Vanessa Macias, Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend, Is Her Own Person In Spite Of High Profile Romance!

Vanessa Macias,34, Tim Duncan’s girlfriend, has some pretty impressive accomplishments of her own, in spite of her high profile romance with basket baller Tim Duncan. The Texas native took to entertainment at a very young age, when she would strive to be the center of attention. Macias has a degree in journalism for the University of North Texas. Vanessa has some reporting jobs covering local news when she graduated from high school and during her college years.Tim-Duncan-girlfriend-Vanessa-Macias_thumb

Her first job out of college was a reporting job with a travel show called ‘Show Me Texas’. She also did some morning TV shows, primarily with CBS. She was also the host of Texas based travel show, “Vamos”. She currently is the announcer for the San Antonio Missions Baseball team. She also became more known on a national level when she was a contestant traveling the world on ‘The Amazing Race. Macias has been a longtime fan of the San Antonio Spurs prior to her relationship with Tim Duncan. She seems very passionate about her loyalty to the team. She is equally passionate about calling out bad inappropriate behavior by unruly fans.

During a game where many fans left the stadium in game three. Many fans were seen leaving when the score was 105 to 90 and three minutes left in the game. Vanessa was at the game wasn’t going to let the fans who left early go unnoticed. She posted both a video and a picture of the crowd to put the fans that left on blast. She accompanied the pictures with her brand of sarcasm , “Miami fans so loyal, beat the traffic” she wrote. Tim Duncan easily gets overshadowed by his  popular outgoing girlfriend.

In a post interview Duncan discussed his number 5 win, he said it was unbelievable feeling. He also talked to Dave Letterman after his fifth win. He said he felt the last time around he felt he could at least do one more year and be effective. He said he sees David Robinson quite frequently. Asked what he would like to do if he doesn’t play anymore. He said he wasn’t sure, he’s thinking about coaching, but he’s not sure. He said he loves cars, and may want to be around cars post basketball. Duncan said of the travel, the schedule is a grind, but it’s something you get used to. Duncan and Macias have been an item for almost three years now. She first linked to Duncan when she was spotted sitting court side as several Spurs games. She confirmed shortly after she was asked, that she was indeed dating Duncan. She has been very guarded about the relationship, saying “I respect Tim’s request for privacy.” This isn’t the first time that Macias has found herself in the spotlight due to a romance. When she appeared on the Amazing Race in 2012 she appeared on the sow with her ex boyfriend Ralph Kelly, she finished the show in 4th place, which was a respectable showing. She has been the first girlfriend of Duncan’s since the basketball players bitter divorce from wife Amy Duncan.

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Khloe Kardashian Still Legally Married To Lamar Odom 2 Years After Filing For Divorce!

Reality star Khloe Kardashian,30, is still legally wed to her husband, former NBA player Lamar Odom, 35. She filed for divorce from the 6 foot 10 Odom in December of 2013. Supposedly Odom has not signed off on the paper work and that is the reason being sited for the legally married status the two still have. However in California Kardashian could have easily filed a ‘Divorce in Absentia’, meaning the other spouse is not cooperating or not taking an active part in the divorce proceedings. Reports are circulating now that Odom is actively trying to gain favor from his estranged wife.Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Leave Dinner In NYC

There are also reports that Kardashian’s on again off again boyfriend little known rapper French Montana, 30, is also actively pursuing Kardashian. Sources connected to the situation have told OK Magazine that once Montana found out that Odom is trying to get his wife’s attention, French  is now actively pursuing Kardashian again. Some naysayers  have speculated that the Montana/Kardashian relationship was purely manufactured for a reality show story line. A lonesome Khole is not as interesting as a paired up one.

The relationship between Montana and Kardashian has been playing out over on the E Network on the spin off reality show ‘Khole and Kourtney Take The Hamptons’. Khole reportedly is basking in all the attention she is now getting. Both Odom and Montana are both going through exorbitant measures to win her favor say reports. One insider has gone so far as to say that Khole is now going through many dinner requests and receives flowers hourly from the two. Sounds like it could be some made up melodrama, or it could be true. However the fact that Khole and Lamar Odom are still legally married over two marafter the initial divorce filing, has raised eyebrows in many quarters.

