Watch Miley Cyrus’ new short Hair photos!!!

Watch Miley Cyrus’ new short Hair photos!!!

This is really a new look for Miley Cyrus, as long as I can remember Miley’s long hair has always been there, I am totally look with the new color, but the short length? I guess we will get used to, some fans are not so happy about it, but Miley doesn’t care. Do you like it?

Today Miley Cyrus who likes to keep her followers on Twitter updated about how or what she is doing, thought it would be cool to let her fans be the firsts to see her new hair do, very short, totally COOL!!!

Some of Miley’s followers supported her decision, and thought she look pretty anyway, Of course she does..

But people who didn’t like Miley’s new look were not shy to speak their minds either. Fortunately Miley is a very secure girl, and knew exactly what to tell these people.


But what do you think like it or hate it?

Miley Cyrus New Short Hair Video

Pics: Miley Cyrus Twitter

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