Julianne Hough is Tom Cruise’s New Girlfriend?! (Photos, wiki, bio)

Julianne Hough is trying hard to be Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend. For Tom Cruise’s potential new girlfriend, some said its ridiculous, while the other said it quite norml in hollywood, when people dating each other in that small place. Julianne believed there were major chemistry between her and Tom, now it’s a good chance as she just splitted with Ryan Seacrest and Tom is still single! Just see how hard Julianne to achieve her big picture.

“Julianne has been combing through scripts for movie projects that would reunite her with Tom because there was major chemistry between the two on ‘Rock of Ages.”- insider

julianne hough no makeup(yes this is Julianne Hough no makeup)

Julianne Hough was said to always have a cruch on Tom, maybe she also had crush on Tom’s fame and money? It’s certainly that if her plan succeeded, Tom will help her A LOT in her career when any stories includes Tom, maybe we can imagine the news titles will go on like these:

 “Julianne Hough is Tom Gruise’s girlfriend”, then “Tom refused Julianne Hough his girlfriend”, then “Julianne insisted her as Tom’s girlfriend” and finally “Tom breaks the rumer and dated a new boyfriend!”

Julianne Hough certainly very confident of her quality and believed she and Tom are “destined coupe”

julianne hough tom cruise

She believes that she and Tom are destined to be the ultimate Hollywood power couple. Don’t be surprised if they are spotted out together in the very near future.” – Insider

Julianne Hough once said she always wants to do “other things”, maybe the “other things” also includes Tom Cruise?

 julianne hough want to do other things

Tom didn’t response yet, or he didn’t notice it.