Many in the know have speculated that the Khole is still secretly hoping that she and Lamar Odom can reconcile and be reunited. The divorce filing was in answer to a long estrangement during which Odom was plagued  with substance abuse issues, and publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his wife on numerous occasions. Odom started playing basketball professional in 1999 with the Los Angeles Clippers, he had a solid career for several years. When he met Kardashian in 2009 he was with the prestigious LA Lakers in California. He and the reality star married in a lavish Beverly Hills wedding in September of 2009. The wedding was a televised special on Khole’s reality show. The two were given a spin off show, ‘ ‘Khole & Lamar’ which debuted on April 10, 2011. The show was cancelled after two seasons for dismal ratings.

Many have speculated that Odom’s involvement with the high profile reality show family was the beginning to the end of Odom’s basketball career. While the E television cameras followed Odom around and on the court, the Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks. he never was able to recapture the initial basketball steam he once had after that. It will be interesting to see what he future holds for this now unemployed former basketball star and Kardashian, who some speculate will also be without a show soon.

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Stuart Scott ESPN Anchor Loses Battle With Cancer Dead At 49!

Sad news in the sports world today, legendary sportscaster Stuart Scott,49, died of complications from cancer. ESPN made the official announcement Sunday morning. Scott spoke out about his cancer publicly in July. He said just because you die of cancer doesn’t mean you lost to cancer. It’s how you live your life while you have cancer that matters. The high profile sportscaster got his start in radio in college at the University of North Carolina. He was a student there are worked on the college radio station. After he graduated he landed a job at WPDE -TV in Florence, South Carolina for two years.Stuart_Scott_2008

He worked a series of radio positions and went on to WESH TV an affiliate of NBC in Orlando, Florida. Scott was hired on at ESPN2 in 1993 as a host of a new show, that was developed for him, Sportsnight. He worked as a host of several sports related shows, outside of ESPN as well. He was the host of NFL Match Up, NFL Live, NFL PrimeTime and NFL Countdown. He had two daughters Taelor and Sydni Scott. He has also hosted a number of reality shows. Some of them, Stump the Schwab, Teammates and Dream Job. Scott suffered a very serious eye injury while covering a football camp in 2002. He was at the New York Jets mini camp in April, and was hit in the face with a football, while he stood on the sidelines. The ball his eye, he underwent eye surgery, which kept him off of ESPN for over 2 months while he recovered.

He continued to have residual side affects from the accident for years afterward. Scott continued you suffer from ill health in the yeas after the accident. In 2007 he had to undergo emergency appendectomy surgery. Cancer was discovered during that surgery. He had to continue receiving chemo therapy for the cancerous cells that were discovered. His ESPN colleagues and athletes publicly expressed their support for Scott. Again in 2011, Scott was informed that cancer had returned, and he again had to go through a chemotherapy regimen. Several months into treatment, Scott was declared to be in remission. Scott was diagnosed again with cancer in January 2013. What followed was ongoing radiation and chemotherapy and surgery.

He was honored in 2014 by ESPYS with a Jimmy V award for Perseverance for his battle against cancer, he said” You know tomorrow all my boys are going to be like, I saw you at the ESPYS with Peton Manning. Everyday I’m reminded that life’s journey is really about the people who touch us. When I first heard that I was going to be honored with this reward, the first thing I did, I was speechless briefly. I presented this reward before, I watched in awe as people like Eric Legrand and Kyle Dake, and all these other great people graced this stage. Although intellectually I get it, I’m a public figure, I’m battling cancer, hopefully I’m inspiring, at my gut level, I really don’t think I belong with those great people.”


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Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly (Ashley Parks Kelly) Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly!

For Ashley Kelly (Ashley Parks Kelly), wife of Boston Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly, being around professional baseball is nothing new. You see Ashley is the daughter of Derek Parks, who was a catcher for the Minnesota Twins in the 90’s. The former Ashley Parks knows her a way around the diamond. She spent considerable time with her mom Danielle and sisters, Chelsea and Delaney watching her father play professional baseball. When Derek Parks retired from playing baseball, the family moved back to their roots in Southern California. They settled in Rancho Cucamonga.Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly wiki bio photos 2

Ashley was raised with a very healthy love of sports, having found her niche in soccer. She started to excell at soccer so much so that she played varsity soccer at Los Osos High School. She was also the captain of her high school cheer leading squad. Ashely recounts several hours and long days of soccer practice, so much so that she says her social life suffered as a result of all the practices. However her hard work and long hours did not go unnoticed. She was awarded an athletic scholarship for her soccer abilities, to the University of California, Riverside. She played all for years on the soccer team at UCR. She earned her Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary studies. It was while she was a student at UCR she would meet her future husband Joe Kelly. After college Ashley started her professional career in 2011 working in the sales department for the Los Angeles Clippers.Baseball Runs In The Blood Of Ashley Kelly Wife Of MLB Player Joe Kelly wiki bio photos

She was hired on at Chivas USA which facilitates youth soccer programs. Ashley counts soccer legend David Beckham as a close friend, she says she had an amazing time working for the sports organizations she did.

