Exclusive: Is Actress Kristen Stewart Finally Ready To Come Out Of The Closet?

Actress Kristen Stewart,24, has been openly converting with a rumored girlfriend. She has been seen over the holidays with 28 year old Alicia Cargile. They spent New Years in Hawaii and were photographed frolicking on the beach, looking very cozy. Again the two were seen on the beach in Malibu, CA on Monday playing ball with a black dog. The two are now living together in Stewart’s Los Feliz mansion. Fandaily.Info can exclusively report that according to a very reliable source, Stewart was involved in a beard relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Patterson, since the two met in 2008. An executive with Summit Entertainment told that “Kristen and Rob just laid on the affection for the cameras. It was good press for the franchise. They never publicly confirmed anything. The pretend relationship catapulted the movies to the crazed levels it attained.”

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Stewart and Cargile walking near their LA Home.

Rumors had been circulating for years that the relationship between Steward and Pattinson was fake, and just a method to increase movie dollars.  The source at Summit Entertainment said “You have to keep in mind Kristine was just a kid when she was catapulted to fame, it took all of them by storm. No one could expect the level of fame they were able to get, and at the rate they got it.” The source went on to reveal another shocking bit of news. He said “in some cases stars don’t come out to a studio, especially such young actors,  but in this case all three of the leads in the franchise are gay, so the powers that be set the cover wheels in motion right at the start gate.”

The source said that “Let’s be honest here, this isn’t shocking, so many actors are in the closet, for every one that’s out, another 100 are in.” The source was asked why he thought so many are still in the closet, after all it’s 2015. He explained “Well, there are a few reasons, some are not out to anyone, but it’s all about money, a lot of them think they won’t work as much if everyone knew. Maybe they wouldn’t, on either coast it wouldn’t matter, if so and so and were gay, but in the middle of the country, it would be harder to push a gay actor in a straight role. There are a few token actors that are out, and play straight, but the vast majority just stay in the closet their entire careers. They have relationships with other equally famous in the closet actors or high profile people, that way no one talks.”  Of Stewart the source said, “She always seemed so very unhappy to me, maybe she just doesn’t give a **** anymore, and she’s ready to live her life and be her true self.”

The source said that Stewart and Cargile are intimately involved and have been for around five months. Alicia Cargile, 28, is a Visual Effects Producer at Nomad Editing in Santa Monica, Ca. The two have known each other for quite some time according to the source, and now are living together and seemingly happy and “taking it to the next level.”



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Scott Disick Partying Hard Again Without Kourtney In Aspen!

Party Boy Scott Disick, 31, father of 3 one of which is just a few weeks old is out and about again. This time he’s in the winter wonderland of Aspen, CO. Multiple sources are reporting on Disick’s escapades with a group of friends. The group spent the weekend in at the ultra luxury Hotel Jerome in downtown Aspen. A long time  haunt for the rich and famous, Disick’s antics did not disappoint. Other guests at the five star hotel, reportedly were not happy with the self proclaimed royal reality star and his friends. They were supposedly very noisy, smoked pot and cigarettes in rooms that were designated as ‘non smoking’. They also reportedly drank like famished water buffalo through the weekend. Racking up a bar tab of over 1500 dollars.scott-disick-lg

The group kicked off the weekend by one of Disick’s friends making off with a 400 dollar bottle of wine. Disick reportedly made nice with the hotel manager, but their stay was not looked at with any type of affection by the staff or other guests. No word on if Disick was spotted on the famous Rocky Mountain slopes, it appears he may have been to ‘sick’ to ski’.

Meanwhile Disick’s long-time girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, 35, was home in Calabasas, CA with the couples three children. The pair just welcomed a son on December 18th, Reign who joined big brother Mason,5 who now shares a birthday with his younger brother. There is also a daughter Penelope, 2 years old. The two have been a couple for almost ten years, without the benefit of marriage. Disick has been a part of the reality show family since it made it’s debut in 2007. His personal battles and demons have been prominently showcased for the show’s duration.

Disick who doesn’t appear to have any type of career path or passion, seems to just exist,. His parents both passed away weeks apart in 2014. His mother Bonnie died first in February after a long illness. Her only child, Scott and her husband Jefferey were at her side in the hospital when she passed away. Six weeks later his father Jefferey died suddenly at the family home on Long Island, NY. He was said to be devastated by the losses, and was extremely close to both of his parents.

