Denis Thatcher Net Worth, Wealthy Husband of Margaret Thatcher (photos, wiki, bio, networth)

Why would anyone be interested in Denis Thatcher networth 10 years after his demise way back in 2003 can be a subject of speculation. But yes, going by the sudden increase in the  numbers of  people looking up the internet enquiring about the networth of the spouse of the recently passed away ex-Prime Minister of Britain, it seems that he has become popular once again. Denis was the last person outside royalty to be awarded a title by the Queen in1991. In the last decade of his life, Denis was called Sir Denis in honor of his title of 1st Baronet.220px-Denis_Thatcher_laughs_with_Nancy_Reagan

Behind every successful man, there is a woman they say. But behind the most successful woman of Britain during the eighties was this man called Denis Thatcher. Not many people know that Denis referred to Margaret Thatcher as Boss when speaking to her in front of the people from the press and the media. The real tribute to him was paid by Margaret Thatcher when she said that she would not have become what she became without the support of her husband. The couple got married in 1949 and had a successful marriage that lasted all of 54 years and ended with the demise of Denis in 2003. For those who do not know, marriage with Margaret was the 2nd for Denis who had been earlier married to another Margaret (Doris Kempson) for a brief period from 1942 to 1949.

220px-Thatchers_and_Bushes_at_ChequersDenis served in the army during World War as a 2nd Lieutenant and rose through to become a Captain, and then a Major. He was a serving Major when he retired from the Territorial Army in 1965. However, even before leaving army, Denis was already in control of the parental business, his father having died at the age of 57 in 1943. Y 1957, his company had a workforce of over 200 people. it was in 1964 that Denis suffered from a  nervous breakdown and this prompted him to sold his oil business to Castrol in 1965. Castrol was taken over by Burmah Oil in 1966 and he became a director in the company.

Denis Thatcher networth ran in a figure close to a hundred million as is business interests did not remain confined toDenis And Margaret directorship in Burmah Oil. He was a vice chairman in Attwood PLC and the chairman of Atlas Preservative Company. For a period of two decades from 1968 to 1988, Sir Denis Thatcher was also a director in Quinton Hazell PLC. He also had a brief stint as a non executive director in retail bigwig Halfords in the eighties.

However, Denis the businessman always remained in the shadows of Denis the consort. Denis was perhaps the ideal consort for his wife Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher once remarked, “They say politics is a lonely profession. But with Denis, I was never alone. What a man. What a husband. What a friend.”


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