Sue Paterno is Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno’s Wife

Sue Paterno is Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno’s Wife

Sue Paterno like her husband Joe Paterno are legends and dear people at Penn State, he was praised for coming forward on coach Jerry Sandusky in the whole sex scandal mess, but he was still fired, Coach Paterno died to Cancer, but Sue continue her charity work, more recently she and her son will be call on the witness stand at Sandusky’s trial.

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Penn State scandal began on 2002 when Sue Paterno’s husband Penn State coach Joe Paterno informed Athletic Director Tim Curley about what he was told by graduate assistant assistant coach Mike McQueary, about Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse on a 10 year-old boy.

Coach Paterno was praised for informing about this case however advocates for sexual abuse victims said Paterno should have informed police, they think Joe should be charged because he was not looking for these child’s sake but for Penn’s integrity. Yesterday Sue Paterno drove her beloved husband to court, she speed up her car when she saw a group of reporters waiting for their arrival, like any other wife she wants to protect her husband.

We can all agree that when we hear about Penn State Football we immediately think about Coach Paterno, and when I come to think about these great men I think about who get’s to share their glory with, not the fans but their family, Joe Paterno has been sharing many amazing moments for is wife of 49 years Sue Paterno his wife and mother of his children Diana, Mary Kay, David, Scott and Jay who has been Penn State assistant coach for  about 16 years.

Little did I know that 71 year-old Sue has been involved at Penn state’s traditions, for example did you know that it was her idea to start the Guard the Lion Shrine, back on 1699 Sue and a friend started this, check about that here. Around that time as well she suggested for her husband to roll up his pant legs so that he wouldn’t get mud on his pants while roaming the sidelines, once he did he never stop, JoePa is a nickname her husband got years ago, she others too SuePa

Sue Paterno used to be an English teacher, a few years ago she and her husband donated  3.5 million to provide scholarships, faculty positions and  and to support the expansion of the Pattee Library where she once met her beloved Joe, today there are also Paterno libraries. A new wing was built at Mount Nittany Medical Center thanks to Sue’s donation, she organizes the Pennsylvania summer games. The student center in the College Heights neighborhood in State College was named after her.

Last year rumors about coach Paterno’s retirement and  his health was much worsen were heard, Sue was the one who denied this.

“We have NEVER talked about it, Who started the crazy rumors? He’s fine. No one has to identify who starts it. We don’t even know where it starts. It’s just lies,” she added. “I mean, he’s (supposedly) in the hospital when he’s sitting at the table for dinner. He wasn’t even near the hospital.

Once her husband what he think about the impact Sue has on Penn State football and the community..

“I’ve said many times that they won’t have any problems replacing me, but if they can find a coach’s wife like Sue, they’ll hit the jackpot.”

SuePa was born Suzanne Pohland she graduated from Penn State in 1962. She got married to her husband during the spring in 1962. On November 12th, 2011 Sue Paterno’s husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, it was discovered during a  follow-up visit with his doctor for a bronchial infection, their son Scott said doctors are very optimistic and expect him to fully recover.

“As everyone can appreciate, this is a deeply personal matter for my parents, and we simply ask that his privacy be respected as he proceeds with treatment,”

Coach Paterno was fired from Penn State after the Board of Trustees voted to relieve him from his coach duties, this caused a complete outrage by Penn State students. Things got uglier when Sue’s Son Scott informed his father was battling with lung cancer, he died on January 22, 2012.

After the coach’s death Sue Paterno continues her admirable charity work. on June 6 it was reported Sue and her son Jay are on the defense’s list of witnesses, during Jerry Sandusky’s trial.

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