James Craig Harmon Is Demi Moore Half Brother

James Craig Harmon Is Demi Moore Half Brother

James Craig Harmon, Demi Moore’s paternal half brother is in jail, for attacking his fiancée in 2005, does he has a criminal record?. Want to know more about him?

Demi Moore was born to Virginia King and her father Charles Harmon stayed married for just two months, he left Virginia before Demi  was born on November 11th, 1962 in New Mexico. Her mother eventually remarry to Danny Guynes, his instability to keep jobs forced Demi  to move several times, Virginia and Danny had one son Morgan (age 44). Mr. Guynes killed himself and Demi became estranged from her mother for years.

Meanwhile on August 30th, 1973 his biological father Charles Harmon welcome another child into his life, a boy he named James Graig Harmon, now a convicted 38 year-old man who in 2005 got engaged to his girlfriend Tasha Marie Lee. He was arrested on December, 2005 charged with aggravated assault on Ms. Lee the incident occurred on October 23rd. 2005, he is serving a 10 years sentenced at Harris Home County  in Texas.

But  that was not James Harmon’s first crime back on April, 1991 he was charged wit theft by receiving, then  on June, 1994 he was arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of a firearm by felon on September, 2003.

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