Painter Of Light Thomas Kinkade passed away early this moth, we  know that he left behind his wife Nanette and the couples four daughters, but another lady was present in the famous painter’s life his mistress Amy Pinto-Walsh, but who is she? Are there any pictures of Kinkade and Amy?

Amy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend photo

54 year-old Thomas Kinkade aka Painter of Light died on April 6th, in his sleep at his home in Monte Sereno, California where he lived with his girlfriend (not mistress, he and his wife separated before he hooked up with Amy).

At first we thought he was his wife were still together, but after his death it was revealed that Nanette filed for divorce two years ago and he was currently living with his girlfriend Amy Pinto Walsh, who between tears spoke to media after his death from their home on Cali..

“He died in his sleep, very happy, in the house he built, with the paintings he loved, and the woman he loved.”

Amy Pinto began dating Kinkade 18 months ago, and 6 months after the painter‘s wife filed for divorce, it was recently reported that Amy has been gathering photos and personal information and said she will released it to harm the Kinkade’s family and their business, Amy showed that to Linda Raasch. Linda who is a dear friend warned Nanette abut the issue and now Mrs. Kinkade filed a restraining order against Pinto- Walsh the order banned Amy from releasing any of those pics or/ and info that could harm her and her daughters.

Kinkade’s death is surrounded by mystery, the night before his death Amy made a 911 call, she said he had been drinking all night, some people rumored that she might had something to do with his death, they had a volatile relationship, and 911 had responded to several call from the Monte Sereno’s home, a neighbor said Amy and Kinkade would get in some nasty fights.

So what about  Pinto? Here is a little biography on Amy..

48 year-old Amy Pinto Walsh  was born in India, she grew up in Kuwait and was the mother of two teenage daughters from her previous marriage to Russell Walsh, she  obtained her B.S in engineering from the university of South Carolina- Columbia in 1986, that same year she served as a electrical engineer at Square D Company, two years later Amy Pinto was a software engineer at AT&T.

In 1996 she was a marketing manager a TMG, until 2002 wen she became a senior business development manager at Sierra Computing technologies. four years later  Pinto Walsh was named sales rep at Bay Alarm Company, her current job is as a senior business development at ESG consulting.

Amy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend picAmy Pinto Walsh Thomas Kinkade girlfriend picture


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