It’s been a while since the last time I saw Lara Flynn Boyle, her face looked like her normal except for her full lips clearly the results of plastic surgery but she still looked gorgeous, today she emerged, but I must be honest she hardly looks the way I remembered, What do you think, is Lara Flynn Boyle’s new face what we call plastic surgery gone wrong or it works for you?

Lara Flynn Boyle face without plastic surgery

The first time I saw 42 year-old actress Lara Flynn Boyle in a movie was Poltergeist II back in 1988, I was still a child and was not suppose to see that movie,  years pass and it was 1992 and she made a small appearance in Wayne’s World, then I remember her from Threesome, her face still looks beautiful.

Then in 1999 she surprised us all by confirming her relationship with Jack Nicholson, they dated for nearly a year and a half, I was a bit worried when I saw Lara looking extremely thin, she continued to said she didn’t had any eating disorder and was perfectly healthy.

Then came plastic surgery, her new full lips looked a bit odd on her small face, but it worked and people stop commenting about it, but Lara was not the least over with plastic surgery and she surprised us once again on December 2010 when she walked the red carpet with Dermot Mulroney her co-star in the 1992 film Where The Day Takes You in Santa Monica.

Lara Flynnn Boyle plastic surgery face imageLara Flynnn Boyle plastic surgery face picturesLara Flynnn Boyle plastic surgery face photos

Lara could hardly open her eyes when she smiled with all that tight, sort of frozen skin and don’t get me started on her lips, What the??

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery faceLara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery face-picLara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery face-picture

This morning pictures of Lara emerged and she looked even weirder, totally trout pout, no wrinkles not pretty at all, what do you think?


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