Safia Farkash is Muammar Gaddafi’s Wife

    Muammar Gaddafi’s second wife Safia Farkash is the mother of  his  sons and only daughter, last month Safia left her home in Trapoli and is allegedly in Algeria with the rest of her family. Check out the rest about  Gaddafi’s second wife here.


    Many time we heard about Safia Farskash’s relationship with her husband, yes she staying by his side until the last minute during this Libyan Civil War, until August 29th she stayed in her home in Tripoli and left when she was forced to do so, she is currently in Algeria with sons Hannibal, Muhammad and daughter Ayesha, but we sure have heard about the alleged affairs Gaddafi and his personal nurse Galyna Kolotnytski had, this alleged affair has been denied by many specially her family.

    When is Safia coming back to Libya?  for the moment there is no warrant for her or her sons and daughter so I guess that when is a mystery but we sure can tell you a few things about her.

    Gaddafi first wife Fatiha Al Nuri didn’t even last a year, but on 1969 when he was hospitalized with appendicitis he met the Hungarian descent nurse Safia Farkash el-Brasai  born in Al Bayda, Libya  she got married  on 1971. Her first  son Saif Al Islam born on 1972, Al Saadi Al Gaddafi  the former soccer player born a year later, Hannibal  and on 1976 her only daughter Ayesha.

    On 1977 her son Moatasim  was born, followed by Saif Al Arab who was allegedly killed 5 moths ago, her last son  is Khamis  a commander at the Khamis Brigade Libyan Army’s  and there are two adoptive daughter Hanna whose alleged death at age fourth remains a mystery some said she is still alive and Milad who besides been her husband adoptive son is also his nephew. She became vice president to the African First Ladies Organization on 2008.

    According to Media Safia is the owner of Buraq Air, and about 20  tonnes of gold her fortune is worthy about $30 billion.

    Gaddafi-Wife-Safia-Farkash-imageGaddafi-Wife-Safia-Farkash-pictureGaddafi-Wife-Safia-Farkash-photoGaddafi-Wife-Safia-Farkash-photosLIBYA GADHAFI 12LIBYA GADHAFI 15Gaddafi-Wife-Safia-Farkash-picturesLIBYA GADHAFI 16Safia-Farkash- gaddafi-wife-photosSafia-Farkash- gaddafi-wife-picLIBYA GADHAFI 13Safia-Farkash- gaddafi-wife-pictureSafia-Farkash- gaddafi-wife-pictures

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    Miva says:

    Yikes, found some more raw images of Gaddafi body here http://cel­ebritydail­­069

    Posted on October 20th, 2011

    samira says:

    oo so sad.
    she is mother, and she lost her man and kids.
    she feel the pain to.
    may God forgiv her.

    Posted on November 22nd, 2011

    Ksh Bichitra says:


    Family is great, but if they little multiply with the public it will be long lasting in power.
    but I like to help Mrs Sfiya farkash in any cost if she alive, but ima a poor person from small family.
    if she alive and offer me some good linking to the rest of the world.

    Posted on February 29th, 2012

    Maddy Harrington says:

    Algeria is vile having offered refuge to these criminals. But they too are criminals like them and thieves having stolen so much for their respective countries.
    I have heard that Sophia farkash the hungarian jew has not gone back to hungary but to Israel, to hide: lets see how long they will last with their peers.

    Posted on February 19th, 2013