Naya Rivera is Big Sean’s New Girlfriend, Twitter Leaked Their Romance! (photos, wiki)

Naya Rivera is Big Sean New Girlfriend now, as they hold hands at premier of “42” and Naya, 26 years old, looked really hot in her slinky grey dress, holding armes with Big Sean, 25 years old. It’s obvious that Naya and Big Sean’s relationship has gone public! But when does their relationship begin? The photo posted by Naya Rivera twitter leaked a secret!

On March 26th, Naya Rovera posted a photo as they two cuddles up with each others that shows a special relationshp, But what’s more, Naya added a sentense below the picture said: such a good picture from last night, BEST SURPRISE EVER. Why she called it the “best surprise” rathr than the “a surprise” or “a big surprise”. What will be the best surprise other than Big Sean asked Naya offically to be his girlfriend or gave her a secret fancy gift, like a diamond ring?!

naya rivera 2(Naya Rivera twitter)

It’s said Naya and big sean’s romance made public when Big Sean, holding armes with Naya comfortably, escorted her down the carpet way. But Naya was also spotted holding armes comfortably with Mark Salling and Kevin McHale, two guys of her co-stars. And wait, Naya was also spotted holding armes comfortably with Douglas Booth, the English actor! If Naya prepared to settle down?

naya-rivera-in-bikini-1(Naya Rivera in bikini)

Naya Rivera & Big Sean

Naya works hard on her hit FOX show Glee, playing Santana Lopez, previouly linked to Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling.

Big Sean, famous for his cooperation with Justin Bieber on the song: as long as you love me. Besides Justin Biever, Big Sean also collaborated with other big stars as John Legend, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Kanye West.

They are seems cute couple right?

naya-rivera-no-makeup 1(Naya Rivera without makeup)