Dexter Michael C. Hall’s Girlfriend is Vanessa Abrue

Dexter Michael C. Hall’s Girlfriend is Vanessa Abrue

Michael C. Hall  Dexter’s actor Morgan in Showtime television Show Dexter is allegedly dating a young girl named Vanessa Abrue, some said is a middle age crisis and might not even be taking his affair with Vanessa seriously she is the other hand is over the moon about her secret relationship with the actor who she referees to as Ginger so people won’t know about who is she talking about, Check what we know about Michael C. Hall’s new young girlfriend and check Vanessa Abrue’s pictures below.


Mic’s first wife was Amy Spanger they got married on 2007 and divorced on 2007 , second wife was Jennifer Carpenter who starred as his sister Debra Morgan in Dexter last December.

Rumors about him dating Julia Stiles began, their alleged fling began when Julia portrayed Lumen in Dexter today a sourced said that Julia was not real..

“The Julia Stiles speculation last season was an ‘inside’ lie created to use Julia as a scapegoat and throw people off,”

The same thing “Julia as a scapegoat” came out of Hall’ girlfriend Vanessa Abrue, that same source added details about Hall’s relation with new girlfriend Vanessa Abrue…

“No one would ever suspect these two were together because she isn’t what anyone would expect Michael to be with,” the insider said. They hardly go out together but when they do it’s always with a group of people so no one would suspect he’s with someone. Vanessa would constantly talk about Michael texting her at all hours of the night but said she thought it was all worth it. They mostly hang out at Michael’s house, but when she does go out in public with him it’s only with others and she walks at a distance. It’s more like Michael, Vanessa and a few others that work on Dexter that are not actors. They are all close to Vanessa’s age, when they all hang out at Michael’s, Vanessa would always stay the night with him but I don’t think Michael realizes how much Vanessa talks about him to friends.”

25 year-old (25 his junior) Vanessa Abrue previously worked in the television series Weeds before becoming a staffer in Dexter last season. Friends believe the fact  that he is dating Abrue is part of his middle age crisis still pretty gross but they don’t say anything because they found it cool to hang out with him plus he get them inside top celebrity events.


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  1. Vanessa looks beautiful. She looks like Jennifer Carpenter.

  2. Yes she Does @evoc

  3. lol funny

  4. Not fair, i really want to just take Michael out and talk about everything all night 🙁 Jen was fab! tottally alike we are. And as for season 8 being your last Mr Hall! Please… No!
    And as for you Ms V Abrue! Hands off! theres a bloody que!
    Why must all the good guys be taken :'(….

  5. You’re maybe a step or two above retarded.

  6. Not just “like” but practically the same! Seriously they could be twins, kind of freaky O_o
    Not that I blame him, Jennifer is beautiful, but still…

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