Claudia Haro is Russell Armstrong’s Ex-Girlfriend

Russell Armstrong’s secrets might have been what drove him to suicide, one of those secrets was his history of Physical abuse towards women, starting from his ex-wife Barbara to his current one Taylor Armstrong but then we have this lady in the middle his ex-girlfriend Claudia Haro who was allegedly also a victim of Russell’s violent past.

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong recently revealed her pictures showing her with a swollen and blackened eye after she was brutally beaten by her husband Russell Armstrong. Just today we found out that there sop behind the attack was because she told Russell her friends feared for her and her daughter’s safety and they come forward and talked about his violent past which brought two names was was his ex-wife Barbara and then we have his ex-girlfriend Claudia Haro.

Barbara once said she was abused by him while pregnant, but it was Claudia Haro’s phone call that made her filed a restraining order against him. According to Barbara back on 2004 Haro called her and told her about the hard slapping her Russell her beau at that time gave to his and Barbara’s  son Aiden, she told her it was so hard that she heard it from the next room, she added that was not the first time and he also called the boy and step brother Griffin (Griffin is two years younger than Aiden he is the son he had with his ex-fiancé Milette Field derogatory names.

But Claudia Haro has a story of her own with violence from Russell after his divorce from his ex-wife he began dating Haro who also filed a restraining order against him, In the restraining order this is what Ms. Haro claimed..

“hit me in the face so hard that my neck snapped back….I got out of Russell’s car and dialed 911. However, I was put on hold. I was standing next to Russell’s car with my cell phone in my hand when he walked around the car, pulled my cell phone out of my hand and he broke it by pulling the top part of my flip phone off. Russell then grabbed both of my wrists so hard that it hurt.”

Therefore on August 10, 2004 Haro filed a stay away order at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Torrance, but Russell fired back by claiming it was Claudia who was harassing vie telephone, she was also ordered to stay away from him.

Claudia was  very upset “I was also ordered not to contact him because Russell falsely claimed that I was harassing him on the telephone, when, in reality, I had just returned the four or five voicemail , , messages he left for me after he hit me.” And according to her the abuse ion August 2004 was not the first time he was violent towards her the first time was on March when they were staying at the St Regis  in Century City, in their hotel room he got angry and stated to yell  grabbing her by her arms and roughly threw her down on the bed, he also threw a bottle.

Read Claudia Haro Court Papers here.

Haro dated Armstrong for 8 months from December 2003 to  August 7th, 2004 when he allegedly attacked her, the restraining order was to protect her and her daughter Kyla Warren who was 5 at that time.

After their split and then his marriage to Taylor nobody knew more about Ms. Haro but is after his suicide that her name has come to our minds, Do you know where is she?


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  1. As for the last sentence asking where Claudia Haro is now… well, she’s in prison for hiring a hit man to kill her ex husband, Garrett Warren. (She is also the ex-wife of actor Joe Pesci). So yeah, that’s where she is now.

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