Is Pitbull married? Meet Barbara Alba now! We all are very familiar with the Cuban/ American rapper Armando Perez aka Pitbull, little do we know about his personal life until this day when the news about his handsome son Bryce Perez (Bryce Pérez) and Pitbull’s baby mama came up her name is Barbara Alba. As it’s always been hard life of a single mom, what’s the life of the single mom now? Who is Bryce Pérez’s mother?


Pitbull is the proud father of two, in fact he has tattoo in their honor, to be honest I had no idea about his children and I’m Latina I should be embarrass and I am, but better late than never to know more details about this amazing singer and songwriter.

Today the Miami Herald revealed the name of one his baby mama, Barbara Alba is the mover off his 9 year-old daughter whose name might be either Destiny or Odalis, I found that one source said the child’s name is Destiny but other said is Odalis, what do you know?

When Barbara Alba was dating him, he wasn’t famous and people knew him by his real name, they had a daughter together, after their split and until this day when he is an International celebrity he kept providing his 9 year-old with all she need (I mean financially) according to reports Pitbull gives this baby mama about $3.000 in child support that is without having any legal papers between them but now Mrs. Alba who is also the mother of triplets from another relationship after her split from the singer wants more, her lawyer said that because she was the victim of burglary in her neighborhood she need to move to a safer one, which most of the time means a more costly neighborhood.She really deserves the child support payment as life of a single mom is very hard nowadays.

Her lawyer Jason Setchen added that they came to an amicably agreement, although no word amount the amount was revealed but we do know that Barbara and Pitbull’s daughter will be soon enrolled in a private school.

Bryce Perez (Bryce Pérez) was born on March 5, 2003. Who is this handsome young boy’s mother? Do you think it’s possible that Barbara Alba is his mother??

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