Broadway Star Frankie Grande Making Paving His Own Path!

Flamboyant Broadway star Frankie Grande,31, is paving his way through the world of entertainment. Although he’s the half brother of pop singer Ariana Grande,21, he has his own accomplishments to be proud of. Grande and his younger half sister, share the same mother, Joan Grande, his father is a doctor. He was born in New York City, but at 10 moved to Boca Raton, Florida, when his mother married for a second time. She married Edward Butera, Ariana’s father. The two grew up in Florida, until Frankie moved to Pennsylvania to attend college. He graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2005, with a triple major.

Frankie hosted the red carpet of the American Music Awards.

Frankie hosted the red carpet of the American Music Awards.

He’s been paving his way as an entertainer of the stage for the last 7 years with is first prominent role in a touring rendition of ‘Dora The Explora Live’, when he played Boots the monkey. He then was cast on Broadway in the play ‘Mamma Mia’ also in 2007. He has become a star on the internet with his own YouTube channel that he started in 2012, it regularly draws a huge audience with over 200,000 subscribers and a throng of devoted fans that follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

He has several philanthropic pursuits including a non-profit called ‘Broadway in South Africa. It’s a group of entertainers that go to underdeveloped communities in South Africa and build homes. He traveled to Malawi in 2012 to help with efforts to build a school there, he has also personally worked with disadvantaged youths in the region. Grande is currently performing on Broadway in the play’ Rock of Ages’. Grande caused a bit of a stir over the weekend when he hosted the Red Carpet at the American Music Awards. Grande appeared with a painted on shirt, and some gave him cheers for his daring ‘outfit’ others said it was in poor taste.

Nevertheless Grande makes no apologies for his sometimes ‘in your face antics’. Grande also appeared on the reality show, ‘Big Brother’ season 16. He told Rachel Riley and Ryan Carrillo when discussing his strategy for the show, that he didn’t want the other contestants to “hold anything against him, regarding who he is. If they don’t recognize me, I’m going to be like everyone’s best friend” Derrick was crowned the winner on that season, and got the half million dollar prize. Grande appeared on the CBS show ‘The Talk’ with Derrick to discuss his experience on the show. Host Julie Chen said Grande made headlines for his super sized personality. Grande was locked away from society for more then a hundred days. Derrick said, “Frankie’s weakness on the show was his pride he wanted to win.” Grande who is openly gay, spoke about his on camera relationship with Zach on Big Brother. He said “If he were to come out of the closet and propose he would except.” Frankie shocked the house said Sharon Osborne when he came out in the house and told everyone who his sister was. Derrick said at first he didn’t know who Ariana was, when he figured it out, he still wanted to beat Frankie and he did!




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Peter Kassig An American Aid Worker, Beheaded By ISIS!

More tragedy coming out of the Middle East over the weekend. Peter Kassig, 26, is the latest victim of the escalating violence the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for. The exact date of death remains unknown, but a grisly video of the American Peter Kassig being beheaded was released on Sunday.

Peter Kassig in Syria delivering medical supplies

Peter Kassig in Syria delivering medical supplies

Kassig had converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Rahman Kassig. It is unknown if he legally changed his name, Kassig went missing in Syria in October of 2013. Kassig a former U.S. Army Solider, had decided to devote his life to helping those in need in the Middle East, according to his family. The Kassig family believes he died, because of his devotion to the people in that region. ISIS had been issuing warnings that Kassig would be killed. His family, friends and colleagues had been publicly appealing for mercy, obviously to no avail. His friend Michael Downey has spoken to NBC news, he said although he knew this was a possibility, “you can never really prepare for this.” Downey said he first met Kassing in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012. Both men are natives of Indiana. Kassig came to Downey’s apartment and slept on his couch for over a month. Downey said he fast became close friends with Kassing, he said he met everyone he encountered with hugs and smiles, and called everyone “brother”, when he met them. Downey said Kassing had an infectious smile, and an extremely positive attitude. Downey said that his friend was always selfless and put the needs of others ahead of his own.

He went on to say that if the people of the world were more like Kassig it would be a much better place. Downey said he had a Skype chat with him on September 27th, 2013. He mentioned that he would be going into Syria with relief items, for a second time. Downey said his friend was well aware of the risks of going into Syria brought. Kidnapping, death and carnage, but he said Kassig felt compelled to bring medical supplies to the thousands that were suffering there. Downey, said he feels it’s important for everyone not to take his friend’s death in vain, and realize one thing if nothing else. He said Kassig refused to give into fear, that ISIS has so thrived off of. He said we can learn from Kassig’s strength.

