Romain Dauriac- Scarlett Johansson new boyfriend

Romain Dauriac- Scarlett Johansson new boyfriend

French journalist Romain Dauriac, is according to media the new man in the life of sexy Scarlett Johansson, is it true? Who is Romain Dauriac? Was is his bio? any photos of Romain Dauriac and ScarJo?


Just early today, I was reading the New York Post one of the first sites I like to read everyday, browsing out I found that Scrlet Johansson was spotted getting cozy with a dark haired man with a French accent, it all indicated that Scarjo and this mysterious French man were an item.

But still no name to put on the headline, but no much time passed for his name to be rebelled as that of Romain Dauriac a French Journalist, who was the editor of art magazine Clark, he is a good friend of tattooist Fuzi Uvtpk who put that Lucky  tattoo on Scarjo’s ribcage.

30-year-old Romain Dauriac is manager at L’oeuf.

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You can find Romain Dauriac on Google+ here, Twitter here. this used to be Romain’s Facebook page


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