half sister’s image has taken. Especially that of her older half sister, Kim, 34 who is married to rapper Kanye West. Kim had an infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J leaked back in 2007, and many believe it is that tape that was responsible for the family’s success. Some naysayers are speculating that Kendall has severed ties with her mother as part of a damage control campaign. Kendall was just in a seductive holiday spread for ‘Dujour Magazine’, where she is seen in slinky lingerie, and one in one picture is lying on the knee of Santa Clause while she’s being spanked. Kendall supposedly has received some back lash from her current employer, Estee Lauder, over the questionable spread. It perhaps does not meet the company’s  professional standards.

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The Kardashian Clan Await The Birth Of A Baby Boy!

After much speculation and false reports, Kourtney Kardashian,35, will be giving birth to her third child, a boy later this month. Kardashian, already has two children with her longtime live in boyfriend Scott Disick,31. Many sites around the web reported that the couple were having a girl, but the actual gender was revealed yesterday, during an episode of Kourtney and sister Khloe’s reality show. The baby whose name has not been revealed, will join his older brother Mason, who turns 5 on December 14th. The couple also have a girl, Penelope,2.

Kardashian/Disick family frolics on the beach in Mexico!

Kardashian/Disick family frolics on the beach in Mexico!

Grandmother, Kris Jenner is said to be over the moon about her ever growing family. Kourtney’s younger sister Kim and her husband, rapper Kayne West have a daughter, North West, 18 months. It has also been long rumored that younger brother Rob Kardashian, Jr has a young son as well. Kris and the family patriarch Bruce Jenner filed for divorce earlier this year, after a year long separation. Many insiders predict the couple who have been married for 22 years will be formally divorced in 2015.

Khloe Kardashian,30 has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with rapper French Montona also 30. She is still legally married to ex professional basketball player Lamar Odom.35, although the couple have been legally separated for over a year. This is has been a trying year for Scott Disick, his mother Bonnie, 63 died in October of 2013 after a lengthy illness, his father Jefferey died only a few months later in January, Scott was their only child.

Disick’s hard partying ways has been documented on the family’s reality shows. He is often seen spinning out of control, now with no family members of his own to pick me up, he appears to be lost. He had a physical reaction to alcohol poisoning over the summer, when he was rushed to the hospital. All of his hi-jinks appear to be captured on film. Family insiders were hoping that Disick’s partying would have slowed down a bit, due to Kourtney’s third pregnancy, but it seems to have escalated.

His is frequently photographed drinking and partying at night clubs in New York and Los Angeles. Some viewers and critiques have speculated that Disick’s drinking problem is nothing more than a story line for the reality shows. Once at the top of heap as far as ratings, the show has been regularly losing viewers each season. There have been rumors that Kourtney and Scott would not allow their children to be filmed for the reality shows anymore. Scott is said to be the one behind the push to not allow their children to be filmed for the E network.

The issue has come up three years ago when Mason was 2, he wasn’t filmed that much. As fans reacted to not seeing the toddler on the show. The following season it was business as usual for Mason and then for his younger sister Penelope. Some insiders have speculated that the birth of the couple’s third child will be captured on film and aired on E television.



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Actor Chris Hardwick Dating Heiress Lydia Hearst!

Interesting news on the love front, former MTV host and actor Chris Hardwick 43 is dating an heir to the Hearst Empire, Lydia Hearst,30. Hardwick formally hosted ‘Singled Out’ on MTV with Jenny McCartney in the 90’s. He also was the host of ‘Weird Science’, ‘Web Soup’ and ‘Nerdist Podcast’. Hardwick currently is hosting on the Comedy Central show, @midnight. Hardwick’s first foray into the entertainment industry was as a DJ in Los Angeles on KROQ-FM in the early 90’s. He has also worked as a stand up comic and is very prominent in the voice over industry.

The couple on December 4th, 2014 in Los Angeles

The couple on December 4th, 2014 in Los Angeles

Hardwick was formally engaged to model and actress Jacinda Barrett. She was cast in the Real World:London in 1995 on MTV, that is how the two became acquainted.