President Obama on Sunday called ISIS “pure evil”, and offered condolences to Kassig’s family and friends. The President confirmed that the victim was indeed Kassig. The video was released on Sunday, and showed an ISIS militant dressed completely in black, brandishing  a  knife, like he had done in similar videos in the past. The video full of propaganda, showed this masked man with a distinct British accent, spewing anti-American rhetoric. In the same video, 12 Syrian men are also beheaded. The man’s parents, Ed and Paula Kassig, released a statement from Indianapolis, that read: “We are heartbroken by Peter’s killing, but incredibly proud of his humanitarian work. He lost his life because of his love for the Syrian people.”


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Columba Bush, Jeb’s Wife Says No to Politics And Yes To Helping Others!

Columba Bush, is part of the Bush political dynasty, she is married to the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush. Columba, 61, is a native of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Bush has a father-in-law and brother-in-law that were both Presidents of the United States. Her son George P. Bush,38, an attorney, has also thrown his hat into the political arena. In spite of all the political heavy weights she is affiliated with, she has no political aspirations of her own, and has really stayed away from it. Bush met her husband Jeb, in Leon, when he was teaching English there in 1971. They married 3 years later in Texas. They have three children, in addition to George, there is Noel, and John. Noel, 37, has had some run- ins with the law due to her documented problems she has with prescription pill addiction. That has prompted her mother to become active in anti abuse programs throughout Florida. Columba’s father Jose Garnica was a poor migrant farm worker, and mother Josefina Gallo was a housewife until the couple divorced in 1963, when Columba was 10. After that her mother struggled to raise her children. Columba speaks proudly of her mother, and all the sacrifices she made as a single parent.Columba Bush

Bush has said publicly that when she married her husband over 40 years ago, she just wanted to have a family and live a quiet life. That’s been proven to be a hard task for Columba since she is a part of a political dynasty and her husband has not shied away from public life. Having been a Governor, and popular with the Florida constituents, there is non-stop chatter that he will be a Republican front runner for the Presidency in 2016. Bush became the Governor in 1999 and was in office for two terms, so that naturally put some of the spotlight directly on Coumba who was the First Lady of Florida. Although she always been very supportive of her husband and his ambitions, she has really embraced more of a private type of life. In a rare interview she gave to the Chicago Times, she said, “Jeb is a natural born politician, but I’m not a political person. At home we’re a common ordinary couple.”

Many political pundits are speculating how Columba will fair if her husband decides on a run for the Presidency. There will be no hiding for Mrs. Bush if her husband decided to run in 2015. Jeb Bush has said he will make a decision by the end of 2014, as to whether he will run or not. A confidential source told the Washington Post that if Columba is not on board with her husband’s desire for the presidency he will not run, it’s as simple as that. Columba has found the media attention on her family during the governor years to be very overwhelming. She tried to use the time that she was the First Lady of Florida to shed some light on issues close to her heart. She got involved in substance abuse programs, as well as domestic violence programs.




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Big Bang Theory Actress Carol Ann Susi Dead At 62!

Sad news coming out of Hollywood today, actress Carol Ann Susi has died, she was 62. Susi was known of late for providing the voice for the unseen Mrs. Wolowitz on the popular ‘Big Bang Theory’ TV show. Susi died shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, her agent Pam Ellis-Evenas confirmed to the AP. Susi was heard every week on the’ Big Bang Theory’  when she played the mother of Howard, a character on the show played by actor Simon Helberg. Her voice was extremely recognizable, as she said her lines in a very loud brash voice peppered with a thick Brooklyn accident. The actress died in Los Angeles, earlier today. Actors and others that knew the actress are taking to social media and expressing their sadness and condolences.Big Bang Theory Actress Carol Ann Susi Dead At 62

Fellow actor Misty Lee said this on twitter ” One afternoon while Carol Ann and I we’re truckin’ it up a steep hill to a bookstore, she looked at me tired and said, Whew the last time I trudged up this hill I was on heels and Quaaludes.” Mayim Bialik one of the stars of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ also weighed in on Susi’s death. Bialik said “Beloved Carol Ann Susi passed away yes. The voice of Mrs. Wolowitz oh Carol Ann, she was a friend and castmate, and will be missed, rough day.” Ms. Susi was born in Brooklyn and was of Italian decent. She studied acting at HB studio in New York, hoping to hone her craft. She was a serious student, trying to fulfill a life long dream to become an actress.

