Watch: Hazell Stoudemire- Amare Stoudemire Brother

Watch: Hazell Stoudemire- Amare  Stoudemire Brother

New York Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire’s older  brother Hazell Stoudemire Jr. died in a terrible car accident in Florida. Hazell who has quite a police record was not wearing a seat belt, what else do you know about Amar’e’s brother  Hazell? Find out !!

Amare Stoudemire brother Hazell Stoudemire

35 year-old Hazell Stoudemire Jr was the older son of Hazell Stoudemire Sr. and his with Carrie Mae, he was born on January 4th, 1977 in Lake  Wales, Florida, his young brother Amar’e was born 5 years later. Hazell’s mother worked picking oranges in Florida subsequently moved to New York to pic apples, her parents eventually divorce and his mom remarried Artis Wilmore they had one child together Marwan Hazell and Amar’e’s stepbrother, besides Marwan Hazell has other siblings Jerrell and Calvin; and sisters Delillah, Chiquitta and Dasia.

By the time Hazell Stoudemire was 17 his dad died of a heart attack, he was alone, with no direction his mother was in and out of jail, soon he was to follow her path.

Check more about Hazell Stoudemire and brother Amare’s mother Carrie criminal past and trouble here

Hazell’s first arrest came at  the age of 19 on December 4th, 1996 on charges of loitering and prowling. On June 30th 1997 Hazell Stoudemire was arrested a second time by the Polk County sheriff on charges of loitering, prowling, driving without a valid license, attempt to flee, and not failing to obey a police officer a year later he was arrested once more on charges of aggravated battery, he was held on a $1.000 bond by the Lake Wales police department . Then on September 1st, 1999  he was arrested and charged with 1st degree sex offense and sexual abusing a minor by the Orange, New York police department.

He made NY Department of Corrections and Community Supervision most wanted after he fail his parole probation for his charges for a 1st degree Sexual Abuse and 3rd.  Criminal Sale Controlled Substance.

On March 22, 2004 he was arrested and charged with a sex offense, he was released after paying a $10.000 bail, on August 8th, 2010 he was arrested by the Lake Wales police and charged with beating and raping his ex-girlfriend this arrest came just a few months previous he was charged with driving a vehicle with no valid license and also on March 25th, of that same year he was arrested for aggravated  battery-cause bodily harm or disability on a pregnant woman.

Hazell Stoudemire died at 35 when he was driving at high speed at hit the back of a tractor trailer on Route 27 in Lake Wales, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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