He seemed to be making progress as far as his quest for sobriety only to be challenged again after the deaths of both of his parents. Last June he was seen on his reality show being rushed to the hospital as a result of alcohol poisoning. He was admitted into rehab shortly after his hospitalization. He was making strides, but fell of the wagon not long after he left rehab, for a reported 7th stay. Friends and family have been voicing their concerns about Disick’s well being and overall health. The matter has not been addressed publicly for several months. Nothing seems to be slowing Disick’s hard partying ways down, not even even a newborn at home. Time will tell what becomes of this troubled ‘reality star’, his fans are rooting for him!

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Stephen Collins And Estranged Wife Faye Grant Still Dueling In Divorce Court!

Multiple sources are reporting on the continued divorce saga between actors Stephen Collins and his estranged actress wife Faye Grant. Collins,67 and Grant,57, have been married since 1985. Collins filed for divorce in 2012, but the the couple are still legally married, as a divorce judge hears arguments from both sides in an LA divorce court. The battling duo have a grown daughter Kate Collins,25. New legal questions have now surfaced in the contentious divorce precedings. It involved the matter of the tape that Grant made. Grant tape recorded a marriage counseling session that the couple attended in 2012. At the session a marriage therapist mediates a meeting between the couple.

On the tape Collins can be heard confessing to various acts of sexual molestation with under age girls over a span of three decades. Grant taped the session without the knowledge or permission of the therapist or Collins. The tape was eventually acquired by the celebrity gossip site TMZ. The tape could be heard on the site, and it lead to Collins losing some very lucrative acting jobs. Grant has publicly claimed that she never gave the tape to TMZ, she did admit to turning the tape over to the police. Grant has surmised that someone within the police department leaked the tape.

Mark Kaplan an attorney representing Collins is asking the court to consider a claim. Collins claims that because Grant illegally made and released the tape, she has jeopardized any settlement she is entitled to. Kaplan claimed that the release of tape was solely made to benefit Grant financially, for no other reason. Due to the fact that the tape being made public, has prevented Collins from making a living, Collins is no longer entitled to any financial benefit from Collins.

These claims were filed January 8th by Kaplan on behalf of his client, Collins. Sources are saying Grant is confident that the judge will not rule in her estranged husband’s favor. She has steadfastly denied that she had anything to do with the released tape. However Kaplan argued to the court that Collins is currently paying $`13,000 a month in support to Grant. Kaplan has argued that amount was when Collins had a solid career, but now after the tape was released his career is in a tailspin and he really is not working anymore.

The couple are expected back in court on this support matter in court on January 14th, The actual divorce is supposed to start on February 9th. The tape in question first surfaced on TMZ in October 2014. People all across the country have weighed in on the controversy. The court of public opinion reacted fast swift and hard. Most of the people weighing in the tapes, feel that Collins did molest the girls, and he should be punished. Grant says she gave the tape to the police because she didn’t feel that Collins was getting the treatment that he desperately needed, and she was fearful that he would molest girls again, and she didn’t want it on her conscience, if Collins acted again.

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Phylica Rashad Faces Backlash Over Her Defense Of Bill Cosby!

Actress Phylicia Rashad,66, Cosby’s TV wife for 12 years on the Cosby Show, is in damage control mode now. Rashad took to the air on ABC’s Nightline on Wednesday night to clarify some earlier statements she made in an interview. She said on the show she never said “Forget these women”, she said she actually did say it, but she didn’t mean it in the same context it was reported. Phylicia RashadRashad says she was talking about Cosby’s legacy and that was the focus, not the allegations. She she did not feel as though she had the right to speak about any of the allegations against the comic. Rashad is most closely associated  with her role on the Cosby Show, when she played an upper middle class attorney, Clair Huxtable from 1984 to 1992.  Her character was married to Cosby’s character Cliff Huxtable an obstetrician. At the time of the show’s premier in 1982, it was highly lauded as being ground breaking television. It was the first prime time TV show that featured an affluent African American family, with two highly educated professional parents at the forefront.

Bill Cosby came back to television in 1996 with a new show called ‘Cosby’, he again called on Rashad to star in the weekly comedy show as his wife. That show ran for four years with Rashad playing the character of Ruth Lucas. Rashad was ‘married’ on TV longer to Cosby that she was in real life to two of her three husbands. Her first husband Dr. William Bowles, a dentist lasted for three years from 1972 to 1975 and produced one child William Jr. She then married a singer Victor Willis of ‘The Village People’, which lasted just 3 years. She then married former NFL wide receiver Ahmad Rashad in 1985. She started to use her husband’s name professionally. The couple divorced in 2001, they have one daughter Condola, 28.