Lydia Hearst is the daughter of Hearst Publishing Heiress Patty Hearst and Bernard Shaw. Patty famously was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) on February 4, 1974 in Berkeley, California when she was only 19 years old. The group was a fringe group of disenfranchised individuals that publicly said they were seeking change. They wanted some of their members that were imprisoned for various crimes released in exchange for Hearst’s freedom. When that did not materialize they demanded 400 million dollars of food delivered to the poor and needy people of California. Patty’s father William Randolph Hearst immediately delivered 6 million dollars worth of food. The SLA decided not to release Patty. She started robbing banks with SLA members, and was eventually arrested in 1975. She was tried for her crimes, although many people at the time felt that she was brainwashed by her kidnappers, and should have been set free.

She was found guilty of her crimes by a jury, and would serve 22 months in a federal penitentiary. Then President Jimmy Carter, ordered Hearst be released from prison on February 1, 1979. Patty was assigned a bodyguard upon her release from prison, Bernard Shaw, who she would later marry, and the two are still married today. Lydia Hearst, 30, was a student at Sacred Heart University when she dropped out after she was discovered by high profile fashion photographer Steven Meisel in 2003. She went on to have a successful modeling career.

Earlier this year Hearst appeared on the reality tv show on Oxygen ‘The Face’. She served as a celebrity coach on the modeling competition. In 2010 Hearst was interviewed by MTV host SuChin Pak, during fashion week in New York, to discuss her life as a fashion model and other things. The stunning redhead talked about her philanthropic pursuits, she said being part of the Heart family, she found it very important to be involved in “making the world a better, brighter place.” She was asked what fashion week looked like for her. She said “surprisingly busy, I found out only two days that I would be walking in the shows”. Hardwick and Hearst made their debut as a couple this week at the GQ Men of the Year party in Los Angeles. They were very affectionate towards one another, and were not shy when it came to PDA’s.





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Scarlett’s new Husband Romain Dauriac Is His Own Man!

Tongues started wagging this week, when actress Scarlett Johansson,30 paraded her new husband Romain Daumiac,32 around the cameras. The couple have been together since 2012 and recently had a baby girl Rose. Dauriac a native and resident of France has some impressive accomplishments of his own. A renowned French tattoo artist named Fuzi Uvtpk is a mutual friend of both of them, and introduced them. Dauriac has a rather impressive resume. He was formally the editor of the French urban art magazine ‘Clark’. However he has a strong love of art, and is a collector of fine art. It is a love that he shares with his new wife. Dauriac has traveled the world acquiring fine art to add to his already vast collection. The Frenchman is said to be extremely private, and stays away from social media. Only a Twitter account could be found for him, and there were no Tweets recently, with the last being in 2010.romaindauriac

His new wife, detests social media, saying “it drives me crazy”, she said she doesn’t understand everyone’s need to share constantly. That is one of the things that draws the two together, they both crave their privacy, and are very low key. Even getting married without the media finding out until after the fact. There is not a lot known about him other than being at one time Scarlett Johansson’s boyfriend now husband. He was relatively unknown before she started dating him. Dauriac hits the gym regularly and is seen often leaving or entering gyms with Johansson, and going to five star restaurants and movie premieres. Now Dauriac owns and operates an independent ad agency.

The engagement, marriage and birth of their daughter came as a huge surprise to her fans and followers. Johansson grew up in New York City, and considers herself Jewish. Her and her new husband may have married in Montana a few months ago. But things were kept very quiet for reasons known only to them. Scarlett recently said motherhood is exhausting but she’s getting the hang of it. Johansson were previously married to actor Ryan Reynolds, from 2008 to 2011. Before her divorce was finalized from Reynolds, Joahnsson started dating actor Sean Penn. The relationship fizzled after only a few months. Some insiders said the 20 plus age difference between them was the reason for the split. She then began dating Nate Taylor an advertisement executive. That relationship would last for eighteen months. A month after breaking up with Taylor, she started dating Dauriac. He made his debut as her boyfriend in the summer of 2013 at the movie premier of ‘Hitchcock’. Johansson plays the role of actress Janet Lee in that film. Johansson and Dauriac are said to be very tired with their new baby Rose, both have told confidants that it’s a lot of work, but worth it all. This the first child for both of them, and both parents are said to be just over joyed with their new edition and very hands on.  Dauriac will be splitting his time between New York and France.






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