Chrisann Brennan- Apple CEO Steve Jobs Ex- Girlfriend (wiki, photos, video)

Chrisann Brennan- Apple CEO Steve Jobs Ex- Girlfriend (wiki, photos, video)

Steve Jobs is and forever will be a technology icon, innovator and others might even call him genius, He died last October and because of his birthday, we are remembering him, we all know more about his family, wife, children, sisters, parents but what about his ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan  who also happens to be his daughter Lisa Brennan Jobs ‘mother.

Chrisann Brennan Steve Jobs girlfriend

When Steve Jobs died last year and his biography book was released, we found out about things we never heard before, in my case I was unaware he decided not to shower for months, or the beautiful love story about his parents Paul and Clara Jobs, and although there is a mention of Steve’s ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan, it was very vague.

56 year-old Chrisann Brennan a painter  in San Francisco who became Jobs’ first serious girlfriend after they met in 1972 at Cupertino’s Homestead High School, she was a junior, Steve a senior.  They move in together at a cabin in Cupertino the first summer they dated and she helped him tracked down his birth mother Joanne in the 1980’s. Mrs. Brennan gave birth to her daughter Lisa in 1978, sadly Steve denied paternity, he claimed he was sterile and infertile, thereof he could not be the father of baby Lisa.

Chrisann had to raised Lisa on welfare, it took two year for Steve to accepted  his paternity. And it was until Lisa’s teenage year that she reconnected to her father, she ultimately went to live with him and wife Laurene, SJ paid for  Brennan’s college studies in Harvard.

In California, my mother had raised me mostly alone. We didn’t have many things, but she is warm and we were happy. We moved a lot. We rented. My father was rich and renowned and later, as I got to know him, went on vacations with him, and then lived with him for a few years, I saw another, more glamorous world. The two sides didn’t mix, and I missed one when I had the other. Chrisann’s daughter Lisa recalled.

Read Chrisann Brennan article on Steve Jobs at Rolling Stone Magazine.

But what  happened to Chrisann

She studied at the San Francisco Art Studio  where she got her BFA in Fine Art, in 1991 and for the next 14 years she continued to work in her art pieces in her own studio called Chrysanthemum Studio. She currently resides in San Francisco.

After Steve’s death, media approached Chrisann, this are some od the things she talked about

“He would tell me we were part of an affiliation of poets and visionaries he called ‘the wheat field group’ and say we were looking out a window together, with the others, watching the whole world,” she writes. “I did not know what he was talking about, but with all my heart I wanted to see such views.”

“”We had very little money and no foreseeable prospects. One evening after we had splurged on dinner and a movie, we walked back to our car to discover a $25 parking ticket. I just turned inside out with despair, but Steve did not seem to care. He had a deep well of patience when it came to discouragements. We drove to the ocean near Crissy Field in San Francisco and walked out onto the beach to see the sunset, where I began talking about money worries. He gave me a long, exasperated look, reached into his pockets and took the few last coins and dollars we had and threw them into the ocean. All of them.

Chrisann Brennan Steve Jobs girlfriend

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