The number of accusers that have come forward against Bill Cosby grows weekly, the current count is 37. The accusations consists of similar accounts of being drugged and rapped by Cosby. Some of the allegations state that the alleged incidents took place in the 1970’s and some occurred as recently as 2004. Cosby has not addressed the allegations directly, but through his legal team has steadfastly denied all of the allegations. Rashad appeared on ‘Nightline’ and was asked, “What do you say to all these women that painstakingly told these stories of

abuse they were being drugged, they were being rapped.” Rashad responded “What can I say to these women, whom I don’t know. What can I say to things that I am hearing. When I’m telling you what I’ve seen. I’m telling you what I’ve experienced. What can I say?” She was asked what she thought when she first heard the allegations against Cosby. She responded ” I had never heard that before, so that was the first time I was hearing any of that. So I can’t even speak to those things and don’t want to. Regarding her saying ‘Forget those Women’, she said “That was misquote, that is not what I said. I said this is not about the women it’s about that, this about something else. This about the obliteration of legacy.”


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Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered? EXCLUSIVE!

Opinion Editorial By: Donna Thomas, Author/Writer of True crime!

Follow Donna on twitter @msdonnathomas


On November 20, 1987 one Susan Gammill Zaharias, 23 years old and unemployed, packed up her two young children, got in her car, drove off, never to be heard from again. That was the allegation made by Susan’s husband, and the father of those children, Lisa 15 months and Christopher Zaharias,3. The father Louis Zaharias now 60, was 33 in 1987. Zaharias claimed at the time that Susan his wife of 6 years,was a drug addict, and she owed a small fortune to various drug dealers and others. When this case started to unfold in 1987 in Orange County, CA, a full fledged internet was several years away still.christopher-and-lisa-zaharias-3-copy

Mr. Zaharias claims today that he is grief stricken at not being able to have any contact with his two children. Zaharias asserts that Susan along with her family the Gammill’s helped her abduct the couple’s children. He said he has spent a fortune looking for his children over the years. There is a Facebook page, ‘Help Find The Zaharias Children’, where there are many pictures of the children and their mother posted. There are age progression photos as well, telling viewers what the children may look like now. The page claims in the ‘About’ section that all of her family went into hiding, because Susan illegally  took the children and there are warrants out for her arrest in Orange County. When this case was brought to my attention by an intern of mine, I never heard of any of these people. Granted this was 27 years ago in California. So I thought back to where I was in 1987. I was in Colorado, but I have been back and forth between Colorado and California since 1988, and I never heard of this case. This is what I do, and I never heard of the case, so that told me that the case has had no national exposure. So I felt it needed national exposure, how awful for a father to be unlawfully separated from his own children for almost three decades.Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered EXCLUSIVE 2

I contacted the page several times asking for an interview with Louis Zaharias. I got put off, a lot of “we have to ask Louis”, I believe it is Louis himself who runs the page, but he pretends that it’s a team of volunteers. The final message I received from ‘the page’ was “back off”. Louis is sick, Louis is going to school full time, Louis is going to work. I offered the option of a phone interview. Absolutely not I was told, he has no time for a phone interview. He is “going to school from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. I found out where he is working, at a law firm in Huntington Beach, CA. I talked to him on the morning of January 5th at 9 a.m. at his job, where he is a senior law clerk. He said “I can’t talk at work about this, I just got back to work after being off for a year. This is personal, I can’t talk at work, I can call you later.” I informed him that someone from the page said they asked him for an interview and he absolutely will not do an interview. He said ” I know nothing about that, I am very willing to do an interview, I will call you back tonight after I get home from work.”

Shortly after that call ended, a post on the ‘Help Find the Zaharias Children’ page appeared, this was posted 6 minutes after I spoke with Louis Zaharias.

