Francine Cornell Is Ronan Keating Affair

Francine Cornell Is Ronan Keating Affair

I am sure you all know by now that singer Ronan Keating and his wife Yvonne are divorcing and you probably know the reason for that breakup is this lady Francine Cornell who we all heard about a few years ago as the mistress with whom Keating had an affair with, so want to know more about Francine?

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35 year-old Irish singer Ronan Keating was one of the talented talents at the music band Boyzone until 2000 when he went solo, his song When You Say Nothing At All took his career to highest grounds and we know that the rest is history, sadly just like his marriage to his wife of 14 years Yvonne Connolly Keating with whom he had three adorable children 19 year-old Jack, 11 year-old Marie and 6 year-old Ali.

Ronan and Yvonne tried to save their marriage foe nearly two years, when his affair with mistress/ dancer Francine Cornell was revealed, but it was impossible  they announced their decision to divorce on April 1st, 2012.

28 year-old Francine Cornell a backing dancer admitted to Yvonne about having an affair with her husband, adding that they were in love, Yvonne’s decision to call Francine was due to some text she found on her husband’s phone, after she hung up with Cornell she confronted Keating, who accepted being unfaithful.

Francine from Leeds was born on January 23th. 1983, she studied dancing at Milleniun dance, Nothern Ballet & Arts Ed. She met Keating during the 2009 tour with Boyzone, by that time she was dating her long time boyfriend Nick Robbins, who said Keating began to constantly send flirty text to Francine to the point that she dumped him to be with Ronan.

It was reported she hoped that after their affair came public, Ronan would leave his family and start a relationship with her, but he told her they were finished. Friends close to Francine thought he would stay with her too, since he seemed so into her even before their 7 month affair began..

“The affair been going on for about seven months. It has been broken off a couple of times but not for long as he can’t stay away from her. He can’t hide the fact he fell in love with her. He’s obsessed with her – besotted.

“They even talked about moving in together in the UK. Ronan is obsessed with Francine and even considered leaving his wife for her earlier this year

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