Paris Jackson Deposed In Katherine Jackson’s Wrongful Death Suit (Video)

Paris Jackson Deposed In Katherine Jackson’s Wrongful Death Suit



Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s 14- year-old daughter, was deposed in her Katherine Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit on Thursday.

 Paris Jacksonparis-jackson wrongly death lawsuit

This wrongful death suit is a hot spot now because Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s children are suing billions of dollars against AEG Live, the company responsible for Michael Jackson’s death because because AEG live hired Dr. Conrad Murray; the trial will begin in Los Angeles next month.

It’s reported that in questioning of Jackson’s kids, the lawyers for AEG Live, behaved “aggressively and erratically”. Similar things happened when AEG Layers questioning of Katherine Jackson who has been 82 years old, it’s said these lawyers deposed Katherine for 9 hours over 3 days while this should have been done within a much short time.

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Brothers in Arms: Pope and Ex-Pope

It was first of such incident in the last 600 years when Pope Francis went to the southern part of Rome to have a tete-a-tete with his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. It was an initiative of the newly elected Pope Francis who took a helicopter ride to go the summer residence of the Pope Emeritus which is located inside Gandolfo Castle. He has made it his home since abdicating the title on 28th of February.

In the photos that have been released by the Vatican, the two clergymen can be seen embracing each other, dressed in similar white robes and small white skull caps. In the photos, Pope Francis can be seen wearing cassock and a cape over it. There is also a white sash on his waist. These happen to be the only little differences in the attires of the two men held in high esteem by the Catholics all over the world. Benedict, who is reportedly feeling the chills, was seen wearing a thick vest over the cassock.

Pope Francis meets Pope Benedict

The two elderly men went to the residence of the ex Pope in a car and prayed together. Before having lunch together that was also attended by their secretaries, the two Popes had a long talk with each other in complete privacy for nearly 45 minutes. Later, Father Federico Lombardi, who is the official spokesman of the Vatican, described the visit as a family affair.

When Pope Benedict tried to offer a place of honor while praying to Pope Francis, he declined the offer saying that the two of them were like brothers who would pray together. Photos reveal that the two clergymen prayed together at the same church bench.

Pope Benedict & Pope Francis Praying together.

When Lombardi was asked questions about Benedict relinquishing Papal crown instead of ruling till death, he said that it was only natural and very normal as Pope Benedict felt he had grown too old to face the rigors of the duty. Before he gave up his crown, Pope Benedict expressed his desire to pray in privacy and remain hidden from the world during his last days.

Benedict had said he would unconditionally support the new Pope and this meeting gave him an opportunity to affirm his pledge publically. Lombardi declined to comment on the topic of conversation between the two men but it is believed that the talk centred on administration inside the Vatican.

However, Pope Benedict is believed to have handed over his report over the leaks scandal, called Vatileaks. A butler inside the Vatican had leaked some papal documents to media after stealing them from the desk of the Pope. Though the accused butler was sentenced to 18 months in prison, Pope Benedict pardoned him on Last Christmas.

image 3

Though the meeting of the two Popes has been welcomed by everyone, there are some who have expressed their concern. Hans Kung, who is a Swiss Theologian, is of the view that Pope Benedict would become a shadow of the Pope and influence his decisions. If Francis tries to change some of Benedict’s policies, he could polarize the church.

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio is his Holiness Pope Francis I

Catholics all over the world are welcoming the new Pope, the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, the successor of Saint Peter, the Apostle. HABEMUS PAPAM! ABBIAMO PAPA! THERE IS A NEW POPE! Meet Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis I.


Pope Francis I

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Monica Burgos is Bruce Beresford Redman’s Wife

Have you hard about this horror story?? It might as well be something out from the survivors producer’s mind!! Here the story about his diseased wife who after a vacation never came back home.

monica burgos

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Rosines Chavez is Hugo Chavez’ Daughter!

Rosines Chavez is Hugo Chavez’s daughter! Now that passionate Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has passed at 58 years old we wonder about his family and loved ones left behind …One of those close to the man, the father and not the president is youngest daughter Rosines Chavez.


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Chris Stark BBC reporter interviews Mila Kunis!!


British radio personality has turned into one viral sensation after interviewing one of  Hollywood’s hottest actresses Mila Kunis.


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Amanda Setton is Marron Five Adam Levine’s Secret Girlfriend!

Adam Levine strikes again! The front man and lead singer and also judge at the hit TV show The Voice has put his loving eyes on 27 year old actress Amanda Setton!

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Juliette Hohnen is actor Steven Weber’s Wife!

Juliette Hohnen age 48 might as well be known in the Hollywood industry by her famous husband as well as for being a standard at MTV Europe before moving to the U.S.


London native, she first tried her luck at the less conventional MTV, it seems she enjoyed the behind the scenes kind of role particularly when she developed the  UK version of Entertainment Tonight; once she moved to the United States she tried her luck moving into print journalism, she wrote articles for Harpers and Queen and Tatler.

The mom of two has also a side to her for which she gained some really cool list of friends, let’s say that kind of peeps you would dream to hang out with if you lived around the L.A area as she does, I’m talking about her designing skills gained her some one on one time with A-listers like Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell and Bruce Springsteen! She must be doing something right wouldn’t you say!!!

This multitalented woman not only has some cool designing wit she went to school for it! She studied interior design and she received a degree while attending the University in London. Juliette designed several homes which have become the cover for some important magazines. Her style is defined as having a flare for usable but expansive living space.

Living in glam land she has earned a recognition for throwing parties which attend her star friends and non the less she is married to one! I’m talking about actor husband Steven Webber, they have two children together Jack and Alfie. Sadly it seems after 17 years of marriage they are calling it quits!!!

Webber best known from the ’90s show Wings and wife have been separated since October and filed for divorce in February citing “irreconcilable differences.”  Wow! wonder what happened there! Well one way or another we’ll find out!

weber familySteven Weber Juliette Hohnen juliette hohnenWeber-kids

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John Bluher Taylor Armstrong New Boyfriend

Meet John Bluher he is a successful lawyer and according to media he might be Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong’s new  attorney and boyfriend, so who is this John? Want to know? We can tell you!!

John Bluher Taylor Armstrong lawyer boyfriend photos

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Matthew Terry Male Model in Calvin Klein’s SuperBowl Commercial

Here it is ladies the sexy male model showing his chisel body in a pair od Calvin Klein underwear in one of the many expensive Super Bowl commercial is Matthew Terry!!

Matthew Terry Calvin Klein superbowl picMatthew Terry Calvin Klein superbowl

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