American Pie Jason Biggs’ Wife is Jenny Mollen

American Pie Jason Biggs’ Wife is Jenny Mollen

Jason Biggs became a well known celebrity from his role in all the American Pi Movies, his wife starred along him in My Best Friend’s Girl. Considered one of the funniest girls on Twitter she has recently revealed some racy secrets of her own like ordering prostitutes with her hubby in Las Vegas.


32 year-old Jenny Mollen from Phoenix, Arizona, got her Bachelor degree from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. She once exhibited her art pieces  in New York, Los Angeles, Los Angeles and Arizona. She speaks French and German fluently, went to Germany and France to get her post-graduate studies. Has a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University.

She had a small role on the television series Strong Medicine on 2001,  and 18 Wheels of Justice a year before, portrayed Nina Ash on Angel in 2003-04, D.E.B.S and The Raven on 2004. National Lampoon’s Castle Call on 2006, My Best Friend’s Girl on 2008, Off The Edge on 2008, Crash on 2009 and most recently she has given life to Sgt. Angela Sayer in CSI : New York.

As for her romantic life she dated Drew Goddard from 2003 to 2007, then  she met Biggs got engaged on January, 30th 2008 and got married on April 23rd, 2008.

Jenny writes  column for Playboy, where she tells readers some of her wildest escapes along her hubby, like the time she called for prostitutes in Las Vegas..

That night, I made the arrangements. I set the mood, turned on some Enigma, and poured champagne. My husband, however, paced around the house like a lunatic, wondering if he was going to get arrested for having a hooker visit our home. The girl arrived at the proper whoring hour of 9pm. I answered the door in a see-through bra and undies. I led her upstairs to my bedroom where she set up her massage table. About thirty minutes in, I started to realize something was wrong. This girl wasn’t a prostitute!! This girl was a legit massage therapist! Fucking Chelsea set me up. The entire hour she wouldn’t shut up about my rotator cuff and various bulging discs. As the night progressed, I did manage to get her drunk. Only to trap myself with her! She couldn’t drive home and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about her pilot she thought we would be perfect for and how, “Can you believe, so many people assume just because I’m a masseuse, I’m down for sex?” YES! I am one of those people! After hours of nonsense, she left. Jason was ready to strangle me. I called Chelsea, who proceeded to laugh her ass off for twenty minutes straight.


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