Kristi Branim Fox is Megan Fox’s Sister (PHOTOS, wiki, bio)

Kristi Branim Fox is Megan Fox’s Sister (PHOTOS, wiki, bio)

Who is Kristi Branim Fox? Kristi Branim Fox, the older sister of Megan Fox is gorgeous. Recently Kristi Branim Fox and another sisterof Megan have been spending time together, I ‘m sure Kristi is pretty excited about becoming an aunt I bet she is giving Megan great mommy advice. Want to know more about Megan’s sister Kristi?


Megan Fox sister Kristi Branim Fox

Here is a little bio we have on Megan Fox’s older sister Kristi..

Kristi Michelle Fox was born on June 2nd, 1974 in Tennessee to 60-year-old Gloria Darlene Cisson and 61-year-old Thomas Franlin Foxx, they got married on August 28th, 1971. Her grandparents were Clay Cisson and Thelma Macel Nelson.

Kristi Fox childhood photoKristi Fox childhood picMegan Fox Childhood picture

Her younger sister Megan was born May 16, 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Sadly for the Kristi and her sister her parents got divorce when she was about 15 or 16. Her father continued to live in Rockwood, TN.

Kristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister picKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister picsKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister pictureKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister picturesKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister

Her mother Darlene got married to Tony Tonachio from Florida so they relocated  in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1997. Mr. Tonachio passed away last May. He was 78. Darlene lives in Fort Myers, Florida where she is a Manager at Imperial Bonita Estates, before that she resided at Marco Island where she worked as Manager at Marco Shores Estates.

Darlene CissonKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-photo

Kristi Fox studied at St. Lucie West Centennial High

Now Kristi got married one a beautiful May 21st to 40-year-old Douglas Ray Branim also from Tennessee and the son of Douglas and Cheryl Branim, so she now goes by Kristi Branim, with whom she has two gorgeous son Kyler and Caleb. Kristi is a guidance counselor and director at the Guidance department at Fort Pierce Central school, her hubby Doug Branim is a physical education coach at  St. Lucie West K-8 School.

Kristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-photosKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister_pictureKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister photoKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister photosKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister_photoKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister_photosKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-picKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-pictureKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister_picKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-picsKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister-pictures

Kristi’s Twitter is here

Thanks to our dear readers, we need to clarify that the girl is the photos below is not Megan’s beautiful sis, some media  said she was, but it sems that this pretty girl is either  a friend of the new mommy or someone that works for her.

Megan Fox sister Kristi Branim Fox photoMegan Fox sister Kristi Branim Fox photosMegan Fox sister Kristi Branim Fox picMegan Fox sister Kristi Branim FoxKristi Branim Fox Megan Fox sister_pictures

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  1. the last five pictures and the first one with megan and another girl is not kristi, its obvious if you compare kristi to that girl, this is coming from someone who has met her. Besides them looking completely different compare their hair part and waist size, kristi is smaller and shorter

  2. thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, we added your input to the story.

  3. yes, I’m sure “hair parts” & waist lines never change . . . just sayin’ . . . how ’bout, they just don’t look anything alike???

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