Zaharias Children Missing Or Murdered EXCLUSIVE 3

We have been contacted by a journalist and her researcher. Their offer to do a piece on our case was discussed at length and we declined the offer as we felt this outlet was not one we could work with as they did not come across as sympathetic to our cause and made some fairly negative comments about the children’s father on our main page. We felt that their article would do our cause more harm than good. We politely asked them not to go ahead with the article and received a hostile response back saying they planned to go ahead anyway as they believe there is ‘freedom in the press’ and they had a right to do any story they like

We have had no alternative but to block them from the page as we have learned that despite our request they have tried to contact the children’s father and by doing this showed disrespect for our campaign. ”

Of course I called the father, it’s his children that he clams are missing. He was the last one that saw them alive. Why is he so afraid to talk? What could possibly be said about him that is negative, if what he says happened really happened? This was a good thing that Louis is running scared and posted that, he posted it, but he pretends that someone else is posting it. He couldn’t have told someone that quickly that I called him, if it were someone else doing the posting, so it was him. He filed for a divorce 3 days after he claims that his wife left him. He claims that the day before she left, they got into a huge fight, and because of the fight she left. I have been trying to locate Susan’s family, Louis claims that they are all using other names and went underground, that is simply preposterous. There are traces of them all over the place, Susan’s parents Jay and Norma Jean Gammill, owned an oil company many years after “the abduction”. in Oklahoma, odd?  Making contact with them thus far has been unsuccessful. Why at this point I do not know!

Louis Zaharias has done no media at all before cameras still or moving in 27 years. He did a few interviews right when he claims she disappeared, but none recently or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 26 years ago. Who knows how many other people have tried to interview him? Were told no and just moved on?? This is starting to remind me of another case I was involved with. Scott Peterson did some media right when Laci Peterson disappeared on December 24th, 2002, but as soon as he felt the tides turning on him he stopped cold. Louis moved to Arizona shortly after this incident, he became a teacher in the Phoenix area, he already had a law degree that he earned in 1981, Louis knows the law. Other missing person advocates that have seen this case or are now looking at it, feel that it’s a suspicious case. There is some mention on the Zaharias page, that Louis has been thoroughly checked out in order to be a teacher, he had a clearance by the FBI. Well Scott Peterson didn’t even have a parking ticket, when he strangled his very pregnant wife Laci with his bare hands. He “didn’t want to be in it anymore, so he killed her.” He said to me, in a cell in San Quentin on Death Row, while he was eating a turkey sandwich mind you. Bill Cosby currently has no criminal record either, neither did Ted Bundy, or the BTK killer or countless others.

I only have a few questions to ask him; What was the fight about? There were custody issues, they were both living in the home, why is that? How come you never offered a reward for information leading to a reunion? What are some of the names of the private investigators you hired to help find your family as you assert?  You got a law degree in 1981, but never worked in the legal field until 2010, why? There are no warrants open for your now ex- wife’s arrest, can you explain that? Isn’t it true Louis that there is not a statute of limitations on murder? So it would be prudent for people to believe that she’s alive and the children are alive right, and you’re naturally looking for them?  Life insurance was there any?

There are 3 possible scenarios in this case. The first one being the version that Louis puts out. That Susan Gammill Zaharias, was a drug addict, a horrible despicable person, who only cared about herself, took the two children on a dime and left 27 years ago, took them away, they probably don’t know their real names, and have been “kept” from their father, and they haven’t been seen or heard from ever since. Louis was a great husband and wonderful father who did nothing wrong. I don’t know who else has asked him for an interview, but if this scenario is the real one, Louis and I would be speaking about it right now. He’s never called me back all night, I’ve been sitting all night waiting for Louis to call, he didn’t, imagine that?  Like Ed Smart or Mark Klass and many others spoke out non stop, Louis would also be speaking not hiding. Klass and Smart  and the others that can’t speak out enough are 100% innocent.  I do not believe this version of events.

The second scenario is that Louis was sexually and or physically abusing one, two or all three of them, and Susan went into hiding to get herself and her children away from the abuse. There is a statute of limitations on that type of crime, it’s been 27 years, Louis at this point would not be facing any criminal charges now in 2015 if this were the real version. He would have quietly went away, he wouldn’t be hiding behind

Facebook pages, putting up age progression photos,  he wouldn’t want them found if he was sexually abusing them prior to them leaving, he would just be quiet, not have pages up. If they are alive, he can never be brought up on charges if they are now alive. I do not believe this is the scenario either.

