Before Whitney Houston’s big brother Gary Garland Houston got married to Whitney’s BFF Patricia Houston he was married to Monique Houston, who recently sat down with Dr. Drew to speak about Bobbi Kristina’s interview with Oprah, a bit too early in her opinion, but what else is she saying?Monique houston Gary Houston ex wife pic

Monique Houston said she still has problems concerning the  child support of her children that her ex-husband Gary Garland Houston is oblige to give to their children, “that’s an open case” Monique said.

Monique who was not invited to Whitney’s funeral said she never understood why was that” I never disrespected Whitney, I always loved her as a sister, I enjoyed the time that I had with her.”

Monique Houston had two children with Gary, a girl and a boy. The reason for the split was Gary’s substance abuse.. “Not necessarily because he was a drug addict,” she said, “but once things were spinning too far out of control, I had to make the decision to separate myself from the situation.”

She added that she believes if they had address the problem with Gary and his brother Michael, all the addiction wouldn’t snowballed to the point that is today. Monique said she heard that Cissy Houston was planning to get Whitney into rehab right after the Grammys. But in her opinion Mrs. Houston efforts to help her daughter were just “A little too much, too little too late”

Dr. Drew asked Monique  if she think she received the same “an outsider” treatment the Houston gave to Bobby Brown.. She said that she doesn’t think Whitney’s drug problem was Bobby’s fault, but somebody else brought the drugs to them. Dr. Drew then asked her if she knows the answer for that, who was the person to blame and she said everybody within the family does.

Monique said she found Oprah’s interview with Bobbi Kristina, her ex-husband Gary and hos wife Patricia ‘’disturbing’” and maybe a little too soon to expose Bobbi Kristina to the public.

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