Questions continue to surround the life of Jill Kelley, the married Florida woman who said  she and her husband have been friend with General David Petraeus and his family for 5 years, this is  the same woman who received threatening emails from Petraeus’mistress Paula Broadwell. And it looks like that Jill is not the only person in her family with  trouble, her twin sister Natalie Khawam was in some divorce/ child custody battle with her ex-husband, Ms. Khawam’s mental stability and integrity has been questioned.

Jil Kelley twin sister Natalie Khawam

According to the New York Post, Natalie Khawam an attorney who divorced her husband a couple of years ago, three to be exact; while the custody battle Natalie Khawam’s ex-husband and father of her son was granted custody of their son after Khawam was found mentally unstable and her honesty was in question.

natalie Khawam Jill Kelley david petraeus

But who is Natalie Khawam, perhaps the obvious which is that she is  Jill Kelley 37-year-old twin sister?

Born to Lebanese parents who moved to Philadelphia in the 70’s Natalie Kimberly Khawam was born on June 3, 1975 to a musician father and a chef mother, the Khawam owns several restaurants at the hometown which explains Natalie and Jill competing at the Food Fight on the cable network in 2003. She has a B.A  in social work and pre-med in biochemistry from Beaver College, in 2001 she received her Masters in Business administration from  the Temple university- Fox School of Business and Management the following year Khawam got her Master in science and Healthcare Finance.  In 2004 she received her J.D  Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Natalie Khawam Jill Kelley twin sister picNatalie Khawam Jill Kelley twin sister pics

Natalie Khawan worked as a Researcher at the Office of Clerks of the Court  at the  U.S Supreme Court from 2003 to 2004 then from 2004 until 2006 she was a Consultant and Founder  and author of the Federal Update with Medicaid Health Plans of America, at the same time she was a Legal Counsel at the Office of the General Counsel, U.s Department of Health and human Services.

Inn 2007 she was Director, Assistant to CFO and special counsel at the Holy Cross Hospital, then on May, 2009 she  became a health attorney with Cohen, Foster & Romine, P.A, I-House counsel at Delta Medical Care and Of Counsel at Trenam Kemker.

This January she open her offices Natalie Khawam, Esq., MS, MBA in Tampa, Florida where she as President and Managing Partner specializes in Qui Tam Law, exclusively representing whistleblowers.

“I am a healthcare lawyer with a specialization in Qui Tam matters. I represent whistle blowers under The False Claims Act.”

You can find Natalia Khawam on Facebook here.

Jill Kelley david petraeus friend-picturesNatalie Khawam Jill Kelley twin sister pictureNatalie Khawam Jill Kelley david petraeus friend picNatalie Khawam Jill Kelley twin sister photoNatalie Khawam Jill Kelley twin sister pictures