The third one is, Louis and Susan got into a fight, and he snapped and killed her, and killed the children. In this scenario there may or may not be others that were harmed as well.  There is no statute of limitation on murder,  he would be arrested and prosecuted if it is believed that they are dead. He is putting up age progression photos on Facebook and some other missing person sites. Well if they are dead, no one will be seeing them walking around. No one has seen them, not in 27 years, his Facebook pages has been shared thousands of times. Because in my opinion they are not alive and haven’t been for almost 30 years. Louis wants people to believe he still desperately wants to find his children, people must think he’s the victim here. Louis knows all of this, he knows the law, and he is very savvy that way. Ted Bundy knew the law too, he was in law school when he was arrested.

This is an open invitation to anyone in the Gammill family to just verify that Susan and the children are alive or were alive well after Louis claims he last saw them. It’s also an invitation for Louis Zaharias to sit down in person, SKYPE, or have a phone interview with me regarding the whereabouts of his now adult children. I can be contacted via twitter @msdonnathomas, Louis Zaharias has my number……story developing……….





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Chris Rock And Wife Malaak Compton-Rock Split After 18 Years Of Marriage!

Comedian and actor Chris Rock, 49, filed for divorce from his wife of 18 years, multiple sources are reporting. Malaak Compton-Rock and Chris have two daughters together, Lola 12 and Zahra,10. The couple and their children have lived in the very exclusive area of Alpine, New Jersey for several years. There have been rumblings for the last few years that there was trouble in Rock paradise. There was a report last November that Rock had filed for divorce, but the two worked it out, and Rock dismissed the reports as “lies”. Well perhaps, where there is some smoke there is a lot of fire. Looks like the two for whatever reason could not get past the dark times.rock-compton-jpg

Rock has a new film out called ‘Top Five’ that opened December 12  to stellar reviews and big box office, to the tune of 19 millions dollars. Rock wrote, directed and cast his own personal friends in the film. He shot the film in New York in only 19 days. Mrs. Rock is a philanthropist and has been praised by the African American community for her civic minded endeavors. She founded and remains the executive director of the non-profit foundation, ‘StyleWorks’. It helps women become ready for the work force when they are leaving the welfare system. The foundation provides free services such as hair and make up services, as well as clothes for interviews and every day wear.

Rock has been making people laugh since 1984, he received world wide recognition when he joined the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1990. He instantly become widely popular, and started to command six figures when he did his stand up comedy routines across the country. Many reviews regularly referred to Rock as the “Funniest Man In America”. He left SNL in 1993 and went on to appear regularly on “In Living Color”, but the show was cancelled shortly after Rock joined the cast. After the cancellation Rock concentrated on a film career.

He has had dozens of roles with some of his SNL sidekicks, like in a remake of the Burt Reynolds film ‘The Longest Yard’ in 2005, he played Caretaker to Adam Sandler’s Paul Crewe, The film along with the others he appeared in, like ‘Death at a Funeral’ ‘Grown Ups, Bad Company, Down to Earth and many others were widely popular and generated over the top reviews for Rock’s performances.

Rock appeared on the ABC show ‘Kelly & Michael’ earlier in December to promote his film. He talked about turning 50 next year, he said “Next year I turn 75″ but later said he was turning 50. He said “Money is the best lotion in the world, this is what a rich 50 looks like, it looks like 38.” Kelly Rippa congratulated Rock on being named one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine. He jokingly said he had no idea he was on the list this year. He said they “shouldn’t put you on the list when you’re married. What a waste that is.” Rippa asked if his wife thought he was sexy, Rock: “I hope so but I mean it’s just a waste to be on that list if you’re married.”



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Actor Stephen Collins Admits On Camera That He’s A Pedophile!

Disgraced ‘Seventh Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins, told Katie Couric on camera that the sexual assault against minors claims are in fact true. Collins,67, was publicly exposed as a serial pedophile, when an audio recording was released by TMZ in October. Fans and colleagues of Collins were shocked by the allegations. Stephen_CollinsThe audio was made in 2012, and was of Collins his estranged wife Faye Grant and a therapist. Collins says he did not know the therapy session was being taped, and he did not give his consent to the tape being made and or released. He said he had been dealing with sexual predilection towards children for years and very aggressively in private. Collins says he was prepared to deal with his ‘condition’ publicly’ and that he was violated by the sessions being taped. Collins told Couric that there was an incident in 1973, that he exposed him self to a young girl. He said it happened again when the girl came for a visit to him and his first wife, Marjorie Weinman. Collins said he knew that “something terribly wrong had happened, but I couldn’t take it back.”

