Katie Price and Tottenham Hotspur Jake Nicholson Dating??

Katie Price and Tottenham Hotspur Jake Nicholson Dating??

19 year old Jake Nicholson tried unsuccessfully to cover his face as he left a club with Katie Price who is twice his age, mother of three and what can I say she likes them young!!

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Katie Price broke up with her young Argentinean boyfriend Leandro Pena allegedly for two reasons, one because the language was becoming a barrier between them and second because he was not that sexual active like she wanted him to be, I can see when the language became a difficulty, lack of sex increase the time they had to talk, right??

But we all know Katie Price and she never plans to stay single for long, and I guess when you are her the younger her boyfriends get the hotter she becomes, most recently Katie aka Jordan was seen leaving the Cafe De Paris in London with the Tottenham midfielder at about 3:00 a.m sources said they were seen holding hands and as happy as hell, sure she is 33 and going out with a hot, young guy, but he? man these kids have so much to learn!!

Jake Nicholson from Harrow, England started his professional career with West Ham United before moving to Tottenham Hotspur in 2008, he also played with England U19s’s squad.


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  1. Leandro Pena you are well rid of her !

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