Kim Kardashian without Makeup! (Photos)

Kim Kardashian without makeup was spotted on her way to the gym recently as she was working with Anderson, the celebrity trainer, during pregnancy. Kim Kardashian was in a gray sweatshirt, clingy and black exercise pants with her growing belly peeking out and she was eating instant oatmeal. She is so brave to dress up her baby bump.

Kim Kardashian without Makeup looks unrecognizable? But I prefer her natural looks more than fully makeup to please the public! Compared with the other pregnant women, she is still gorgeous and beautiful!

kim_kardashian_without_makeup 5

This is not the only time Kim Kardashian spotted without makeup or little makeup. She was seen on a street with her friend, looking quite natural. You can see her skin flawless.

kim_kardashian_without_makeup 2


Kim Kardashian without makeup before and after

Kim Kardashian is a natural beauty that she is still recognizable without makeup!


But Kim Kardashian not always in the good status, her another photo without makeup revealed her eye bags so clear!kim_kardashian_without_makeup_4