Jeremy Renner was overheard telling his good friend Eva Longoria about a certain ex-girlfriend, pregnant with his baby, at the time we didn’t knew her name, but now we know her name is Sonni Pacheco a model and actress from Canada.

Jeremy Renner Sonni Pacheco

According to our friends Sonni Pacheco is a 22-year-old model from British Columbia, Canada who has been a model for Monster energy drink among other tings and has been in a couple of movies, like American Pie, a small part but hey, you got to see her topless!!!

She dated Jeremy for a few months last year, they broke up  but shortly after she found out she was pregnant. She told Jeremy, he as we all know was ecstatic, took her to his home, and it’s there where he can take care od her and enjoy every minute of Sonni’s pregnancy. According to media she will give birth next month.

Here are some of her photos.

Sonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner baby mama-pictureSonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner baby mama-imageSonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner baby mama-photosSonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner baby mama photoSonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner baby mama image

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