Selena Gomez Suffering Autoimmune Disease Lupus: 5 Facts You Don’t Know about Lupus

Selena Gomez, this 21 year old singer has diagnosed with Lupus, a kind of autoimmune disease. Selena is in fact suffering from autoimmune disease lupus for several years at that time she was diagnosed with Lupus but according to the sources, she recently suffered with Lupus breakout, with the symptom of multiple flares recently and possibly facial swelling, headache, extreme fatigue.

Selena Gomez Suffering Autoimmune Disease Lupus 5 Facts You Don't Know about Lupus

“Selena has been going full throttle the past few years and her Lupus is really catching up with her right now,” “She knows that she needs to take some time to address the disease and look after herself better if she wants to live a full and healthy life.”

Luckily, Selena is very positive about her disease and want to be healthy.

“She is not having a breakdown. She wants to be the healthiest that she can be and this means taking a little break. But she is fine. She is OK.”

What You Don’t Know about Lupus

1. Till Now Doctors and scientists didn’t find the treatments that can treat lupus completely.

2. Lupus is an auto-immune disease and attacks all of the organs.

3. Symptoms of Lupus include facial rash, Joint pain, chest pain, shortness of breath,skin lesions, fever and memory loss .etc.

4. Side effects of Lupus can be very serious such as anemia, kidney damage, strokes or even seizures.

5. People with such disease should not take much pressures in life because the pressure is also a trigger of Lupus breakout.