Angelina Jolie Has More Preventative Surgery, Brad Pitt Supportive!

Actress and Director Angelina Jolie, 39 has had some surgery  to prevent cancer, husband Brad Pitt, 50, remains supportive. Jolie shocked fans and onlookers two years ago when it was reported that the star and mother of 6 young children had a double mastectomy. Jolie has explained that she has a simple blood test that revealed she has a predisposition for developing cancer. The test revealed she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Both her mother, grandmother and aunt died of cancer.

She became known as a advocate around the world for spreading the information that women who were high risk had other options for survival. It has been reported that Jolie again has had surgery to reduce the risk of other forms of cancer. Jolie very recently had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed in the hopes that she has much less chance of contracting the deadly disease. Jolie told the New York Times that recent tests revealed she was in the early stages of ovarian cancer. She had the option of waiting to remove her organs or doing it immediately, she chose to immediately remove them.

Before she completely made the decision she called husband, actor Brad Pitt who was in France. He was on a plane immediately to be by his wife’s side as she made the decision to remove her ovaries and Fallopian tubes. The down side of having such a surgery is the onset of early menopause. Jolie said that was a very small trade off when you compare what the other outcome could possibly be. Jolie wanted to make things clear regarding options for preventative cancer. She said some women elect to take birth control pills and that in some cases has been shown to be successful in keeping cancer at bay. However both Eastern and Western doctors have told her to get the most protection possible would be to remove such organs. Doctors also advised her that having the surgery should be ten years before the earliest onset of cancer was in her family members. Her mother French actress Marcheline Bertrand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 49.

Jolie revealed she had the procedure last week, and now has a clear patch that has bio-identical estrogen, to help deal with the menopause effects and maintain a hormonal balance. Interestingly Jolie elected to keep her uterus intact, because her family has no history of cancer of the uterus. Jolie has readily admitted that it’s virtually impossible to remove all the cancer risks, and she is still at risk for cancer, she said she is taking proactive measures in boosting her immune system. She believes doing everything possible in a natural way in addition to the surgeries is the best possible thing she can do. Jolie said she is doing this for her children and her family. She wants to be alive to see her children grown and prosper, she said she wants to be around to meet her grandchildren. Pitt has supported all of her choices in her ongoing fight against Cancer.

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