Vito Cammisano, Michael Sam’s Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Vito Cammisano here! Vito Cammisano is the boyfriend to Michael Sam who is Missouri’s defensive and who openly became the pioneer gay player as the NFL team drafted at a time when he was taken in the seventh round by St. Louis Ramas on Saturday. Both Sam and Cammisano were watching the draft and cameras by ESPN captured both of them in a celebration with kisses after Sam was drafted.Vito Cammisano, Michael Sam's Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) 2

Here is 10 important information about 23 year old Cammisano that you must know:

1. A Facebook page of Cammisano reveals that Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo was what he attended and later worked in the office of disability services in the University of Missouri as an assistant. It also states of his intern working at a large radio station operator.

Vito Cammisano, Michael Sam's Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) 3

2. He is an alumnus of the University of Missouri where he was in the swimming team. He graduated last year after a competitive swimming from 2009 to 2012.

3. At Mizzou, he was a swimmer

At Mizzou, he was an athlete. From 2009 to 2012, he was in University of Missouri swim team where he had earlier featured in Kansas City at Rockhurtst High School as well as Kansas City Blazers. In 2009-10, Cammisano reached fifth in the 1650 freestyle and 10th in the 500 freestyle while still a freshman in consolation event at the Big 12 conference championships. He reported to a paper that after leaving the swim team in 2011, he did not receive any anti-gay sentiments.

4. He is an Intern at Cumulus Media

Having graduated in 2013 with a communications degree, Cammisano is a “promotions intern” at Cumulus broadcasting.

5. Praise and good things were what Cammisano’s relatives said regarding Sam’s man. Cathy Nigro who is Cammisano’s aunt said that Sam was a pleasant boy all his life. Nigro was also very proud about their kiss and said she believe it is a whole family.

6. Cammisano is the last born and only son of Jerry and Josephine Cammisano.

According to records, Gerlarmo (Jerry) who is Cammisano’s father and aged 60 spent 14 months in prison for running a Gambling ring at Kansas City which is part of the family’s shady business.

Vito Cammisano, Michael Sam's Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos)

1. Vito Cammisano’s grandpa 2, Vito Cammisano’s uncle 3. Vito Cammisano with his parents

7. He is the Grandson to an Infamous mob boss

In accordance to the Daily Mail, it is confirmed by public records that infamous Kansas City mafia boss William Cammisano is Vito Cammisano’s grandfather. Well known as a ruthless and merciless enforcer, he has some prominence in the Kansas City Crime Family. In 1981 he received an additional sentence after he refused to testify for a Senate hearing in 1980 even when still doing time for extortion in the same year.

In the year 2011, Vito’s uncle, William Jr and His dad Gerlarmo “Jerry” received a sentence to federal prison for taking part in running an illegal sports betting ring worth $3.5 million.

8. While watching the draft with Sam, they both kissed in celebration of the picture Cammisano and Sam enjoyed and embraced emotionally after it came to Sam’s realization that he was being picked.Vito Cammisano, Michael Sam's Boyfriend, 10 Things You Should Know! (wiki, bio, photos) kissing photos

9. Cammisano came openly as the second gay athlete in Missouri coming after Greg DeStephen who was the first gay athlete in Missouri. Cammisano was so appreciative and greatly credited Greg for what he possibly says was opening the doors for him.

10. Gay marriages have no recognition in Missouri

Missouri is not among the states where gay marriage is recognized although gay marriage support is growing in the state just like elsewhere in the country. According to, it is estimated that 47% of Missouri’s voters support same-sex marriage. In spite of a state constitutional change passed in 2004 prohibiting gay marriage, American Civil Liberties Union filed litigations in challenge of the amendment.

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