Russell Armstrong’s Ex Claudia Haro is Joe Pesci & Stuntman Garrett Warren’s ex-wife

Meet Claudia Haro again! Last week we did a story about Russell Armstrong’s ex girlfriend Claudia Haro, who talked about the physical abuse she and his sons suffered by his hand, but did you also know Claudia is Joe Pesci’s ex wife and she was also arrested for suspicions of attempt of murder her other ex-husband stuntman Garrett Warren? Keep reading we are goin’ for a wild ride.

Well while this info is total new for me this might not be news for some of you like my dear reader Charlie who was so kind to leave a comment about Claudia Haro’s dark past. Claudia’s previous story at Fandaily is here, she was the woman who dated Russell Armstrong from December 2003 to  August 7, 2004 when he was physically abused by him..

“He hit me in the face so hard that my neck snapped back….I got out of Russell’s car and dialed 911. However, I was put on hold. I was standing next to Russell’s car with my cell phone in my hand when he walked around the car, pulled my cell phone out of my hand and he broke it by pulling the top part of my flip phone off. Russell then grabbed both of my wrists so hard that it hurt.”

She also was the woman who called Armstrong’s ex wife Barbara and told her about the abused he was doing to Russell’s son Aiden and Griffin, well it seemed that besides from that we didn’t knew anything about her except for the fact that she had a daughter Kayla Warren who might be 10 or 11 years old by now.

The Home Alone actor met Claudia Martha Haro in 1988 at an eastern Brunch, they got married  on September 7th, 1988 they had one daughter during their marriage Tiffany, they divorced in 1992.

Claudia was an actress starred in Casino as Trudy, Gone Fishing in 1997 as Julie, on 1994 she became Marty in With Horrors and a newscaster in Jimmy Hollywood and a New Line receptionist in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare on Elm Street movie New Nightmare in 1994.

After that she met stuntman Garrett Warren who became her second husband on March 25, 1998, their daughter Kayla was born on December 17, 1998.

Garrett filed for divorced on July 13, 1999. They started a battle over the custody of their daughter,  Haro claimed he was an  alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, homosexual, and a child molester.

Claudia Haro was arrested on July, 2005 for suspicious of of hiring someone to shoot Warren. He was shot four times at his home by a hitman identified as Jorge Hernandez, but there were some loose ends in the case, who hired him and why?

He shot Garrett in the chest, neck, hip and head (this bullet got thru his eye),  but he survived losing his eye and his career as a stuntman.Garrett  is today a stuntman coordinator.

Police then arrested Claudia Haro his ex-wife but was later released due to insufficient evidence, the investigation was not over and soon Haro will be on the spotlight again, this time when her own blood pointed his finger at her as the mastermind of the shooting.

She talked to her brother Manuel Haro about her legal trouble with Garrett and the alleged sexual abuse on their daughter, this last thing was the motivation Manny needed (Manuel told investigators that he was abused as a child,  they think Claudia might have manipulated Manny and used his childhood experience as a motive to kill Garrett, her attorney later said she told him about the abuse and he decided to stop Garrett, since he couldn’t stop his attacker as a child).

She wanted him to take Garret out, but he was not going to do it himself, he was going to look for someone to do the dirty job; and he found the hitman to kill his ex- brother in-law. Read the report here..

Then came another man’s name, Miguel Quiroz who owned a pizza parlor and who  apparently had nothing to do with Garrett. Miguel’s name came up when in a non-related investigation, police found a car under his name, inside that car was a picture of Garrett with a note, in that note was Garrett’s home address, the handwriting looked like Claudia’s plus other there were other similarities like the fact  that the note was some spelling errors Augora for Augura Hills (Garrett’s neighborhood) the same misspelling was found in one of Claudia’s notes.

When Garrett saw Miguel’s picture he didn’t hesitate to identify him as the man who shot him, but what was Quiroz’s motive? when he was approached by police he said he was at the pizza parlor at the time of the shooting, he had an alibi and people to support it.

Prosecutors found this photo, Garrett and his daughter posing next to a man and his daughter, that man was Miguel Quiroz and the photo was taken at Joe Pesci’s home.

When Garrett saw that photo he remembered why Miguel’s face looked familiar. The picture was taken after Garrett was shot.

But then why he had that note and the picture inside his car? police was going to make him talk, and he did.

Miguel confessed he  was the middle man in the shooting, he didn’t shot the gun but did said the man who was commanded to  plan the  whole thing, he received the hit note.

Miguel made a deal with police, he was going to wear a wire and help collect evidence from the people who ordered the attack. Miguel gave Jorge Hernandez a friend $10.000 to  kill Garrett. using the wire he talked to Hernandez about the shooting, Miguel told him he was sorry he din’t do the job as instructed and Hernandez said he was planning on coming back and finish it.

Miguel  then confessed he received money from Manuel Haro, a longtime friend and former co-worker at his Pizza parlor. While it was clear Manny was ordered by his sister to take Garrett out, he didn’t agreed on testified against his sister. He changed his mind later and agreed  on a deal and she was rearrested.

She faced two counts of attempt of murder and one of conspiracy to murder, enough evidence to charged her but not enough to convict her.Her attorney Michele Hanisee (Michael Jackson’s former attorney) said it was all Manny, he was furious about Garrett abusing his niece, plus Hanisse said the hit note allegedly written by Claudia is all forgery.

Claudia Haro was sentenced to 12 years 4 months in jail, but it is unlikely she will serve all that time, she decided not to fight the charged and pleaded no contest, her brother Manuel Haro along Quiroz who took plea deals, in those deal  Quiroz got a three years  reduction in return for his cooperation during the investigation, Haro was sentenced to life in prison but will be eligible for parole, Hernandez was sentenced to 77 years to life in prison.

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  1. Reading this story hits home real hard. Claudia Haro and Manuel Haro are my aunt and uncle. I’ve been on the search for Kayla for many years. She is the same age as my daughter and I would like to reunite them.

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