Ashley’s husband is also from Southern California. He grew up in Anaheim not far from Disneyland. The family moved to Corona CA when he was 11. He started to seriously play baseball as a young boy, and quickly excelled it, drawing notices from many coaches and managers in the area. He was a high school stand out baseball player at Corona High School, where played varsity baseball. He received a scholarship to play division one baseball at the University California, Riverside.  Ashley and Joe both used the various gyms at UCR. They also found themselves in many of the same classes as scholarship athletes at the University. The started to date in their sophomore year at the University and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. The two started living together in their junior year of college. The became engaged on December 31, 2012 the Huntington Beach Dog Park, with their two beloved dogs in two. The two were married in front of friends and family in a semi lavish wedding at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont, CA. They were wed on November 23rd, 2013. So they are not yet married a year, and say they are newlyweds now, but expect to be on “their honeymoon forever”. They credit college with the start of everything wonderful in their lives, an education, playing the sports they love and finding their soul-mates.

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Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) No Longer A Caddie For PGA Husband Patrick Reed!

Now that pretty blond Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) married the man she was golf caddy for, her services are longer required. Karain and PGA golfer Patrick Reed are now husband and wife, and he has a new male caddy to take her place.Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) No Longer A Caddie For PGA Husband Patrick Reed

Karain an avid golfer herself, is now happily Mrs. Patrick Reed. He has two championship wins under his belt, the Wyndham in August of 2013 and the Humana challenge in January of this year. His beautiful wife Justine who he married in 2012 was also a former 24 hour care nurse, who grew up in Houston, Texas. In addition to be a recreational golfer, she was a competitive soccer player and swimmer. After she graduated from High School she went on to college to pursue a life long dream of becoming a nurse. She graduated from Our lady of the lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Impressively she earned two Bachelor’s degrees one in Nursing and one in Health Services Administration. Justine says the things that are most important to her now are her husband, her family and competition. Interestingly Mrs. Reed did act as his golf caddy after they married in 2012. When she learned she was pregnant with a girl, she stopped being his caddy, and her brother Kessler Karain became Reed’s caddy. The couple had a daughter in May Windsor-Wells. Now Justine Karain Reed is a devoted golf wife and doting first time mom.

When Reed started competing  in professional golf tournaments in 2012 he and Justine had already been dating for three years. Besides Kessler she also has two other siblings another brother Dan and a sister, Kristine. It is through her sister Kris that Justine met her future husband. Kristine and Patrick Reed were friends and classmates at LSU, Louisiana Laboratory School in Baton Rouge. Justine was working on her nursing degree nearby. Justine said that the very first day they met she knew he would be her husband. They became engaged on January 9th, 2012, the day their beloved LSU football team were in the playoffs. Justine has said it was a mutual decision for her not to be his caddy anymore, but it was still very difficult not being his caddy for the first time. She said she got very used to carrying his 45 pound around for five miles. She not only was used to it, she really enjoyed doing it, and felt it was an important factor in his game, that she was always right there. Being off the course and not being his caddy has been tough, now she is his cheerleader. She is always at every game, tournament and practice session, cheering him on, and offering up sometimes constructive criticism. Her husband also grew up in Texas but in San Antonio, but the family relocated to Baton Rouge Louisiana shortly before he started high school. He graduated from University High School in Baton Rouge, where he excelled on the golf team. While still in high school he won the 2006 junior  British Open and also won the state medalist honors in 2007.

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Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Sad news in the sports world coming out of the Nashville area. Rob Bironas, billed as one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL lost his life in a car accident, he was 36. He died less than a mile from the home he shared with his wife Rachel Bradshaw, daughter of football great Terry Bradshaw.Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas

Bironas was said to be driving at excessive speeds when his 2009 GMC truck he was driving took a curve too fast and crashed. Authorities are saying Bironas died instantly of his injuries. Bironas a newlywed having only married Bradshaw in June, did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system. His father in law Terry, was not at his commenting gig on Fox NFL Sunday, so he could by his daughter’s side. Rachel Bradshaw,25, is an aspiring country music singer, who has struggled to step away from the shadow of her very famous father, Terry. Bradshaw has been a performer since the age of nine where she grew up in Dallas, Texas. Bradshaw performed as a singer at various trade shows, country fairs, and rodeos throughout Texas for several years, always with the support and watchful eye of her mother. Her mother Charla Hopkins is an attorney and the 3rd wife of Terry Bradshaw, she has a sister Erin. Bradshaw and Rachel’s mother Charla divorced after 16 years of marriage. She credits her father Terry, for introducing her to country music, and says it was playing in her house growing up.

