Amanda Tynes is NY Giants Lawrence Tynes Wife

Amanda Tynes is NY Giants Lawrence Tynes Wife

Amanda Tynes always feels very proud of her husband Lawrence Tynes, but I am pretty sure she was ecstatic when Lawrence scored the winning field goal against the 49ers, giving  the Giants their pass to the Super Bowl 46. But let’s find out more about this stunning woman.

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You all know who is Amanda’s hubby right? just in case let me ell you that 33 year-old Placekicker Lawrence Tynes from Greenock, Scotland, went to Milton High School in Florida, after that he enrolled at Troy State University where he got his degree in criminal justice. He was pick by the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2001 NFL Draft.

The following year he moved to  the Scottish Claymores and the Ottawa Renegades, it was until 2007 that  he signed with the New York Giants. At  the Giants game against the San Francisco 49ers he score the  winning field goal jut like he did 4 years ago. The Giants will face the Patriots at the 2012 Super Bowl or Super Bowl 46. I guess we will be seeing Amanda Tynes there but before that we need to know more about her, so what do we know??

Pretty much there is zero info about Amanda Tynes we know that she gave birth to her gorgeous twins boys Jaden and Caleb on July 6th, 2007. They spend over three week at the neonatal intensive care unit since they were born two months premature, but by the time they were one month old they were healthy and weighting a little over 7 pounds. We saw Amanda after the Giants vs. 49ers game when her hubby rushed to kiss her.

What else is there about Lawrence wife Amanda? well she has amazing blue eyes, incredible smile and from what I heard about her she is the sweetest, kindest girl with the coolest sense of humor.

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