Allison Mathis is Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama

Allison Mathis is Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama

We have been hearing about Chris Bosh baby mama for a while now, always relating to some trouble between them, and I am afraid this time is no exception, but I wonder what more info is there about Mathis?

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27 year-old Chris Bosh is now happily married to his wife Adrienne, but there was also a time he was dating another woman named Allison Mathis, with whom he lived and had his daughter Trinity.

We heard about the trouble between Allison and Chris ever since she was pregnant, but before that Mathis and her beau who met each other in 2005 she was once a personal chef to the Dallas Cowboys before moving in together with Bosh to a luxury residence in Frisco, Tex they planned to get married in 2008 and had a child together. Using a fertility treatment that she said Chris paid for getting pregnant was a reality but then the chaos began.

30 year-old Allison Mathis from Maryland suburbs of Washington said she was seven months pregnant when they split up, she said he tried to removed her from their home, she added she had no money to pay for her medical expenses, doctor appointments, etc.

She relocated to her hometown with her mother where on November 2nd, 2008 she was admitted at the hospital where by emergency C-section she gave birth to her daughter Trinity Meyers Mathis who met her father until she was 4 months-old. She also said  even after taking the DNA test Chris didn’t give any child support money; that info according to Mathis.

Because according to him and his lawyer he was already supporting financially.

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Then came the time when Chris send that email asking her for Trinity to be at the NBA finals last year, he asked Allison to allow their daughter to attend, and even asked her why was she making things for him concerning his relationship with Trinity, Bosh;’ reps said he never heard from Mathis after that letter.


Allison’s mom Deborah said that was not how things happened and that her daughter had agreed on that. More drama came when rumors about Allison appearing on VH1 Basketball Wives was heard and Bosh sued her for that. He loss that case but not long after Allison fired back with a lawsuit of her own, she sued him for preventing her from appearing on Basketball Wives

The fights between Allison and Chris are still on the table as today he continues to fight for trinity now age three, He said Allison who hasn’t talked to him since last April communicates with him, thru her lawyer, he said she only allow him to see Trinity for fewer days than the ones they agreed on in the custody agreement.

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