Rachel Bradshaw Mourns The Loss Of Husband Rob Bironas 2

Bradshaw graduated from Belmont University in Memphis only three years ago. She was writing songs while a student there, she collaborated on a best selling country western song, “What Do You Want.” It was recorded by singer, Jerrod Niemann, Bradshaw sang backup vocals on the song. She had her first major singing tour this past January while she was still dating Bironas, who was then a kicker for the Tennessee Titans Football team. She signed a record deal with ‘Nashville’s Bigger Picture Group’ in 2012, however her debut album was released this past April. Career wise Bradshaw was on the fast track for success. Her personal life seemed rosy as well, with a new marriage to Bironas less then three months ago. She embarked on a musical tour with country singer Josh Turner this past winter, to rave reviews. Her father former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, and her then fiance Bironas were seen at many appearances on her tour, lending their support. Back in January when Bradshaw was interviewed about her upcoming tour and wedding, she said she never thought she would marry an athlete, but you can’t predict who you’re going to love she said. She also said that Bironas and her father got along very well and had become good friends. In November she sang the National Anthem before a Steelers game in Heinz Field, her then fiance and father were both in the stands rooting her on. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. Handlers who managed by Bradshaw and Bironas’ business affairs, are asking for privacy.


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Fanny Robert Neguesh is Mario Balotelli’s New Belgian Model Girlfriend (wiki, photos)

Fanny Robert Neguesh is Mario Balotelli’s new girlfriend now! Fanny Robert Neguesh, 22 year old Belgian model, recently spotted showing off her tattoo on her neck accompanied by Mario Balotelli. The tattoo is African shaped, displaying Fanny Robert Neguesh’s love for Mario, who just start with his impressive AC Milan career, £19 million switch back to Milan. 

Fanny Robert Neguesh not only had this tattoo, she had another tattoo showing a message-designed at her inner arm in Milan to stress her love again for her boyfriend. I wonder if she is going to engrave other tattoo on her other body part in other languages too?

In the photo below, Fanny Robert Neguesh is showing off her tattoos! Seems she had tattoos on her fingers too, which read: LOVE? or “tattoo”… and on her wrist which is a kind of flower

mario balotelli's girlfriend

(pic from

See the couple seems just had happy times together! Oh I forgot to mention that it’s not long ago that Mario Balotelli’s ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico just gave birth to his baby, but Mario couldn’t wait to move on already.

fanny neguesha picture 1

Pic from Instagram

Mario Balotelli left Manchester City because of his fallings-out with his previous boss Roberto Mancini, now he seems not only gained a more potential career in Milan but also gained true love from this beautiful model!

Fanny Robert Neguesh is very pretty girl and have sweet smile and has amazing curve! That’s why Mario Balotelli can’t stop moving on and totally forgot his new baby. 

In the pic, maybe she is considering other places to get more tattoos, as it’s clear she had a lot of places to engrave the tattoos.

mario balotelli girlfriend 2 

Their relationship can be traced back to January 2013 when it’s reported that Fanny Robert Neguesh and Mario Balotelli spend night together in Manchester on January 10, 2013.

mario balotelli girlfriend 4

Then one month later, they were showing off their love in public!

With Milan leading after goals from Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari during the last-16 second-leg clash, Balotelli and Robinho were spotted dancing around in the stands with pals. 

Fanny Robert Neguesh was held closely by her new boyfriend and seemed very comfortable.


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Warren Lahoud- Reeva Steenkamp’s Ex-Boyfriend

Warren Lahoud was Reenkamp’s boyfriend for quite a long while, according to a close friend of Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp dated Warren Lahoud for five years before she became romantically involved with Oscar who has been accused of premeditated murder of Reeva who was shot by the double amputee on Valentine’s Day in his home in Pretoria, South Africa.

warren lahoud reeva steenkamp pictures

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Teressa Stann is UFC Brian Stann’s Wife

Check MMA Brian Stann’s stunning wife, her name is Teressa Stann and we have quite a few interesting things to share with you about her, plus don’t miss Mrs. Stann’s pics and video after the jump.

Teressa Stann MMA Brian Stann wife

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