Meet Chelsy Davy (Chelsy Yvonne Davy), Prince Harry‘s ex-girlfriend. From the year 2004, Chelsy Davy has been known to the world as the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Prince Harry. The question is what else is unknown about the 28-year-old African-born blonde (born on October 13, 1985) whom Harry will date for the royal wedding this Friday? Below are some details you need to know.Chelsy Davy (Chelsy Yvonne Davy), Prince Harry‘s ex-Girlfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) 2

1. Born in Zimbabwe, Chelsy Davy grew up in the 1,300-square mile Lemco safari Area where her family’s homestead was. It is there where a multi-million dollar safari business is operated by Charles her father.

2. Chelsy Davy likes schooling and career-driven. Davy received her undergraduate degree in the field of economics from University of Cape Town before proceeding to the University of Leeds for her law degree. Having delayed the post for an year so as to make travels around the world, Davy will commence this September at an elite law firm in London; Allen & Overy. According to reports from the Daily Mail, during the first year in the program she is expected to make earn about 38,000 GBP which is around $76, 000.

“People don’t realise that Chelsy is incredibly clever. It always amazes us how well she does in class when you consider that her life is a lot more hectic and complicated than ours.” – Chelsy’s friend

3. Chelsy Davy is a friend to Kate Middleton

Chelsy got to know Kate during their on-and-off relationship with Harry. The two were seen doing shopping together in London during the wedding related frenzy hit.

Chelsy Davy (Chelsy Yvonne Davy), Prince Harry‘s ex-Girlfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) kate middleton

4. It is reported that she aided Harry in writing his best man speech

With regard to the Daily Mail, it is because of Davy’s better memory about their past night out that she aided Harry write down his best man speech. That is a party-girl’s reputation Chelsy can boast about since she was often photographed stumbling out of a nightclub with Harry. It is hardly unexpected that the younger brother is more serious than the elder one.Chelsy Davy (Chelsy Yvonne Davy), Prince Harry‘s ex-Girlfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) 3

5. Chelsy Davy had aspirations of being a model. While Davy was much younger, she aspired to become a model in spite of being in the public eye due to her connection with Prince Harry. In 2008, she was fortunate to get a 76th position after being voted into FHM magazine’s 100 sexiest women.

6. She has been a victim of danger. While dining with other restaurant goers in Cape Town wine bar back in 2006, Davy was held at gunpoint. Although it is reported that she remained calm, her major concern was that private numbers and messages from Harry would be leaked from her stolen phone.

7. Chelsy Davy goes partying with the royal family. At the Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade charity event, Davy, Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were seen partying the night away.

Chelsy Davy (Chelsy Yvonne Davy), Prince Harry‘s ex-Girlfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos)

“She’s probably never made a cup of tea or a bed in her life. But she could ride bareback, skipper a speedboat across Kenya’s Lake Naivasha and all the time match the boys drink for drink.” “She’s part of the Happy Valley crowd. They have a lot in common with the upper classes. The bottom line is that these girls are athletic, strong-boned and gorgeous. They have that extra something that comes from being raised in the bush. They have a big appetite for life.” – Chelsy Davy’s family friend

8. She is a Facebook lover. Harry and Chelsey’s first split up in 2009 was reported by the media as having arisen as a result of Chelsey changing her Facebook status to single. However, rumors unconfirmed or denied say that the breakup was because Harry would not put a ring on it.

9. She hates attention

One reason for their breaking up according to the insider is that she hates attention that comes with dating a prince.

10. She is a sensitive girl

“I was surprised when I met her by how shy she was. She can look quite tough in pictures, but when you meet her she’s rather sensitive.” – Chelsy Davy’s older acquaintance

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