Abigail Klein Is Troy Aikman’s Hot Date! (PHOTOS)

Meet the sexy and stunning Abigail Klein , she is a former NFL cheerleader who recently went out on a date with Former NFL star Troy Aikman, but I wonder are Abigail and troy dating or was this just a dinner date among friend?

Abigail Klein Troy Aikman pictures

Abigail Klein from Irving Texas, is according to sources  a good friend of Troy, not his girlfriend but who know, what happens, happens Abigail once said. This gorgeous young woman joined the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad in 2006, she left in 2010 to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles where she still resides.

In 2009 she starred in two episodes of the tv series Valley Peaks, two years later she portrayed a nanny in The young and the Restless, that same year she was in an episode on 90210, and this year she will starred next to Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy. Abby also apeared in the Super Bowl Doritos commercial “Gnome Way”.

Abigail Klein’s Twitter is right here, in case you’d like to send her a massage and if you want to enlighten your sight her pics are below.

Abigail Klein 1Abigail Klein Troy Aikman pictureAbigail Klein Troy Aikman picAbigail Klein Troy Aikman picsAbigail-Klein-3Abigail KleinAbigail-Klein-1Abigail-Klein-2Abigail-Klein-4Abigail-Klein-bikini-1Abigail-Klein-5Abigail-Klein-bikiniAbigail-Klein-bikini-2Abigail-Klein-bikini-3Abigail-Klein-bikini-4Abigail-Klein-bikini-5Abigail-Klein-Dallas-cheerleader-1Abigail-Klein-bikini-6Abigail-Klein-Dallas-cheerleaderAbigail-Klein-Dallas-cheerleader-2Abigail-Klein-Dallas-cheerleader-3Abigail-Klein-Dallas-cheerleader-4

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