Vondecarlo Brown O’Neal is Comedian Patrice O’Neal Wife

Vondecarlo Brown O’Neal is Comedian Patrice O’Neal Wife

Meet Vondecarlo Brown also known as Von O’Neal or Yvonne O’Neal she is the talented and beautiful wife of the great comedian Patrice O’Neal who recently  died after suffering from a stroke last month.

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Vondecarlo Brown O’Neal a talented musician and artist from the Pittsburg area is one of the two daughter her parent had in the 70’s her sister is Michelle, she has one daughter from a previous relationship.

In 2001 Vondecarlo appeared on one season of Temptation Island filmed in Belize and two years after that we saw her in Kiss & Tell. She wrote, compose and produced the theme song(Cool Ride) for Patrice’s One Hour Comedy Central Special Elephant In The Room, in 2009 she starred and produced the short  comedy The Reunion Experiment. Her first Album Honest Righteousness, not as Pretty As I Used To Be will be released this year. This album contains songs she did in honor of her hubby which will be Honest Righteousness, You Save dedicated to her daughter and Not As Pretty As I Used To Be to her own self image, Why? Vondecarlo has a scar on her tummy, result of a tummy tuck she has to get rid of some loose skin, a scar that she has been keeping hidden for so many years..

I felt that writing a song about it wasn’t enough. I wanted to show people what I was feeling as well, so the best place for that, I felt, was my album cover. I decided to reveal my scar on my album cover (and throughout my digital booklet), which was very scary, but also very freeing. I’ve been insecure about it and hiding it for years, and this album in so many ways (both mentally and physically) is helping me to let go of all of my fears and accept myself for who I am”.

Vondecarlo and O’Neal dated for years before getting married, she was by her hubby’s side when he a diabetic suffered that terrible stroke last month, on the early hours of November  29th at his home, Vondecarlo Brown said goodbye to her beloved Patrice.

We  take this opportunity to send our condolences to her, their families, friends and fans throughout this difficult time.

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