She moved to Los Angeles from New York City in the 1970’s, because she felt that she would get more acting roles. She has had roles since she made the move. She was a very respected character actor. She had credited appearances in the following TV shows.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, My Blue Heaven, The Secret of My Success, Sienfeld with Jerry Sienfeld. She also appeared in, Death Becomes Her, The King of Queens, Married With Children, Just Shoot Me, Cats & Dogs, Out of Practice, That’s 70’s Show, Grey’s Anatomy, Becker, Just Go With It. She also had a long career in theater. She provided a voice for a character on the Video game of the CSI TV show.

The producers CBS and Warner Bros Television produces the hit TV show issued a statement; The Big Bang Theory family has lost a beloved member today, Carol Ann Susi, who hilariously and memorably voiced the role of Mrs. Wolowitz character and became a bit of a mystery throughout the show’s eight seasons. What was not a mystery however was Carol Ann’s immense talent and comedic timing, which which were on display during each unforgettable appearance. In addition to her talent, Carol Ann was a constant source of joy and kindness to all. Our thoughts and deepest condolences to her family during this time and we will miss her greatly.” Susi died in Los Angeles and is survived by Michael Susi, her brother.



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So Who Is NeNe Leakes Main Man Gregg Leakes?

Gregg Leakes is one of the husbands featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo. He’s married to NeNe Leakes, 46, for a second time. His 2013 marriage to NeNe was filmed and aired on the Bravo show. The two have had a volatile relationship that resulted in their 2010 separation. Their divorce for their first union became final in 2011. However after taking a break from each other the pair were reunited and their romance was rekindled, and that culminated with their 2013 wedding.

Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes

Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes

Leakes was presented as a real estate investor on the popular cable show. Their renewed romance and wedding planning was featured on a popular spin off show called ‘ I Dream Of NeNe The Wedding’ However there have been varying reports that indicate that perhaps Gregg Leakes may have some rather unpleasant skeletons in his closet. Several reports that have sprung up have indicated that all the ‘Housewives’ in Atlanta are not as well off, as they try to portray themselves as.

Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes wedding

Gregg Leakes and Nene Leakes wedding

According to a published report in Jezebel Gregg Leakes supposedly has been a real estate investor for decades. So many may wonder then why the Leakes are renters and not homeowners. They were evicted a few years back from an Atlanta rental for failure to pay back rent in the amount of $6,240. Gregg had a huge tax debt owing over $100 K to the IRS. It has not been determined if he was able to settle that issue or not. Gregg Leakes grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and would eventually head south to Atlanta.

He has five grown children from a prior marriage, they are Damien and Daryl 40, Katrina, 31, Dexter, 29, and Denton, 26. NeNe has had a rocky relationships with the Leakes children, and they naturally sided with their father during the bitter first divorce between the dueling Leakes’. However Greggs’ children have accused their father of kicking them all to the curb once he met NeNe. Damien told the media in the past that his stepmother NeNe used to be a stripper. There had been some drama surrounding the events leading up to the first time NeNe and Gregg actually got together. The Leakes children claim it was when their parents were still married, and it was NeNe that broke the marriage up. NeNe has claimed that the children have always been against her. Gregg Leakes has a verified criminal record. He was arrested in 2002 for writing bad checks, shoplifting, receiving stolen property and assault. Rumors ran rampant that the the tow Leakes divorced, because Gregg had a wandering eye, and was not faithful to NeNe. He has never disputed those claims. For now the two have weathered those storms are still going strong. Leakes spoke to Lady Charmaine to promote his wedding special. He said he was one of the happiest men in the world. Leakes talked about him meeting NeNe at a piano bar in Atlanta, he said she told him, she was a stripper when they met. He said he was “delighted” she was a stripper. They had been married 15 years the first time.



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Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Jenner Company!

