For Amanda “Mandy” Piechowski and boyfriend Greg Jones the young linebacker with the New York Giants the SuperBowl 2012 came with a double celebration, because the Giants won the Bowl and they got engaged, I bet you want to know more about  Mandy, huh? I thought you’ll say that, so check her out!

Greg Jones Girlfriend Amanda Piechowski

Before we meet Mandy Piechowski, let us tell you just a little bit of info about her boyfriend now fiancée, 23 year-old Greg Jones from Cincinnati, Ohio. A talented linebacker at Michigan State that became the was the 185th pick during round 6 at the 2011 NFL Draft, college for Greg has more that great memories, but also it was there that he met his stunning girlfriend Amanda Piechowski that he calls Mandy.

This beautiful young woman whose named is all over the web comes from Shelby Township, Michigan, she is the daughter of Pam and Henry  Piechowski born on February 2nd, 1988. She went to Utica High School and then to Michigan State University, where she became one Michigan’s successful basketball players with the Spartans, she graduated with a degree in Journalism in 2010, I should mention that Mandy was also a host at Daily Edition of Michigan State All-Access and was  a fashion, beauty and lifestyle Intern at Evyn Block Communications in New York

Today 24 year-old Amanda  Piechowski is one of the beautiful faces and hot bodies with MSA Models soon she will be Mrs. Amanda Piechowski Jones, she and Greg her boyfriend of one year got engaged at the SuperBowl, right after the Giants won he got on one knee and proposed, she certainly said yes and began to cry!!

He talked about that special moment with friends..

“She was bawling, I was like, ‘I don’t know how long she’s going to keep crying. She definitely knows how I feel. A speech wasn’t even needed,” he said, adding this of why he wanted to marry Amanda: “Just everything we’ve been through together. She’s been here since Day One and she knew me long before everything else.”

We are so happy for then and even happier to meet the lucky lady. Congratulations to both of  them!!

Scroll down for pictures of Amanda Piechowski and her beau Greg Jones!! Such a lovely couple!

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