Harry Louis is Marc Jacobs New Boyfriend 2013 (photos, wiki, bio)

Harry Louis is Marc Jacobs New Boyfriend 2013 (photos, wiki, bio)

Harry Louis is Marc Jacobs boyfriend. Harry Louis, known as an ex Brazilian porn star were reported to be the boyfriend of Marc Jacobs in April, 2012, until when they had been dated for weekends. Harry Louis and Marc were spotted having happy time together at the Ipanema beach as well as the night club and spending birthday in Brazil with his boyfriend. Most people questioned this date. It seems Marc always looks for escorts and porn stars but those kind of guys just want money and fame, so people questioned how long this relationship would last?

marc jacobs boyfriend pic1

Their relationship moved on, Marc took his new boyfriend, the Brazilian porn star everywhere around the world and having fun at the beach. And seems they both love tattoos?

marc jacobs boyfriend pic2

Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis went out for dinner in Rio de Janeiro, dressing alike, hand in hand. In skirt?! The man followed them seems to be the bodyguard.

harry louis photo(pictures from papel pop)

Then it came to last weekend, they spent the weekend together in a beach for Marc Jacob’s 50th birthday, they were shot kissing with each other on the beach. What a perfect shape of Harry Louis!

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Marc Jacobs and Boyfriend Harry Louis Kissing, Show Off Spongebob Tattoo (Photos)