Eric Nash- Featuring in The Best Moonwalk Video Ever

Eric Nash- Featuring in The Best Moonwalk Video Ever

I just adore Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is just epic, but I have to admit I pretty much loving Eric Nash’s superb moonwalk he performed in Santa Monica.

Eric Nash Moonwalk candyman-pics

Don’t get wrong over what I am about to say but move over Michael Jackson, here comes the sexy Eric Nash with the coolest moonwalk ever, how the heck did he did that?? Pretty awesome, Man!!!! and you are hot even better!!

th25-year-old Eric Nash aka The candyman (His twitter name) cleared cars from passing by 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, where he showed his unique moonwalking style, the video which was uploaded on Youtube and has nearly 800.000 views since it was first published two days ago.

With just one video on his channel on Youtube (he joined on July 1st) and has more than 1.5000 subscribers, so jealous in a good way. Eric said he is a brand new blogger and invites everybody to join him on his mission. Oh we are there!! you? Seen those abs? I wouldn’t mind moonwalking well, more like moontongue on those abs anytime!

Eric Nash Moonwalk candyman imagesEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-picturesEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-pictureEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-picEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-pics

So you can follow this cool moonwalker genius on Twitter here and care to subscribe to his channel?  click here. Eric born on March 31, 1987. Live in Beverly Hills in 2006 before he moved back to Santa Monica. he is the principal a One Love Crew, we posted  one video below, I think this moonwalk video is not the first of many amazing video Eric and his  crew can bring to us.

Good Luck Eric, we will be watching you!!!

Eric Nash Moonwalk candyman photosEric Nash Moonwalk candyman imageEric Nash Moonwalk candyman pictureEric Nash Moonwalk candyman picturesEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-photoEric Nash Moonwalk candyman-photos

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