Yesterday Nanny Alliance Kamdem filed a lawsuit against Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s baby daddy who she said verbally abused her, before he pushed her while she was carrying Nahla in her arms. He is being investigated for for criminal child endangerment and battery.


Alliance Kamdem work is to be the nanny of Nahla Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s 3 year-old daughter, Mrs. Kamdem told Halle she was quitting her job, when Berry asked her why she told her the events that happened on the day she went to Gabriel’s house to picked up Nahla.

According to legal documents acquired by TMZ Alliance Kamdem said that one day she went to Aubry’s house to pick up Nahla, he answered the door and Nahla got out and Kamdem picked her up, at the same time she asked Aubry if he had called Nahla’s school because she has not been  at school for two days.

Alliance said he became angry and told her “You’re the f***ing nanny, who do you think you are, you are a nobody, you don’t need to f***ing know anything” she said he then pushed her while she was still holding Nahla in her arms, Alliance fell against the wall which she said if  the door was not there she would have fallen to the ground with Nahla.

Halle will be asking the judge for an order prohibiting Gabriel from having   any contact with her daughter until the child endangerment investigation against him is resolved.

But Alliance Kamdem’s stories about Gabriel continued she said he once refused to treat a rash Nahla had, he also once yelled at the child so loud that Nahla cowed and cried. She added that he also yelled at her often and while Nahla was present, once he made her sit in the corner of his condo until he called her.

The woman with Nahla in the pic above and below could be Alliance she looks  5-foot-2 media said that is Aubry’s nanny’s height, but we can’t confirm that, can you?

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