It didn’t take Kris Jenner, 59, long to find a new love interest. Corey Gamble, who is part of the road crew of pop star Justin Bieber, is only 33. Gamble is younger than Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Jenner’s two oldest children with her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian. jennergamble

Gamble is an Atlanta, Georgia native and was a stand out athlete at Westlake High School in Atlanta. Jenner announced earlier this year that she was divorcing her husband of 22 years Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic athlete and national pitch man. Gamble was known as ‘Mr Dependable’ by his friends and teammates. Jenner and her new man have been seen cavorting in Mexico with some of her famous kids, and yesterday they were turning on the PDA’s at lunch in Southern California. Gamble has a rather impressive resume. Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Kris Jenner Company wiki bio photos 2Although Gamble had an excellent football performance during his years at Westlake High School, it didn’t translate into a football scholarship. After he graduated from high school, he went on to Morehouse College in Atlanta. He graduated from Morehouse with a degree in Business Management in 2003. After graduating he decided to head west to start a career as a behind the scenes wheeler/dealer in the music industry. Gamble appears to have been warmly embraced by the famous Jenner Kardashian clan. The couple vacationed together with Kim Kardashian and husband rapper Kanye West.Hunky Corey Gamble Keeping Mama Kris Jenner Company wiki bio photos

Gamble has several pictures of himself with his boss Justin Bieber, all over his various social media accounts. Prior to his public outings with Jenner he seemed to have been living large, due in part to his association with Bieber. There were plenty of pictures of Gamble getting onto private jets, and staying at five star luxury hotels. It is said he doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and prefers a much more under the radar type of lifestyle. Friends of Gamble’s are speaking out and saying that he was very focused in high school and always had his eye on the future. Even though he was a standout athlete he was very focused on his academic future. He was very honored to be attending Morehouse. A college that has some famous and distinguished  former students. Like Spike Lee, and Martin Luther King Jr. He left shortly after graduating, and has been in California the last 11 years. Not much is now about his work experience, he is entangled with Bieber, because the two are pictured in a lot of shots together. Gamble has a professional profile on Linkedin, where he lists himself as ‘self employed’. He interestingly only has 54 contacts on there. His involvement with Jenner is fairly recent, the two first photographed together at the Casa Vega eatery in Sherman Oaks, not far from Jenner’s Calabasas mansion. Gamble also accompanied Jenner on a private jet to the Las Vegas 34th birthday party of Kim Kardashian on October 21st. She gave an interview to E’s Giuliana Ranic earlier this year and said “I definitely want to be in love,”


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Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume!

Meet Sophie Hunter here! It was just announced that British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch is off the market. He is now engaged to a fellow Brit, her name is Sophie Hunter, 36. While she is not as high on the radar as her handsome intended, she does have an impressive background all the same. She has quite the interesting pedigree, her grandfather was the late Sir James Michael Gow, GCB. He was a Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath. He was in charged of the horses belonging to those living in the royal household. Quite an impressive position, that is only given to the most vetted of those in the British work force. Her grandfather worked very closely with Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester, in the 1950’s.Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume bio wiki photos

Hunter once was part of one of the hippest couples in England. She studied languages at Oxford University. She was studying French and Italian, she is fluent in French. While there, she met renowned sculptor Conrad Shawcross. He was the center of much adulation in the art world, and looked at, as one of the most promising young artists of 2000. Shawcross and Hunter dated and shortly afterward moved in to a converted wharehouse outside of London. Their home doubled as Shawcross’ art studio. However it was Hunter who broke things off. She said at the time, she wasn’t ready for marriage and children, she wanted to accomplish too many things first.Sophie Hunter Financee Of Benedict Cumberbatch Has Impressive Resume! 2

She has some very impressive professional accomplishments in her own right. She is a well respected theater director. She has been involved in many experimental innovative plays in London and other cities in the UK. She has a theater credit that is appearing on IMDB, She directed a North American tour in 2013 of The Skeleton Project. It’s a very courageous theater endeavor, it’s the story of the problematic voyage of explorer Ernest Shackelton. During each performance actors would portray marionettes by standing on stilts. In 2010 Hunter directed a remake of Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ at the Access Theater on Broadway. She was singled out for her excellent work in 2007, for her role as a writer and director of the play ‘The Terrific Electric’, she was awarded the Samuel Beckett Award. Sophie Hunter is also an accomplished singer. She made an album in French with Guy Chambers, called the Isis Project, it received high ratings and a decent amount of sales. Hunter also has an acting credit under her belt. She appeared opposite actress Reese Witherspoon, in the film Vanity Fair in 2004. She played the part of Maria Osborne.

