Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers Is Bam Margera’s Stalker (PHOTOS)

Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers Is Bam Margera’s Stalker (PHOTOS)

A few days ago we heard the story about Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers, she is the  young woman described as Viva La Bam’s  Bam Margera crazy stalker who broke into his house, masturbated and the hide in his tree house for days. Bam recently accused Amanda of infecting him with herpes. Want to o know more about Amanda?

Bam Margera stalker Amanda Myers

We all know the facts about Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers, breaking into Bam’s house, did her thing on the floor, hide inside his tress house and got arrested. According to Bam, that was not the first time Amanda Myers dropped by his house.

“She knocked on my mom’s door 8 months ago, had her whole bags packed and said, ‘I’m here to marry Bam,’

Amanda  was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and stalking and w arraigned last Friday, it is believed she suffers from a mental illness. Some believe she is homeless, a $50,000 cash bail was set, certainly she couldn’t pay it and is currently at the Chester County Prison.

But who really is this ? is she really homeless? FanDaily did a little research and this is what we found:

If we have the same Amanda Myers, then she was born on November 5, 1987 to 49-year-old Deborah Myers a nurse and 49-year-old Randall Myers from Deltona, Florida. 23-year-old Matthew Myers is probably her brother.

Among Amanda’s likes on other Facebook page features Mam Margera, Minghags, Jackass 2, Tony Hawk’s underworld, Haggard: The Movie and Brandon Novak.

Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker Facebook

On this Facebook profile Amanda Lanise Vadis said she graduated in 2006 from Deltona High School, and that she is or was studying at Angley College in DeLand, Florida. Amanda’s Lagoon Ave residence is a 1997 house with 1.438 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, they have been living there for 6 years.

What are the odds this is the same Amanda Myers  aka Bam Margera’s crazy stalker? Well,   after all Amanda Myers did tell Bam’s mom she moved from Florida to marry her son, delusional or a bit true?

These are probable photos of Amanda, certainly you could corroborate.

Amanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker photoAmanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker picsAmanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker pictureAmanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker photosAmanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker picAmanda Lanise Vadis Myers Bam Margera stalker pictures

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  1. wow she was prob. breaking into his house every day for three months kissing him and prob playing with his nuts haha.. his girlfriend could have been killed by this psycho if she was alone

  2. Its not appropriate to reveal her personal details here. Shes just a normal citizen not a celebrity.

  3. Would have been better if she killed him.

  4. No, she is a stalker and a danger to every one around Mr. Magera and to society and we should all be aware of who she is. ‘Normal’ citizens do not behave this way.


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