He went on to say he was a “flawed” person, and that he’s made some serious mistakes, He asserts that the incidents in question all took place from around 1971 to 1994, and that therapy and Christian counseling have completely eliminated any urges he has had to assault minors. He claims he is completely “cured” of this predilection towards children that he has. When Collins and Weinman divorced in 1978 after an eight year marriage, he met fellow actor Grant on a movie set. They dated for 6 years, and married in 1985 and have an adult daughter Kate. Collins filed for divorce in 2012 after 27 years of marriage. The two are still dueling in the courts regarding property and asset distribution. They have yet to finalize their divorce. Further divorce hearings between the two have been delayed until 2015 due to all the publicity the allegations against Collins have generated.

Many leading psychologists are expressing doubts regarding Collins claims that he is now “cured” of his pedophile tendencies. Many are weighing in now, saying  that it’s a disorder that is almost  impossible to cure. Collins has had an acting career that started in the 60’s. When this story first broke the allegations were so dark and disturbing they were hard to believe, but when people heard the actor’s voice, the allegations were presumed to be true. Not that Collins is admitting to the allegations on camera, there leaves no doubt at all. He played the virtuous father and pastor on the TV show Seventh Heaven for 11 years in the 90’s. However the shocking allegations of sexual allegations against minors, he is now known as box office poison that no one wants to be involved with.  Following the October release of the tape, Collins lost acting jobs, and the show that made him the most famous, has been pulled from syndication. After remaining silent since the news broke he is speaking out, in the hopes perhaps of repair his reputation and career.






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Musician Dave Navarro Recalls His Very Painful Past!

Jane’s Addiction front-man, Dave Navarro got real this week with the Huffington Post, recalling a very painful past. Navarro,47 was also a part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The musician grew up in Southern California, and would be the product of a divorced household when he was only 7. His mother Constance Hopkins a fashion and TV model regularly appeared on the TV show, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Dave_Navarro_adjustedWhen young David was only 16, his mother was murdered he and still in High School. She was murdered by her ex boyfriend John Riccardi. He also killed the sister of Constance, which was David’s aunt. Riccardi remained on the run, until a tip was called in to the TV show ‘America’s Most Wanted’. He was arrested 8 years after the murder, he would eventually be found guilty of the murders of both women. Navarro said the murder of both his mother and aunt was a clear example of the seriousness of domestic violence.

Navarro has been lending a lot of time and resources to various domestic violence causes, he believes education is key in fighting it, and fostering healthier relationships. His current project may surprise many of his fans. He’s working on a documentary about his late mother, her life and death. He want’s to let everyone know, change is going to happen. Navarro was famously married to Carmen Electra for a total of 3 years. Navarro blames the media attention on the marriage failure.

He also spoke about overcoming fear and being fearless. He says the murder of his mother and aunt changed on his life. He said it also brought on a lot of fear. At that young age he had to realize that anything could and do happen all the time. He said he spent a lot of years being really nervous about the world, and what could go wrong with the world, instead of looking at what is good about life. He said losing his mother at that young age was devastating, He said he got really involved with music as a result of his mother’s death. The musician also said that he got heavily involved with drugs and spent several years just floundering around.

He said ” I got very close to death, I had to really examine myself and change my behavior.I actually had to change my behavior 100% in order to have what I have now, I really had to change my life. The last before I finally put the drugs down forever, he said he was actually waiting for his dealer to show up with drugs so I could buy more drugs and I passed out. My dealer broke the door down and saved my life. The ironic thing is that when I came to, I wanted to buy more drugs from him. It was that moment when I had the reality check. I was like this is just crazy. But I got off, and sometimes it just takes what it takes. He says he’s been straight for 8 years now, and he liked it much better on this side.



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Supermodel Beverly Johnson Is The Latest Bill Cosby Accuser!