The film received good reviews. She met her fiancee Benedict Cumberbatch when she was working on the film Burlesque Fairytales in 2009. Although they met in 2009 they didnt start dating until early 2014. Cumberbatch has had some other romances before becoming engaged to Hunter. He had a 12 year relationship with actress Olivia Poulet. He dated artist Anna James for a year from 2011 to 2012. He’s a devoted Buddhist and does Yoga and mediates daily. He first generated a lot of attention in 2010 in the film ‘Sherlock’.


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Dan Diaz is the Husband of Brittany Maynard, ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate

Meet Dan Diaz, who is the Husband of Brittany Maynard, ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate, Everyone is aware of Brittany Maynard, the 29 years old girl who recently chose to die on her own terms as she was suffering from a fatal disease. She finally took her life on Saturday in her own home in Portland, Oregon.Dan Diaz is Husband of Brittany Maynard, 'Death with Dignity' Advocate

Brittany Maynard was basically suffering from a major form of brain cancer known as Glioblastoma and she found out about it this year. After been given a total time period of six months to live, she chose to end her life by choosing to do it her own way on November 1st, 2014. During her last stages, her husband held her in his arms.

Their love story has been mentioned below.

Brittany Murphy met Dan Diaz in the April of 2007 where they both fell in love. He discovered later on that Brittany was not only beautiful from the outside but also from the inside, as reported by PEOPLE magazine.

Dan Diaz is Husband of Brittany Maynard, 'Death with Dignity' Advocate 3

In a telephone interview he revealed that, “She is someone special.” He also revealed how great it was to known such an energetic and charming woman like.

As it is fully legal to end a life for some terminally ill patients in Oregon, Brittany Maynard chose to do that at the age of 29 this Saturday by taking the medications she was given by her doctor.

The state’ s Death with Dignity Act was acquired by Brittany’ s mother, Debbie Ziegler, 56 and stepfather, Gary Holmes, 72, this year after they moved to Oregon with her.

She also fought with Compassion? & ?Choices, which is an organization that does end-of-life advocacy, to gain worldwide access of this law.

Their love story was shared with Diaz PEOPLE three weeks before Brittany Maynard died.

Dan Diaz was 35, and a bachelor, while Brittany Maynard was 23 when they first met. After five years of bliss and romance, they decided to marry. “I wanted to marry the person I loved and for me that was Brittany” , Dan, 43, told PEOPLE.

Reminiscing about his wife, Dan revealed that his wife often used to joke about him remaining single for so long – and to that he would say that he met his match in her.

He went on to share that Brittany was the person who he wanted to share the rest of his life with. They were married in September 2012 after Dan proposed to Brittany in May that year.

Their Wedding

The couple was married at Beltane Ranch in California’ s wine country.

According to Dan, their wedding was an extra special affair. “Brittany did so much of everything and made it extra special.” The guests arrived shortly after.

Their wedding was the best, according to Dan’ s and Brittany’ s friends. Moreover, the couple has also taken waltz lessons for their first dance in which Brittany excelled while Dan did need some help.

He went on to reveal that they even danced on Nat King’ s “L-O-V-E” . Their dance routine was nothing exclusive but was loved, nevertheless.

Their Honeymoon

On their honeymoon, Brittany wanted some adventure even when Dan wasn’ t much into it, but they decided to hit Patagonia. According to Dan, it was spectacular and something he would never forget.

From glaciers to a whole lot of nature, they experienced everything together. He fondly remembers their brief time of hiking and being pampered.

It was most of what Brittany wanted, which included exploring the outdoors mostly – and that surely was the most relaxing thing ever. “We would hit back the hotel after to relax for good” , Dan said remembering his beautiful time on their honeymoon with his wife.

The couple spent a total of ten days there where he revealed that the longest hikes they did was of ‘nine miles’ , he said. He went on to say that most for him, it was the perfect honeymoon and was clearly an exceptional adventure.

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds To Wait On Finding Out Gender!