The first African American woman to play  a prominent role in the world of super models, Beverly Johnson,62, is disgraced actor Bill Cosby’s,77, latest nightmare. Johnson has come forward to join a throng of women, who said Cosby drugged and or sexually assaulted them. There are over 30 women that have now come forward with their allegations against the famed funny man and revered actor. Cosby  who was thought of for decades as a leading African American humanitarian. He has been married for 50 years to his wife Camille. The couple have five adult children, their only son Ennis was killed on a Los Angeles highway in 1997. His murderer Mikhail Markhasev then 18, was convicted of the murder and is on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California.beverlyjohnson

Cosby has remained silent for the most part through the latest round of accusations. However his attorney Marty Singer, has publicly said the women are lying and fabricating events for money and or attention. Some of the incidents reportedly took place decades ago. In some cases more then 40 years ago. Another well known high profile supermodel Janice Dickinson, has also accused Cosby of drugging and raping her in the 80’s in a Reno, Nevada hotel room. Cosby’s lawyers have called Dickinson’s accusations “purely fabricated”, they have also said there is documented proof that Dickinson is lying. Johnson said, because of the way Dickinson has been treated by Cosby and his lawyers, was one of the reasons she came forward. She said she has known Dickinson for more than 30 years, and that she knows her to be a very honest person.

Johnson wrote a piece for Vanity Fair Magazine which chronicles her ordeal with Cosby. She has also been going on the airwaves with her allegations against Cosby. She told ABC news that the incident happened back in 1986 “I get a call from my agency, my modeling agency, stating that, Bill Cosby wants to come in for a part on his show, the Cosby Show. I headed down to the studio and then Bill Cosby asked me to go to his brownstone to go over the role.” She says there was nothing out of the ordinary on the first visit. She says she was invited back a second time, and that Cosby wanted to rehearse the role of a pregnant woman she would be playing on an upcoming episode of the Cosby Show. Johnson explained “part of the exercise he wanted to do was to act as like you were drunk.” She says while at his house he insisted on making what he said was going to be the best cup of cappuccino she had ever had. “I took a couple of sips from the coffee, and from the first sip and the second sip I knew I had been drugged. I was woozy, my speech was slurred, I knew that I was in danger. He called me over as if to do the scene, he put his hands around my waist. I called him every name I could think of, every name I could think of, and broke free from him.”




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Peter Kassig An American Aid Worker, Beheaded By ISIS!

More tragedy coming out of the Middle East over the weekend. Peter Kassig, 26, is the latest victim of the escalating violence the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for. The exact date of death remains unknown, but a grisly video of the American Peter Kassig being beheaded was released on Sunday.

Peter Kassig in Syria delivering medical supplies

Peter Kassig in Syria delivering medical supplies

Kassig had converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Rahman Kassig. It is unknown if he legally changed his name, Kassig went missing in Syria in October of 2013. Kassig a former U.S. Army Solider, had decided to devote his life to helping those in need in the Middle East, according to his family. The Kassig family believes he died, because of his devotion to the people in that region. ISIS had been issuing warnings that Kassig would be killed. His family, friends and colleagues had been publicly appealing for mercy, obviously to no avail. His friend Michael Downey has spoken to NBC news, he said although he knew this was a possibility, “you can never really prepare for this.” Downey said he first met Kassing in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012. Both men are natives of Indiana. Kassig came to Downey’s apartment and slept on his couch for over a month. Downey said he fast became close friends with Kassing, he said he met everyone he encountered with hugs and smiles, and called everyone “brother”, when he met them. Downey said Kassing had an infectious smile, and an extremely positive attitude. Downey said that his friend was always selfless and put the needs of others ahead of his own.

He went on to say that if the people of the world were more like Kassig it would be a much better place. Downey said he had a Skype chat with him on September 27th, 2013. He mentioned that he would be going into Syria with relief items, for a second time. Downey said his friend was well aware of the risks of going into Syria brought. Kidnapping, death and carnage, but he said Kassig felt compelled to bring medical supplies to the thousands that were suffering there. Downey, said he feels it’s important for everyone not to take his friend’s death in vain, and realize one thing if nothing else. He said Kassig refused to give into fear, that ISIS has so thrived off of. He said we can learn from Kassig’s strength.

President Obama on Sunday called ISIS “pure evil”, and offered condolences to Kassig’s family and friends. The President confirmed that the victim was indeed Kassig. The video was released on Sunday, and showed an ISIS militant dressed completely in black, brandishing  a  knife, like he had done in similar videos in the past. The video full of propaganda, showed this masked man with a distinct British accent, spewing anti-American rhetoric. In the same video, 12 Syrian men are also beheaded. The man’s parents, Ed and Paula Kassig, released a statement from Indianapolis, that read: “We are heartbroken by Peter’s killing, but incredibly proud of his humanitarian work. He lost his life because of his love for the Syrian people.”


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