Superstar Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child together, after two years of marriage. US Magazine is reporting that Lively and Reynolds have elected to find out the gender of their baby after it’s born. That goes against the popular trend of finding out a head of time, to make sure you get the proper color schemes going. However maybe Lively and Reynolds will bring back an older trend of not knowing the gender ahead of time.blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-467Lively,27, a former Gossip Girl, surprised her fans last month when she announced via her lifestyle website that she was in fact pregnant. She put the words “the creation of family” with her picture, showing her to be only slightly pregnant last month. Some have been speculating that she is perhaps further along then originally intended, but nevertheless, she appears to be glowing, and happy, as she makes appearances around Los Angeles and other cities. Lively married actor Ryan Reynolds,38, in 2012.

The two actors met on the set of the 2011 Green Lantern film. Reynolds who was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He came from very humble beginnings. His father is a grocery salesperson, and his mother was a retail clerk. He has two brothers that are both police officers. One of them with the very elite Canadian Royal Mounted Police. Reynolds had many roles in various comedy movies and action thrillers. He had roles in The X Men and The Flash and several other films. His role as the husband of Blake Lively didn’t come come without some very high profile other romances. In 2002 he started dating pop singer and fellow Canadian Alanis Morissete in 2002. They became engaged in 2004, and called off their engagement in 2007. Morissete was said to be very heart broken at her failed romance with Reynolds penned some songs about him. He started dating actress Scarlett Johansson shortly after he broke up with Morissete. He would go on to marry Johansson in 2008 only to break up and  divorce the actress two years later in 2010.

There have been rumblings about Reynolds’ sexuality for years, however he has never come forward and addressed the many rumors. He started dating Lively in 2011 and married her a year later in 2012, and now they are pregnant. He is eleven years older then Lively, and she has said that he’s an excellent husband to have a child with, because she is certain he will be a great father. An insider says she is glowing and really feeling confident and is relaxed and in a really good place. The source went on to say, that the couple really wants to be surprised regarding the gender of their soon to be born baby. They like all other couples are just hoping for a healthy baby, and they will be absolutely thrilled with either a boy or a girl. Most people or fans of both of them whole hardheartedly agree that the baby will be very beautiful like it’s parents.

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9 Things You Should Know about Ronda Kamihira, Bruce Jenner’s Girlfriend?

According to reports, Kris Jenner is planting the whole romantic situation between Ronda Kamihira and Bruce Jenner in order to have an interesting storyline for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. ‘It’s purely false that they are seriously dating’ a source told Radar Online.’Bruce suspects that the false rumours are coming from Kris’ camp, and knows it’s being used for the upcoming season of KUWTK.’ Anyway, here is a list of nine little known things about Ronda Kamihira.Ronda Kamihira 9 Things You Should Know

1) They both like golf.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenner and Kamihira are both great fans of golf. Jenner’s passion for the sport was often shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but Kris was never shown to share it and was not fond of it.

2) She resembles Kris.

Kris looks pretty good for her age but whether that is thanks to plastic surgery or genes, one can never know. Kamihira is another lady who looks younger than her years. Plus, she also has dark hair and eyes with an olive complexion exactly like Kris’.

3) Kris and Kamihira went on a holiday together.

According to People magazine, Jenner’s ex-wife and current girlfriend actually went on a holiday together a few months ago. They stayed at Joe Francis’ Punta Mita place in the area. There is also a picture of the two ladies from a few years ago showing them in Dubai, TMZ reports. Awkward!Ronda Kamihira 9 Things You Should Know 3

4) Kamihira has known the Jenner and Kardashians families for quite some time.

According to TMZ the three separate entities have known each other for more than two decades and were even neighbours when the lived in Hidden Hills. They even used to go holidaying together. As is obvious in an Instagram post by Kamihira, their kids are close as well. “Kendall and Kylie grew up with her two kids and have been their best friends,” an insider told People.

5) She’s not social media friendly.

Both Jenner and Kamihira seem to have an aversion to social media. While the former has no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, the latter has not used her Facebook and Twitter for many a year. Her Instagram usage is minimal. Kris is very active on all three websites.

6. Ronda used to work for Kris as her PA.

Now that is how one mixes business with pleasure. New Personal Assistants in Hollywood should learn from her ad take notes.

7. Their children were raised together.

According to People, Kendall and Kylie are good childhood friends with Kamihira’s kids and even post pictures with them on Instagram.

8. She’s loves dogs

Kamihira’s Instagram account is filled with photographs of a white pooch.

9. She’s not a vegetarian

Judging from an Instagram image of her breakfast of eggs benedict, which was made for her by her daughters, she is not a vegetarian.

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